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Click! Educating Millenials on the Use of Social Media P- Participate with the things that is happening. Q- Quality work only. Be helpful and be informative. R- Relations, Social media means relationship with everyone. S- Share appropriate posts on your social media accounts. T- Think before you click! U- Utilize the use of social media. V- Value your time in using the social media. W- Worth, post something worthy and not non-sense. X- Xerox, Barrow ideas but ask permission first. Y- You! You are what you post. Z- Zzzzzzz. Take some time offline. Don’t sore your eyes.

Click! Educating Millenials on the Use of Social Media I - Intellectual thinking is needed for you to analyze each and every post J- Justice, be fair and honest. K- Kindness, be kind to whom you connect. L- Less is more, a simple and short post can be powerful. M- Mark your words when posting on social media. N- Netizens, you are considered as people of social media. O- Observe or watch your friends and the posts if it’s fake news or not. P- Participate with the things that is happening. Q- Quality work only. Be helpful and be informative.

Click! Educating Millenials on the Use of Social Media A- Advantage; Take social media as an advantage to a specific purpose. B- Beware of bad people, scammers and trolls. C- Connect with people. D- Determine your goals and purpose in social media. E- Evaluate the things you post if it’s appropriate or not. F- Fact-Check all things you’ll be posting in you accounts. G- Give and share your ideas through social media. H- Humor, put some humor on your wall and not some propaganda or such.

SCIENCE-T.L.E WEEK AND ITS GRAND CULMINATION On September 29, 2016 the Science-T.L.E department held its biennial culmination day with the theme “Science-T.L.E for the P.E.O.P.L.E” at the high school covered court. The Science and T.L.E department held various competitions for the different niches to partake in- from minor competitions such as Cake Making, SumoBot, Multiple Exposure, Water Rocket to the more anticipated major competitions such as the Niche Cheer, 7S Dance with a Twist and the Interactive Quiz Bee. The culmination day started off with selected junior high school students to lead everyone with an opening prayer related to our common home. Shortly after, Mrs. Charissa Guevara, the cluster 5 assistant principal stated her opening remarks. On the first half of the day, members of the Niche Cheer danced and shouted their loyalty to their niche. The Interactive Quiz Bee was then followed after a short break. On the second half, participants of the 7S Dance with a Twist competition performed their routine with grace, confidence and passion. The awarding of certificates happened shortly after. Niche Verrieres grabbed the Overall Champion title; niche Fourviere for the second place, and a tie between niches Le Rosey and Marlhes for the third place. The celebration was indeed a success as Mr. Luch Barroga, a Grade 12 Science teacher, told Champagnat daily, “In an overall aspect of the program, successful naman siya in a sense that everyone participated. The essence of the Niche, exhibited by all homerooms, not only the students, the teachers but the Marist Community as a whole.” Darwin Peter Navarro III Champagnat Daily

DARWIN: The Meaning Behind It My name’s Darwin Peter B. Navarro III. Standing 5’7” feet tall. My name is actually traditional. The name “Darwin” based on the internet means “dear friend”. But in line with the origin of my name, my dad’s name is also Darwin. He’s the first Darwin in the family. Second as my brother, and third as me. I don’t know how my grandfather got my dad’s name but my dad told me that the name Darwin is well-known back then.

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HUMOROUS TALK: Watering your Plants Eating by yourself. Watching TV alone. Singing "My Heart Will Go On" while mopping the kitchen floor crying like a baby. Being alone is one of the most hated feeling a person can ever experience. I was once alone in my deep eternal mind. No friends to talk to. But thankfully, something saved me. And it's my fascination for or orchids that grew. What I did is simply the following, if you're satisfied with your life, don't do this. But if you're as bored that you often think about how you can't make your tongue reach your elbow and as lonely that you're memorizing all Taylor Swift's songs, then do this! Hit to the nearest supermarket and find a pot that's durable as my love for my crush. Afterwards, visit a hardware shop where they sell different kinds of seeds and soil. Nah just kidding... A flower shop rather. Ask for an orchid seed and a clay soil to use. After dramatically arriving at home at midnight (since traffic can be found anywhere in the Phillipines and it's so annoying), get the pot, the soil and the seed and place it on a working table. Add the soil and dig the seed to it until you reach the core of Earth. Place it in a well ventilated area, and where sunlight can pass through. Don't drown the orchid. Water it three times a week. If life gets boring, talk to it. Ask what to eat for dinner, how to ask a love interest out... But don't let your parents see you! You might be accused of being crazy. Admire and anticipate its growth and tada! You have a fully grown orchid! Raised by you. You can finally never be alone!

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