Mission to Pluto: Accomplished

By Science News from Nature | Nature charts the historic New Horizons mission

Nitrogen glaciers flow on Pluto

Data from New Horizons mission also reveal a hazy atmosphere that is growing colder and thinner.<p>Pluto has nitrogen glaciers flowing down from its …

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Vibrant Pluto stuns scientists

Mission seeking clues to early Solar System finds a world made anew.<p>They are 5 billion kilometres from the Sun in the dim, far-flung outskirts of the …


Pluto's vast icy plains and gentle hills emerge in new images

New Horizons data portrays a geologically active world on the fringes of the Solar System.<p>Animated Flyover of Pluto’s Icy Mountain and …


Prepare for Pluto: the New Horizons fly-by

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Why Pluto?

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Pluto’s massive mountains hint at geological mysteries

Latest images from New Horizons mission show a patchwork terrain, and a surprisingly youthful Charon.<p>Mountains on Pluto<p>NASA/JHUAPL/SWRI<p>Ice mountains …

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Pluto mapper predicted dwarf planet's weird geology

Astronomer Marc Buie has studied the dwarf planet for decades.<p>Marc Buie may have spent more time looking at Pluto than any other human being. The …


Scientists jubilant as Pluto mission phones home — safe

New Horizons probe reconnects with Earth after journey past dwarf planet.<p>Signal lock!<p>New Horizons mission headquarters reacts as the spacecraft …

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New Horizons reaches Pluto: in pictures

Nature captures the anxiety, and jubilation, of this mission milestone.<p><i>This article is part of the</i> Nature <i>special: Pluto and Ceres.</i><p>The long wait is …

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Pluto fly-by: a graphical guide to the historic mission

New Horizons mission is set to speed past an ice world at the fringes of the Solar System.<p><i>This article is part of the</i> Nature <i>special: Pluto and …

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Planetary science: The Pluto siblings

Leslie and Eliot Young have spent their lives studying Pluto. Now they are gearing up for the biggest event of their careers.<p>In a spare conference …

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Pluto-bound probe faces its toughest task: finding Pluto

New Horizons nears dwarf planet whose full orbit has never been mapped.<p>Some 4.7 billion kilometres from Earth, the New Horizons spacecraft is heading …

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Pluto's long, strange history — in pictures

Nature marks the 85th anniversary of the dwarf planet's discovery.<p>Even at a distance of 5 billion kilometres, Pluto has entranced scientists and the …

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Pluto’s moons move in synchrony

Gravity binds together three satellites of dwarf planet.<p>Three of Pluto’s small moons are locked together in a mutual orbital dance, planetary …

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Pluto loses planet status

Published online<p>24 August 2006| Nature | doi:10.1038/news060821-11<br>Corrected online:25 August 2006<p>News<p>Tense debate ends with a definition of …


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