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10 Great Science Hashtag Games You Can Play

Our first photo was taken by Veena Naik. #IsItNative ?<br>What species is it? #TrickyBirdID<p>— Jason Ward (@JasonWardNY) October …

March Madness

Restoring Beavers by Plane and Automobile

Parachuting beavers? The remarkable story of restoring nature’s engineers.


The Millipede That Protects Itself with Cyanide

Cyanide millipedes use chemical warfare to ward off predators. They also make critical nutrients available in forest ecosystems, and yet these …


Epic Duck: The Story of the Canvasback

Meet the canvasback, a striking bird with an even more striking conservation story.


A Brief Field Guide to the Rocks at Blowing Rocks

What, exactly, are the rocks at the Conservancy's Blowing Rocks preserve? And why do they blow?


Adaptation as Acceptance: Toward a New Normal in the Northwoods

Acceptance is all about adjusting expectations. Saving the great Northwoods might mean transforming it.

The Nature Conservancy

Camera Traps: Taking Care of Your Space in Nature

Like so many places in the US, the wildlife of High Mountain Preserve has yet to be fully documented. Students with camera traps are changing that.


Building Drought Resilience in India’s Water Stressed Regions

A holistic approach to improving drought resilience in India has the potential to not only enhance water security but also create healthy wildlife …


Give Me Shelter

Our writer is in Cape May during fall migration. She could be birding, so why is she climbing around on a roof without her binoculars instead?


On Bee-ing

Citizen science projects like the Minnesota Bee Atlas enable people to contribute to the science of native pollinators, while not needing to know …

Citizen Science

Rare Butterflies Return Home

This summer 200 federally threatened Dakota skippers emerged as butterflies and were reintroduced to a Minnesota prairie.


Recovery: Extricating Reptiles from the Pit of Despair

When good people make themselves heard wildlife mismanagement can end in minutes. That’s what happened in Nevada on September 23, 2017.<p>Details later. …


Outtakes: Peeking into Raptors’ Lives

Each fall a small group of bird biologists gather on Block Island, 13 miles south of Rhode Island, in Narragansett Bay. There they wait day after day …


The Ocean Flyway: The Surprising Open Water Routes of Songbird Migrations

If you are fascinated with migration, it is a good time to be alive. Sophisticated tracking technologies are revealing migration routes and …


Can Pine Squirrels Change the Evolution of a Forest?

Sit under a pine squirrel’s tree and it will likely jabber at you, chiding you for some crime you’re not sure you really committed. It may even drop …


Owls in the Outhouse: Opening the Bathroom Door on a Foul Bird Issue

<i>Visiting a public lands outhouse is not always a pleasant experience for humans. It’s even less so birds. Yes, birds. Here’s why there’s an owl in</i> …


More Trout, Less Algae: Wisconsin Stream Demonstrates Benefits of Targeted Conservation

Better water quality. Reduced costs for farmers. Less algae. More trout.<p>The benefits of reducing phosphorous and sediment in streams are not …

Reef Cam: An Underwater View of an Australian Rocky Reef

The Great Barrier Reef might get all the attention, but it’s not the only reef brimming with marine life in Australia. A new, two-part live webcam …

Victoria (Australia)

Threatened Bats Find a Slice of Paradise in New Jersey

“Netting a bat in an open area is like finding a needle in a haystack,” says Lance Risley, professor of Biology at William Paterson University in New …


Help Solve a Problem on Africa’s Deepest Lake

We have a problem in our project site on Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania.<p>Mahale Mountains National Park protects 250+ species of fish found nowhere else, …


Tracking Little Turtles on the Prairie

What do you do if you only have eight known Blanding’s turtles in the population you’re studying at Illinois’s Nachusa Grasslands Preserve?<p>Well, if …


Recovery: Restoring Decency to Tarpon Tournaments

The night is hot and still. We are anchored under the Bahia Honda Bridge in the lower Florida Keys. The tarpon set up here, holding in the current. …


Two Great Fish Reads

I’m always looking for a good fishing book in the summer, and two recent releases are among the most enjoyable I’ve read in years. Even better, …


Coastal Wetlands Prevented $625M in Property Damage During Hurricane Sandy

Engineers, Ecologists and Risk Modelers Team Up to Measure the Value of Coastal Wetlands for Reducing Hurricane Risk<p>A new paper, The Value of Coastal …

Outtakes: Life Among the Modern Maya

Not far from the crowded beaches of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, inland village life lies at the intersection of farming, ranching and attempts to …

Tongue Orchids & Corpseflowers: 7 Insanely Weird Plant Species

The Unforgettable Titan Arum<p>Amorphophallus titanum | Sumatra, Indonesia<p>Meet the titan arum. It’s big, unavoidably phallic, and smells like a …


10 Really Weird Animals of the Anthropocene

From cloned wolves to high-cholesterol foxes to radioactive pigs, we look at the weirdest creatures now roaming the age of humanity.

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Camboriú Conservation Field Test: How Much Data is Enough?

With a bit of thought and planning, conservation projects should be able to save time and money with lower-resolution data in some cases, and in …


The Stream Whisperer: “Thinking Like Water” Restores Sage Grouse Habitat

<i>Bill Zeedyk teaches Westerners how to “think like water” to restore wet habitat in the sagebrush desert</i><p>People in the Gunnison Basin of Colorado call …