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Booker’s New York City

Traveler of the Year Booker Mitchell was close to celebrating his fourth birthday when 9/11 happened. “Millions call New York City home, and while no one personally knows even a percentage of the population, we unite at times when it matters most and act locally like any other small town in the …

New York City

Woody Allen’s New York

I used to sort of hate New York. I rooted against the Yankees and saw the “big city” as a scary place of noise, fast-talk, and blood-filled drama. Then I watched Annie Hall. And Manhattan. And The Purple Rose of Cairo.

By the time I finally visited Manhattan, during a college break, I half expected …

Woody Allen

New York Must-Dos

Ferry to Governors Island
172 acres (70 hectares) of quiet in the center of New York Harbor. "Part of the island is a national monument, with astonishing views of the skyline and Statue of Liberty."—Daisann McLane, former New York Times "Frugal Traveler" writer. Ferry leaves from the Battery Maritime …

New York City

Free Things to Do in New York City

Finding free activities to fill your day in the City That Never Sleeps is easier than you might think. With countless cultural attractions and a large city parks system, there's plenty to do that won't cost you a cent.


Skip the $25 ticket price when the Museum of Modern Art opens its doors, …

New York City

Photo Gallery: Central Park


Photo Gallery: New York Sights

New York City

New York, New York

Everything changes in New York, and nothing does. Maestros still wield batons at Carnegie Hall, and lunch at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Terminal is always a good time. You can’t find a cab in the rain, but you can always get a bagel with a schmear. Yet the city that never sleeps keeps …

New York City

Travels on the Run: Lower Manhattan

Central Park is the obvious go-to run in NYC, but for something different (and because it’s near my hotel), I jog to the esplanade that runs along the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan and head south. (Note: Hudson River Park extends 5 miles from 59th Street south to Battery Park)

As I clip along this …

New York City

Why I Love the Upper East Side

I’ll just say it: I love the Upper East Side.

I’ve heard grumbles and witnessed eye-rolls from people who see it as the land of Gossip Girl and old-money families — and those who think the far East Side is for recent college grads sharing studio apartments.

While there’s truth to every stereotype, the …

New York City

Erik’s Brooklyn

Erik Trinidad of The Global Trip has traveled to dozens of countries around the world, but he’s been proud call Brooklyn home for the past five years. Check out a few of his favorite things about New York City’s most populous borough (by far, actually), then add your own two cents by leaving a …

New York City

Picture Archive: 1980s Brooklyn


Editor's note: Watch tonight's final episode of "The '80s: The Decade That Made Us" on the National Geographic Channel.

Just across the Upper Bay from Ellis Island, Brooklyn has historically been a convenient stop for first-generation immigrants to the United States.

They're drawn by …

New York City

NYC by Pizza

On a typical day, Scott Wiener teaches children about the science of pizza at the New York Public Library, researches his forthcoming book on pizza boxes, and leads at least one of the pizza tours for which he’s most known. As Adam Brija, manager at the legendary Patsy’s Pizzeria, said of Scott, …


Hyper-Local Tours in NYC

Having recently played “tourist” in my own hometown (see previous post), I felt inspired to explore more of New York from an out-of-towner’s perspective. I’ve already done the Circle Line cruise, all the major museums, a city bus tour, and even a bike trip through Harlem, so I was looking for a new …

New York City

Behind the Scenes in Central Park

It has been said that Central Park was the first place in New York City where people from all walks of life could gather and relax together. This still rings true today, with the 843-acre park drawing 40 million visitors a year.

More than any other landmark, Central Park reflects the brilliance of …

New York City

The Best of the West Village

The West Village is a labyrinth of shady brownstone-lined streets, hidden gardens, corner shops, and a mix of sophisticated culinary temples and casual downhome joints. It’s also a place I’m proud to call home.

I often find myself thinking I feel like I’m on the set of a movie while wandering this …


5 Must-See Pieces at the Met

The next time you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, you must say hello to “William.”

The small blue statuette has been the museum’s unofficial mascot since he made his debut in 1917. But don’t let his youthful looks fool you; he’s been around for almost four millennia. Today, …


Warm Up: 10 Cozy Spots in NYC

“I hate hazelnuts,” I said to Chef Kyle McLelland as my boyfriend Andy and I prepared to tuck into the tasting menu at Prospect in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. He smiled and asked, “Can I change your mind?” Feeling gutsy, I said “Sure, why not?” Though I wasn’t born one, my extensive travels have made me …

New York City

The Best Holiday Treats in NYC

I ducked into Jacques Torres’ chocolate oasis and came face to face with a police officer. I love the NYPD, largely because of their help in silencing the ear-splitting music from Madame X nightclub near my first apartment, so I welcome the sight. But I wonder if he’s there to investigate a candy …

New York City

24 Hours in Manhattan: Hotels with More Than Beds

Manhattan’s hyper-competitive luxury hotels are always trying to outdo each other. But they’ve been taking it to a new level lately.

How else would you describe a museum-quality art collection, a 3D movie theater, or the finest indoor pool this side of Central Park?

At the Peninsula New York, that’s …


Annie Fitzsimmons’s NYC

When star blogger and licensed New York City tour guide Annie Fitzsimmons started to fill out this questionnaire, she was reminded of a saying from her alma mater, Texas A&M University: “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. From the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.” That’s …

New York City

Lean + Green: The New Empire State Building

The traveling spirit tends to seek out unfamiliar, untrammeled places, so as a denizen of New York who sees the Empire State Building almost daily, I wasn’t sure what to make of my invitation to take a “behind the scenes” tour.

But I had never seen it like this.

The iconic Art Deco building, if …

Empire State Building

Italy in New York

On April 10, 1912, John Brescio’s grandfather boarded the Titanic with forged embarkation documents to come to America for the first time. Before setting sail, however, authorities kicked him off the ship. Though he was furious at the moment, he managed to make it to New York City on another boat. …


India in New York

On the corner of Broome and Crosby in SoHo, a quiet sanctuary celebrates one of India’s spiritual traditions: the Broome Street Hindu Temple. Inside, the community recites the Bhagavad Gita, practices pujas, meditates, connects with the divine. Days after September 11, Eddie Stern opened the …


New York Authentic Shopping Guide

Local handicrafts and artisanal items to pick up on your trip

Chocolate NYC icons
A West Village fixture since the 1920s, Li-Lac Chocolates continues to make its Empire State Buildings and Statues of Liberty (in milk, dark, or white chocolate) on the premises. 40 Eighth Ave.; tel. 1 212 924 2280; …

New York City

New York Entertainment

New York City Center

Dance, from the Kirov Ballet to Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Also home to Manhattan Theater Club productions, "possibly the best contemporary plays in New York."—Hillary Frey, culture editor, New York Observer. 130 W. 55th St.; tel. + 1 212 581 1212. …

New York City

Remembering 9/11

New York Recipes

Horn & Hardart was a Philadelphia and New York restaurant chain that also had stores specializing in take-out. With the TV and radio advertising motto "Less work for mother," they actually pioneered the concept of prepared foods to eat at home. The restaurants were called Automats because, besides …


New York Hotels

The best places to stay in four price ranges: budget ($), moderate ($$), expensive ($$$), and luxury ($$$$)

Stay the Night B&B

Uptown on a quiet street off Fifth Ave.; turn-of-the-century mansion with two guest rooms and four suites with large windows that open—a hotel rarity. "Half a block from …

New York City

Russia in New York

“In Russia, you couldn’t be completely open about being an artist,” says Leningrad native Tate Osten, who can remember a time when the KGB burned down her friend’s father’s art studio (neither he, nor his paintings survived). “I settled here [in the United States] for freedom.”

An art consultant and …