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Manchester United transfer news and rumours: Paul Pogba to sign 'in two days', Marouane Fellaini to reunite with David Moyes at Sunderland

3:40PM<p>'Pogba has fond memories of United'<p>Paul McGuinness, who served as a youth-team coach at Manchester United before leaving earlier this year, has revealed Paul Pogba still has fond memories of his time at Old Trafford.<p>McGuinness told <i>Sky Sports</i>: "I know Paul has fond memories of that time.<p>"Not …

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Samsung reports highest profit for 2 years thanks to strong Galaxy S7 sales

Earlier this month Samsung forecast its most profitable quarter for two years, and today it delivered on that promise with its Q2 2016 results.<p>The Korean tech giant reported a 8.14 trillion won ($7.22 billion) operating profit on revenue of 50.94 trillion won ($45.2 billion). That profit figure is …


Pope on priest killing: World is at war, but it's not a religious one

<b>St.-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France (CNN) —</b> Pope Francis said Wednesday that "the world is at war" as he addressed the slaying of a Catholic priest by radical Islamists in France, but he stressed it was not a war of religion.<p>The killing of the priest -- by two attackers who struck in the name of ISIS -- …


Forza Horizon 3's car list is weird, wonderful and very Australian

We’ve long been of the opinion that the Horizon offshoot of the Forza series is Xbox’s NASA-grade simulation kicking back and letting its hair down. …

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Report: Next-Generation Range Rover, Discovery Could Move Upmarket

Upcoming Land Rover Discovery to slot into Range Rover’s current market position<p>Land Rover will introduce a new generation of its venerable Discovery SUV in 2017, which will replace the LR4 and mark the return of the Discovery name to U.S. shores. According to a report from <i>Automotive News,</i> the …

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Weird Animal Question of the Week: What's the Biggest Killer Plant?

Some meat-eating plants are big enough to digest a small mammal.<p>With Halloween around the corner, it's as good a time as any to take a closer look at carnivorous plants.<p>We used author's prerogative to ask our Weird Animal Question of the Week about the coolest facts on meat-eating flora, which …

Will Virgin Galactic's Crash End Space Tourism?

The fatal explosion of SpaceShipTwo in the Mojave Desert may lead to more scrutiny of the fledgling space passenger industry.<p>The crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo experimental space plane on Friday, which killed one test pilot and severely injured another, may have wrecked the future of space …

Stormscapes 2: An Amazing Severe Weather Time-Lapse by Nicolaus Wegner | Colossal

<p>Filmed last month by Nicolaus Wegner in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Colorado, Stormscapes 2 is a gorgeous timelapse of severe …

What We Don’t Know About Ebola

Since its emergence in 1976, Ebola has been largely viewed as a remote threat, a sporadic problem of the developing world. There are fewer than half a dozen facilities in the United States equipped to safely study the virulent pathogen—and we are one of the disease’s most active investigators. In …


Apple involved in another infringement suit over iPhone name, this time in India

Back in June Apple faced off against a Mexican telecom over the trademarked word “iFone.” In that case, the iFone telecommunications company argued that Apple had infringed its trademark with the iPhone. A court ruled that because telecom services and telephone hardware aren’t the same product, …

Reader Recs: World’s Spookiest Places

The occasional brush with the occult or the unexplained isn’t enough to keep intrepid travelers at bay, and our Nat Geo Travel fans on Facebook were eager to share their most memorable paranormal experiences.<p><b>Here are some of their picks—from the underworld of Paris to a chapel of bones in</b> …

US states refuse to take incinerated Ebola waste

Fear - not science - blamed for leaving ashes in limbo a month after items belonging to Thomas Duncan were burned<p>It took a crew 38 hours to clear out the Dallas apartment where a Liberian man was staying before he was diagnosed with Ebola in September.<p>Workers in protective suits piled shoes, …


World’s Most Haunted Cities

These notoriously frightful cities are beset with ghastly, ghostly close encounters.<p><b>1. Madrid, Spain:</b> Ghosts haunt all walks of life in this capital city, appearing in museums, like the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, whose central building was formerly a hospital, and even the imposing Linares Palace, …

Amazon exec says 'we didn’t get the price right' on the Fire Phone

Company says it misjudged people's expectations of a $200 phone<p>Hindsight is 20-20, something Amazon now has about the launch of its first smartphone. Amazon debuted the $199 Fire Phone in June, though trimmed the price of the device to 99 cents (with a two-year contract) just two months after it …

Build A Powerful 'Battlefield 4' Gaming PC For $750 -- SSD And Windows 8 Included

<i>Updated with alternate graphics card suggestion. Also, be advised that as of 11/13/2013, AMD has released the Radeon R9 270, bundled with Battlefield 4.</i><p>When DICE released the official PC system requirements for <i>Battlefield 4</i>, the techie side of my brain was immediately catapulted into build mode. …

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Photo of the day: We're honored to feed 2,445 children daily in Myanmar.

Just finished up my lead vocals on #HymnsofHope with producer David Hamilton! Can't wait for you to hear it.

It's going to be a BIG GAME week...

Have you already decided on which new device you'll be buying for you or for someone else this holiday season? If so, which one(s)?

The Celestial Stag - An undead creature from Chinese folklore that lives in mines. It is mentioned in the Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges, but was described prevously by the Dutch historian Jan Jakom Maria Groot and the British writer Gerald Willoughby-Meade. Description : It is unknown what exactly a Celestial Stag looks like, as no one has gotten a clear look at one and lived to tell of the encounter. Despite their name, however, Celestial Stags were once human miners who were trapped underground when the mines that they worked in collapsed, killing them. The corpses of these men were brought back to life by the metals within the mine. They wander the tunnels endlessly, searching for a way back up to the light. If a Stag does reach the surface, though, it is said that its body and clothing melt into a vile liquid so foul-smelling that to breathe in its presence brings disease and instant death, spreading plague and rot across the land. Although undead, unlike zombies Celestial Stags are intelligent and capable of human speech. They desire intensely to reach the surface of the earth, and are prepared to achieve this goal by any means necessary. At first they beg miners to escort them to the surface, promising them rich rewards in exchange for their help. If the men refuse, however, the Stags become violent, taunting and harassing the miners. Sometimes they were known to overwhelm people, trap them underground, and torture them to death. If there are enough people in the mine, the Stags can be overcome and sealed up in clay. To pacify the angry spirit within the corpse, a lit lamp must be left above the creature. If this is done, the Stag will find rest and no longer disturb the miners. Alternately, miners sometimes allow the Celestial Stag to show them to gold, gathering it up before finding a lift. They tell the Stag that they must go up first, and when the creature gets in the lift and attempts to follow them they cut the rope, causing it to fall to its death. Origin : The Celestial Stag appears to be a more malevolent variation of the similar Kobold or Knocker, perhaps a personification of the poisons and respiratory diseases that miners were exposed to during their work. It is like the Knocker that it can help find riches, but, like the Chilean Alicanto, it can also be extremely dangerous to those unprepared for dealing with it. Because the creature, judging from Groot's description, is humanoid and not at all like a stag, some writers, including Willoughby-Meade, believed that Groot's translation of the original Chinese word was incorrect, or that it is a variation of another word. This has also led to the popular depiction of the being as a black-furred deer with blank eyes. It being underground perpetual night for those who work those mines, these men mostly carry a lamp on their forehead. When, while working their way into the ground, they fall in with a celestial roe, this is entranced with joy. Complaining of cold, it asks them for some tobacco, which it smokes immediately; then it prostrates itself upon the ground, entreating the men to take it out of the mine. In reply the miners say: 'We have come here for gold and silver, and we have not yet discovered any veins from which to procure some; do you know where the gold grows?' And the celestial stag guides them to a mine where they can reap a rich harvest. But on leaving the mine, they delude the spectre, saying: 'We must get out first, and then we shall take you out of the shaft with the lift'. And by the rope fastened to the bamboo lift they haul the creature up, but halfway they cut the rope, letting it fall down and die. It has occurred that the men in charge of the mine-sheds were more benevolent and compassionate, and hauled up some seven or eight of those beings. But as soon as these felt the wind, their clothes, flesh and bones changed into a liquid giving out a rancid, putrid stench, which smote with contagious disease all those whose olfactory nerves it affected, so that they died. This is the reason why, ever since, those who haul up celestial stags cut the rope, lest they have to endure again that stench and lose their lives. Should they refuse to haul them up, they risk being molested by them incessantly. It is also said, that when a small number of celestial stags are overpowered by a great number of men, tied, placed against an earthen wall, and immured firmly on the four sides with walls of clay, a sort of terrace with a lamp being built overhead, they will do no further harm. But if men are outnumbered by stags, they are tormented to death by these, and not allowed to escape. "Please read the rules in description carefully before you comment to avoid ban. If you have a story, photo, suggestion, complains or any other concern, email us at:" ---------------- Reference: - Jan Jakob Maria Groot, The Religious System of China

Sooo enjoyed my time with the beautiful women of Arizona this weekend, God's presence was sweet!!! :)

Daily Roundup: Motorola Droid Maxx review, Google buys Bump, and more! -

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