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Men's Health - Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Sex, Style & Weight Loss Tips for Men

Hate to break it to you, buddy, but it's time to step up your game.<p>Mikhail Shivlyakov started got a nosebleed during a deadlift attempt at this past weekend's Arnold Classic.<p>Well, this is excellent news.<p>Been focusing on your upper body? Tug these on and your secret will be safe.<p>Here's the secret to …

The Best Times To Eat

<b>Eat within 1 hour of rising.</b> Your mom was also right when she told you breakfast was the most important meal of the day. When you skip breakfast, you lose its stimulating benefits on your metabolic rate. You also become more likely to eat unbalanced meals, more calories, and larger amounts of …


Boring Sex, Begone!

Although synchronized breathing is an integral part of tantric sex, you don't need to assume a pretzel-shaped position or clear your schedule for seven hours. You can incorporate the breathing techniques into any ol' romp. Kaye recommends alternating your breathing during foreplay. As he exhales, …


50+ Impossibly Chic Kitchen Backsplashes

Cooking has never looked so colorful.<p>Whether your dream kitchen is rustic and cozy or modern and sleek, these tile design ideas have you covered.


Have a Full-Body Orgasm--Tonight!

<b>2. Breathe.</b><br>It's natural to hold your breath when you're on the brink of climax, but Carrellas says you'll feel a deeper pleasure if you fully inhale and exhale. "Practice while you masturbate," she says.<p><b>3. Scream and Shout.</b><br>Or grunt or sigh. Your partner will feel appreciated, but it's not just for …


Your Baby's Remarkable First Year

The moment they emerge from the womb, babies are observing, absorbing, and gearing up to take on the world. Here's a peek at the wonders in store as the months go by.<p>Months 1-6<p>Month 1<p><b>Senses:</b> Your newborn's eyesight is around 20/400 (perfect vision is 20/20), so things look pretty fuzzy. She can see …

A zit-zapping face mask & other surprising beauty uses for oatmeal

<b>BLEMISH MASK:</b> Mix 1/2 cup raw or instant oats with enough water to form a paste. Set aside for 5 minutes before stirring in 2 to 3 drops of tea tree …

Skin Care

Men's Health - Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Sex, Style & Weight Loss Tips for Men

The longer you wait to treat, the harder it gets.<p>'s stuck in your head again, isn't it?<p>The Oscar-winner is apparently <i>very</i> afraid of germs and STIs<p>Spice up your sex life with these tasteful yet dirty recs.<p>He'll represent Team USA in banked slalom and snowboard cross in Pyeongchang.<p>Meal prepping …

50 Unique Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

"Salt and pepper" paint, rose gold hardware: Which 2018 trend is up your alley?<p>Spice up your kitchen storage spots with decorative colors, finishes, and hardware. Whether you prefer a traditional look or something more modern, these design ideas go far beyond plain-old cupboards.


Men's Health - Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Sex, Style & Weight Loss Tips for Men

For $199, you can get a lightweight smartwatch with a four-plus day battery life? Sign us up.<p>AJ Styles practices blood flow restriction, intermittent fasting, and a lot of yoga.<p>Get ready for Jeremy Scott's Schwarzenegger-inspired workout.<p>It looks cool. It'll make you feel like Superman. And boy, …

Men's Health - Fitness, Nutrition, Health, Sex, Style & Weight Loss Tips for Men

Don't pretend this doesn't apply to you. We can smell you from miles away.<p>These 4 simple exercises will help save you from chronic pain<p>The billionaire debuted surprisingly muscular arms at a conference last year.<p>Avoid creaky old man knees with these tips.<p>Hemsworth's longtime trainer pushed the poor …

8 Essential Abs Moves to Get a Flat Belly

Exercise 1 Plank with Leg Lift<p>Get into a modified pushup position with your weight resting on your forearms and toes, elbows directly beneath your shoulders. Your body should form a straight line from your neck to your ankles. From that position, brace your core and lift one foot off the floor. You …


Makeup Side Effects

The (15 Minute) Belly Blasting Workout

Exercise 1 Stability Ball Pelvic Tilt Crunch<p>Grab a five-to 10-pound medicine ball (or dumbbell). Lying faceup on a stability ball with your upper back and head pressed against the ball and your feet together on the floor, hold the medicine ball against your chest. Brace your abs and crunch up until …

Bodyweight Exercise

Make-Ahead Meals For Easy Family Dinners

The key to making weeknight dinners a breeze is finding recipes that allow you to prep components in advance. Taking an hour on Sunday to tackle some preliminary chopping and cooking will save you precious time during the week.<p>It's 5:45 and you've just walked in the door. The kids are starving and …

6 Designer Tricks to a More Comfortable Home

Designers share their tricks.<p>From being able to kick back with an ottoman to keeping a throw in every room, we asked five decorators to share how they make a house feel more cozy.

Interior Design

Post-Apocalyptic Britain And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Weekend Challenge: Lateral Dumbbell Stepup

This exercise forces you to push your hips forward, challenging your glutes and hamstrings<p><i>Join the</i> Women's Health <i>Weekend Challenge to help you meet your fitness goals fast and make your weekend workouts count. Check out our Facebook page every weekend and challenge yourself to try a new exercise.</i> …


The Daddy Factor: Dad's Best Parenting Moves

Ever watch your partner with the kids and wonder, "What's he thinking?" It turns out there's a method to his caregiving madness.<p>Kids Talk About Loving Their Daddy<p>One year at the holidays I decided to shake things up. We had installed a pellet stove, and my kids, Paul, 6, and Claire, 3, were worried …

Fashion, Hair & Beauty, Career, Health, and Relationships

Throwing a fabulous feast is not such a mammoth task. By Cosmoin India<p>You are allowed to faint with excitement if you like, just saying.😀 By Simrit …

Soothe Ingrown Hair, Razor Burn, and Razor Bumps

<b>Prevent It:</b> "Don't keep your razor in the shower. The heat and humidity accelerate rusting and bacterial growth," says David Colbert, M.D., a dermatologist in New York City. Toss the blade after five uses, which is when it starts to get dull.<p><b>INGROWN HAIRS</b><br>Though a hair is to blame (an ingrown …

Skin Care

Skinny Pants: Show Off Your Butt

As J.Lo and Kim Kardashian have proved, a killer booty in a tight pair of pants is the secret to winning at life. Kidding, but it certainly doesn't hurt!<p><b>BCBG Max Azria pants</b>, $138, at Saks Fifth Avenue, 877-551-7257; <b>Nicole Miller Artelier top</b>, $180,; <b>Lauren Wolf Jewelry cuff</b>, …

Saks Fifth Avenue

The Most Genius Styling Products

These natural styling products aren't just good for your body--they're GREAT for your hair<p><b>. . .for Stay-Put Hold</b><br>Hold factor is a bitch for green chemists. Pine tree sap was one of the go-tos, but it required a deep shampoo (and some elbow grease) to get it out. Now, lighter tree resins and natural …

Hair Care

Weekend Challenge: Fire Hydrant In-Out

Stability exercises like this are highly effective at working the abdominal muscles that make up your six pack<p><i>Join the</i> Women's Health <i>Weekend Challenge to help you meet your fitness goals fast and make your weekend workouts count. Check out our Facebook page every weekend and challenge yourself to</i> …


Slim Smoothies

Stockbyte/Thinkstock<p><b>Belly Busting Berry</b><br>1 scoop low fat vanilla ice cream<br>1/4 each frozen blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries<br>1/2 cup low fat milk<br>1 tbsp vanilla whey protein powder<br>3 ice cubes


Score a Bikini Body Now

Exercise 1 Plank with Alternating Leg Lift<p>Get into a plank position, with your forearms on the ground, elbows directly under your shoulders, and legs extended straight behind you, feet hip-width apart. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles, and your core should be …


Breast Milk-Flavored Lollipops Hit the Market

Citing a desire to determine what it is that makes breast milk so inherently soothing to babies, a Texas-based candy company called Lollyphile has released a breast milk-flavored lollipop. The candy is meant for consumption by both kids and adults who, they hope, might be able to reconnect with …