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Brain game 'improves lives of schizophrenia patients'

A computer-based brain-training game could improve the daily lives of people with schizophrenia, say University of Cambridge researchers.

Tests on a small number of patients who played the game over four weeks found improvements in memory and learning.

This could help people to get back to work or …

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8 Creative Techniques to Cope with Painful Emotions

Many of us have a hard time coping with negative emotions. This makes sense. “Painful feelings like anxiety, sadness, anger and shame tap into the …


Overactive Glutamate Receptor Gene Tied to Depression in Women

A new study has found depressed women have an abnormally high expression of the genes that regulate the glutamate system.

Glutamate is the major …


This groundbreaking method could revolutionize the way we treat mental illness

Modern medicine is on a trajectory towards precision medicine, or the ability choose a treatment most likely to be effective for a particular patient based on personal medical information, including their genetic sequence.

Doctors are increasingly able to use genetic information to help them pick …


Chimps Can Spot Faces Like Humans Do

Chimpanzees can quickly identify the faces of other chimps, as well as those of human adults and babies. These new findings could shed light on human …

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A Close Look at the Connectivity of a Single Brain - Neuroskeptic

By Neuroskeptic | August 2, 2015 8:54 am

In a new paper just out in Neuron, researchers Timothy Laumann and colleagues present an in-depth analysis of …

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Think Your Conscious Brain Directs Your Actions? Think Again

1,840 5

Think your deliberate, guiding, conscious thoughts are in charge of your actions?

Think again.

In a provocative new paper in Behavioral and Brain

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10 Signs of a Toxic Friend that You’ve Probably Never Realised

Building relationships with people is part of life. We all form strong friendships that make our lives healthier and happier. However, some …

The case for neuropsychoanalysis: Why a dialogue with neuroscience is necessary but not sufficient for psychoanalysis.

2015 Jul 30. doi: 10.1111/1745-8315.12332. [Epub ahead of print]

1Institute for the Study of Affective Neuroscience, University of Haifa, Israel. …

Life Sciences

Too Much Coffee Can Ruin Your Brain

Aug 02, 2015 03:36 AM EDT

New research suggests that coffee consumption could boost the risk of mild cognitive impairment (MCI),The Washington Post …

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The 6 Cardinal Rules of Napping

Because midday sleep is more scientific than you think.

Your Best Year Ever continues! All throughout July, sleep specialist Janet Kennedy, PhD, will take a vested interest in your beauty rest.

A good nap can reboot a rough day, leaving you refreshed and better able to focus. But naps can also upset …

Sleep Disorders

9 Surprising Consequences of Auditory Processing Disorder

Understanding Orthorexia

“Ah, I can’t do lunch, but would you want to grab coffee later on?” This is something I would say often to my friends. My circle was growing smaller. …

Healthy Eating


Will Hadcroft at the real Century Lodge and Mill. June 2010

Welcome to Will Hadcroft's Web site and Blog

Will is the author of four novels and his …

The ‘Sense8′ Theme Music Was Created From Actual Human Brainwaves

Here’s a fun fact for those of you looking to impress others this weekend: if you know anyone watching Sense8, you should let them know that the theme song is made out of brainwaves immediately. Yeah, I know that sounds a little less exciting than screaming “Sense8’s theme song is people!” while …


Learn How to Read People - Mentalism

Paul Ekman is an American born psychologist who essentially pioneered the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions. Much of his …


New Treatment Lets Paralyzed Patients Move Their Legs

A small study that could help paralyzed patients regain muscle movement

Researchers at UCLA have done something they didn’t think was possible: without the use of surgery, they helped people with severe paralysis voluntarily move their legs — something that's never been accomplished before. While it …

Spinal Cords

Coffee habits linked to memory, brain health in seniors

New study finds a sudden increase in coffee consumption may have negative impact

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Can this watch change your mood?

The latest wearable tech device can calm you down or energise you with the stroke of a finger

Bad moods can come out of nowhere and last for hours, ruining perfectly pleasant afternoons with their lingering pessimism. But the latest form of wearable tech claims to have an antidote, with a watch that …

Wearable Tech

There's no need to fear dementia. The end of the epidemic is in sight

Only few want to grow old, as most of us are afraid of becoming senile. But now that our bodies last longer in better health, our brain being no exception, the prospect of living a fulfilled old age is better than ever before.

It is not difficult to think of somebody really old who is still as sharp …


Irregular Sleep-Wake Pattern Improves Long-Term Memory in Mice

If you‘ve had a good night’s sleep, you are mentally more alert and your memory works more reliably. During sleep, a part of our forebrain called the

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Electron spin changes as a general mechanism for general anesthesia?

@MrVibrating: Good point. This had occurred to us, we're trying to figure out whether there is a way of testing it experimentally.

@Aaron43, …


Neurons constantly rewrite their DNA

Johns Hopkins scientists have discovered that neurons are risk takers: They use minor "DNA surgeries" to toggle their activity levels all day, every …

College-Age Depression Is Increasingly Tied to Helicopter Parenting, Studies Show

Excerpted from How to Raise an Adult: Break Free of the Overparenting Trap and Prepare Your Kid for Success by Julie Lythcott-Haims, out now from Henry


A Brain Controlled Prosthesis is Almost as Accurate as One Finger Typing

Years of work yield a technique that continuously corrects brain readings to give people with spinal cord injuries a more precise way to tap out

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How the Brain Purges Bad Memories

The brain is extraordinarily good at alerting us to threats. Loud noises, noxious smells, approaching predators: they all send electrical impulses …

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11 Surprising, Delicious Foods That Boost Brain Power

The health and fitness experts at Well + Good share the best foods to eat for sharper memory and improved mental function.

You may choose certain foods to prevent bloating, avoid inflammation, and get glowing skin—but what about boosting your brain power every time you fill your plate?

The …

Brain Fitness

How Depression Is Linked to Intestinal Bacteria

Link between the gut and low mood found in study of mice.

Bacteria in the intestine can play an important role in causing anxiety and depression, new …


What is the nature of creativity? Podcast

It's a question that's fascinated us for centuries - what is the nature of creativity? Can we find its roots in the human brain? And if so, can we boost our creative powers?

To discuss creativity Ian Sample is joined in the studio by Dr Caroline Di Bernardi Luft, from the Department of Psychology at …