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The Millennial Decor Trends Taking Over Pinterest Right Now

Nothing says home makeover quite like the start of a new season. If you’re looking for easy, on-trend ways to refresh your own space, Pinterest just …

Home Decorating

15 Things That Will Bring Good Luck to Your Home

You may want to consider repainting your door after reading this!<p>Whether you're superstitious or not, everyone wants a little luck in their life — and their house. Instead of carrying around a fake rabbit's foot at all times, these solutions promise to fill your home with happiness, good health, …

Living Rooms

How You Should Declutter Your Home, According To Feng Shui

In feng shui, open space is symbolic of having more. By giving up materialism, we gain the invisible: peace of mind, free time, and breathing space. …

15 Things You Should Never Buy at a Thrift Store

Some of these finds are downright dangerous.<p>Whenever you can buy a secondhand or vintage treasure for your home, we say go for it! Buying used is often an easy way to find inexpensive, high-quality and one-of-a-kind pieces. But in some cases, preowned or old items can be unsanitary, more expensive, …

24 Ways To Make Your Clothes Last So Much Longer


How to Clean Your Watch​ | Men’s Health

The truth is, when it comes to maintenance, a man's jewelry and accessories are often overlooked. We hear tales of guys whose leather watch bands developed a "cheesy" smell, or who finally took off their heirloom Rolexes and found black grime between the links. Chances are, if you take off …

One Trick That Will Forever Change the Way to Pack

There's a reason marines have been doing this for years.<p>We all know how this genius duvet cover trick changed the way we make our beds. If you're thinking how to apply the concept to other places, we have good news: There's another "burrito" hack out there and this time it's going to help you keep …

Chicken Stuck to the Pan? Don't Panic—You Can Fix It

The secret to crispy skin? Patience, grasshopper.<p>Do you ever feel like you're the "before" part of the infomercial when your pan-roasted chicken thighs stick completely to the pan? Don't freak out, and <i>definitely</i> don't try to scrape it off. The magical secret to getting that crisp-skinned meat out …


25 Outdated Home Trends That We Hope Never Come Back

Please and thank you.<p>They made a splash in the '70s to 2000s, but that's exactly where these trends can stay.

Spring Cleaning: 25 Big and Little Things You Might Be Neglecting

Think your house is clean? You may want to take a closer look! Even if you've mastered a daily cleaning routine to keep your home looking great, you might be overlooking the most used items in your home. From your baseboards and your ceiling fan to common household electronics and cozy accessories, …

How often you should clean your refrigerator — and the right way to do it

When was the last time you cleaned the refrigerator?<p>Wiping up the occasional drip and opening a box of baking soda doesn't count. We're talking a full-throttle cleaning that disinfects, organizes and restores order to one of the busiest spots in the home. Did you know that a neglected and dirty …

Do You Really Have to Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Them?

Instant gratification just feels better, doesn't it?<p>You buy a new shirt off the rack at Nordstrom or finally open that Fabletics box with the leggings you're dying to wear to your next Barre 3 class, and suddenly you want to wear nothing else for the rest of the week except, obviously, the New …

4 New Ways to Use a Freezer Bag

You've probably got a box of freezer bags stuffed in a drawer, but did you know you can use them for things other than storing leftovers?<p>You've probably got a box of freezer bags stuffed in a drawer, but did you know you can use it for things other than storing leftovers? In the video below, food …

Condé Nast

22 Wall Art Ideas You’ll Want To Steal Immediately

Today is the day you finally make that gallery wall.<p>From gallery walls to DIY pieces to framing your accessories (just go with it), we've got plenty of wall art inspo to spark your creativity.

Wall Art

33 Ideas For Your Most Organized Kitchen Ever

#11 is a total game-changer.<p>Struggling to keep your kitchen organized? Don't stress, there's hope for your biggest (and smallest) problem spots. Plus, get our best cabinet and pantry organization ideas. Who has the most organized kitchen on the block? Oh, that'd be <i>you</i>.


She Sprays THIS Common Household Solution on Some Mold and What Happens Next is Amazing!

Shares 16<p>Mold is a common problem most homeowners face. Currently, an estimated 40% of metropolitan homes in America have serious safety issues like …


How To Use Cafe Curtains Throughout Your Home

(Image credit: Kara Mann)<p>If you ask me, the café of the home shouldn't have the monopoly on cafe curtains. Those short-tier curtains that cover the …

Interior Design

How to Make a Hurricane Disaster Kit

We often see the effects of natural disasters on the television or hear about them on the radio. The common thread among many people affected is that …

When to throw away olive oil, flour and more pantry staples

If your pantry is anything like mine, there are a couple staples lurking in the back that haven’t seen the light of day in months. And if you’re like me, you agonize over questions like, “Can I still use the half-empty can of baking powder I bought three years ago?” or “Why the heck is my apple …

10 Home Decor Trends That Will Be Huge In 2016

The new year is looking mighty stylish.<p>After a year as stylish as 2015, it's hard to imagine that anything could top it. But if Houzz's predictions of the 25 biggest design trends of the upcoming year turn out to be true, we're in for a real treat. Click through to see the 10 trends we're most …

You've Probably Been Using Paper Towels Wrong Your Whole Life

Stop wasting (and buying) so much with this easy trick.<p>OK, using a paper towel isn't exactly rocket science: Spot a spill, tear off some sheets and wipe it up. Or, if you're in a public bathroom, tear off a gigantic wad to ensure you get every drop of water off your hands posthaste.<p>Is something …

Listen Up: One Disinfecting Wipe Is Not Enough to Clean Your Whole Kitchen

Make this mistake and you're likely just spreading bacteria around.<p>Antibacterial wipes seem like the superheroes of cleaning supplies: They're easy to grab, completely disposable, and promise a clean and disinfected counter — if (and only if!) you use them absolutely correctly. Even though these …

An Inside Look at the Barefoot Contessa's Barn

Ina Garten takes us on a tour of her impressive entertaining space in the Hamptons.<p>Ina Garten takes us on a tour of her impressive entertaining space in the Hamptons.

13 Things Every Tea Drinker Needs to Know

For instance, adding milk can help keep your teeth white.<p>There's always more to learn (and love) about the world's most widely consumed beverage.

11 Clever Ways to Use Wax Paper Around the House

You just might find yourself stashing extra rolls in your linen closet, office, or even the garage.<p>Honestly, we couldn't imagine our kitchen without wax paper, which has been a household staple since 1927. And since its been around for so long, we've had a lot of time to figure out some alternative …

8 Things People With Spotless Bathrooms Do Every Day

Adopt these habits and your toilet, shower, and sink will always sparkle.<p>If the bathroom is your least favorite space in your entire home to clean, we hear you. It's messy, germy, and sometimes smelly. But what if we told you by adopting a few daily habits you can actually clean this room less …

Time I

RMJ Residence: Tranquil Outdoor Living Meets a Wall of Greenery

A home that blurs the conventional line separating the indoors from the surrounding landscape, the <b>RMJ Residence</b> in <i>Uberlândia</i>, Brazil encourages its …


Housekeeping for 20-Somethings: 20 Ways to Make Like Martha

<b>Things that Martha did in her twenties: sanded floors, tiled her own roof, became an expert in all things food and homekeeping. Things you're doing in your twenties: couch-surfing, talking about backpacking in Europe, praying for a paid internship. But it's the little things that count, right? Here</b> …


15 Good Things to Know Around the Kitchen

<b>We've rounded up some of our favorite tricks of the trade that will make your kitchen life easier and more efficient.</b><p>Custom Salt Blends<p>Make your own salt blends for seasoning vegetables and meat with fresh herbs, spices, or zest.


19 Secrets Hotel Staffers Wish You Knew

You're about to become a master vactioner.<p>Readers Digest interviewed hotel experts to get them to spill their insider tips.<p><i>From:</i> <i>KCCI</i>