My Magazine: Leland Melvin

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My Magazine: Leland Melvin

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My Magazine: Behind the Scenes with Leland Melvin

About Leland Melvin

"Second chances"— it's a phrase former NFL player-turned astronaut Leland Melvin uses to describe his extraordinary life. His first do-over happened in high school. With a college football scout in attendance, Melvin literally dropped the ball. As the scout got up to leave, Melvin caught the …

On Set with Leland Melvin

A Poem by Leland Melvin

My pages are culled from vast digitally connected bits...<p>That help prepare our next generation of S.T.E.A.M. explorers to take my place...<p>Creating an orbital perspective from space which transforms how we view our race.<p>A 90 minute orbital ride quickly connects our planet<p>And shows we are really all …

Behind the Scenes with Leland Melvin