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Feeling Anxious? This Simple Navy SEAL Trick Calms Your Nervous System in 5 Minutes Flat

If it works in combat, it will work for what you're going through.<p>Mark Divine is a U.S. Navy SEAL and the founder of SEALFIT, a fitness organization for those who want to push themselves to the max.<p>Divine is no stranger to stress and extreme circumstances. And there's one practice he says has risen …


You Can Change Negative Thinking With These 8 Tips

Negative thinking contributes to anxiety in social and performance situations. Most therapies for social anxiety involve an aspect dedicated to …


How to worry less, ease anxiety and tame toxic thoughts

The average person spends almost 80 percent of the time focused on regret about the past or anxiety about the future. How to get a handle on your worries.<p>Life would be so much different without a wall of worry in the way.<p>May is Mental Health Awareness Month, bringing attention to the one in five …



<i>“I used to think the worst thing<br>in life was to end up all alone.<br>It’s not. The worst thing in life<br>is to end up with people who make<br>you feel all alone.”</i>

This 400 Square Foot 'Tiny House' is My Dream Home

Here at Apartment Therapy, we write about tiny houses a whole lot. Sometimes, I find myself wondering if we've reached peak tiny house. Are these …

Living Rooms

kiyosuzuki:India ink on goatskin parchment

India ink on goatskin parchment

antique-royals:John William Godward  (1861 –1922)

Intricate Handmade Birds From India, Made One Per Day In 2018

Indian design studio NVillustration is making a new paper-cut bird illustration for each new day in 2018. Together, artist duo Nayan Shrimali and …

We Blind Taste-Tested 5 Popular Hot Sauces, And This Was Our Favorite

We drizzle it over spaghetti, pour it over cornbread, sprinkle it over tacos, and even dribble it over scrambled eggs. Hot sauce - Southern folks …


And the Sun Rose - Myk Martinez

Deep Down Below - Myk Martinez

MB&F HM6 Space Pirate Watch

Inspired by classic Japanese sci-fi cartoons and 1970s biomorphic design, the MB&F HM6 Space Pirate Watch is a fantastically weird timepiece. Inside …

Doing Nothing

Karen Maezen Miller on how meditation helps her bring "doing nothing" into everything she does.The post Doing Nothing appeared first on Lion's Roar.


Size: 92.71x127 cm<br>Medium: oil, canvas


Martine Chasse

Snowy Mountains and Undersea Worlds Encapsulated Within Wood and Resin Rings | Colossal

<p>Formed from wood, resin, and beeswax, Canadian jeweler Secret Wood forms tiny worlds within the space of a finger. These environments contain …

The Spirit of SongCharles William Mitchell (1854–1903)Laing Art Gallery

The Spirit of Song<br>Charles William Mitchell (1854–1903)<br>Laing Art Gallery


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#HelmetArt inspiration from @hellocousteau with “Candy Paper Texture” on a Bell Star helmet. Check out his work!<br>.<br>.<br>#hellocousteau


Van Gogh and Monet

This 7-Word Mantra Saves Me Every Time I Feel Anxious

You would never meet me and think, <i>this woman has anxiety</i>. I walk into rooms wearing electric-berry lipsticks, flamboyant outfits (I’ve never met a …

itsfullofstars:FALCON 9 LAUNCH