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An Argument for Genetic Testing

Georgia Hurst is a patient advocate for those with Lynch syndrome. She is the founder of the website and blog: She frequently …

ADHD: Are Kids Overmedicated? Addressing... - Healing ADHD & Asperger's Without Hurting Jennifer Giustra-Kozek, LPC

Father demands asbestos discovery in Beckenham school be made public

A former employee of a Beckenham school is demanding they make public surveys which showed the discovery of asbestos.

Robert Groves, 54, worked at …


Opioid Overdoses Decrease After Abuse-Deterrent Painkillers Enter Market, Propoxyphene Exits

Curbing opioid overdoses in the United States has not only been the goal of many in the medical community, it has also been an initiative of President Barack Obama’s. A couple of recent changes in the painkiller market, however, may have contributed to a significant decrease in both opioid …


#HAWMC: Day 27, "Bye, bye, bye..."

CHALLENGE: Bye, bye, bye... Living with an illness, you are more likely to face people who don't understand your daily struggles. Sometimes these …


'Provocative' theory links inner ear damage to SIDS deaths

Darci and Robert Torres still have difficulty talking about the 2009 death of their 3-month-old daughter, Alia. They fed her, put her down to sleep, and a half hour later, she was unresponsive in her bassinet.

"It's hard to go back there — it's so painful," said Darci, a 42-year old mother of four …

Inner Ear

‘Game Of Thrones’ Actress Sophie Turner Only Pees Twice A Day — But Is That Healthy?

(Photo: merri/Flickr)

Actress Sophie Turner shows off noteworthy survival skills as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, so it’s not surprising that she’s …


Do Men Have PMS?

In fact, men begin the slow journey of andropause (or male menopause) at 25, (women begin the slow journey of perimenopause at 35, for comparison). …

The 5 Best Mouthwashes

When it comes to mouthwashes, some are just minty rinses, whereas others are medicine for your mouth. But we'll save you from trying to tell them apart. Our picks can help you solve any dental dilemma, and they're all alcohol-free. "Alcohol dries your mouth and can burn gum and cheek tissue," says …


Autism Awareness: The Illusion of Action

When April ends, Autism Awareness month will also end. For some who are severely affected, like my son, the struggles associated with autism won’t …

Developmental Disabilities

First HIV Self-Testing Kit Goes on Sale in United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom: The first HIV self-testing kit that allows people to get a result in just 15 minutes at home has gone on sale in the UK.

The …

United Kingdom

Study Shows Hundreds of Cancer Possibilities Arise from Common Skin Mole Mutation

Oncogenomics April 24, 2015

Houston, TX (Scicasts) — A Houston Methodist-led team of international scientists has identified hundreds of possible new …

Scientific Research

Celladon's gene therapy for heart failure bombs in PhIIb

Celladon's lead program crashed Sunday afternoon as the biotech ($CLDN) announced that its heart therapy Mydicar failed the primary and secondary …

Francis Collins Says Medicine in the Future Will Be Tailored to Your Genes - WSJ

In 1889, when The Wall Street Journal was founded, medicine was quite primitive. An American born in that era could expect to live into his or her mid-40s on average, compared with nearly 80 today. There were no X-rays, aspirin, blood transfusions, insulin, oxygen equipment, antibiotics, childhood …


Delayed diagnosis of Celiac disease may put lives at risk: Is screening the solution?

Celiac disease is one of the most common life-long conditions in Europe, yet many people remain undiagnosed and lengthy diagnostic delays may be …

Celiac Disease

Kids With Disabilities Train for Special Olympics

Kids with disabilities ages 2-7 were able to participate in athlete training Saturday to develop fundamental motor tracking and hand-eye …


"ويش" يدعم المؤتمر العربي لمرض السكري في تسليط الضوء | الشرق

يعتزم مؤتمر القمة العالمي للابتكار في الرعاية الصحية "ويش"، إحدى المبادرات العالمية التي أطلقتها مؤسسة قطر للتربية والعلوم وتنمية المجتمع، تقديم دعمه …

So proud to have donated..makes such a difference. My son wouldn't be here without blood donation! @NHSBT #giftblood

Delete Blood Cancer on Twitter

The atmosphere at the @LondonMarathon is fantastic. We are still waiting for an update on DBC runner Alex Hedger.

Breast Cancer : How can I determine if my breast surgeon will use oncoplastic techniques for my breast conserving surgery?

1) Question:

2) Background Info (optional): What context or background information is relevant to this request?

For example. Will the stage of disease, …

Breast Cancer Awareness

Suicide and Depression Linked to Pesticides

According to a recent study by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, pesticide use is positively linked to suicide and depression. The …


Primeros embriones humanos modificados genéticamente - Genética Médica

Un trabajo, publicado en Protein Cell, acaba de confirmar los recientes rumores sobre la primera modificación del material hereditario en embriones …

What It's Like to Survive a Deadly Disease

Bacterial Meningitis Survivor

Samantha Bennett has undergone 30 surgeries in 39 years.

When Samantha Bennett was a baby, doctors told her mom she would …


How Antibiotic Side Effects Impact Your Health - Dr. Steven Lin

Antibiotics can be heralded for saving millions of lives on a daily basis – however like everything, antibiotic side effects are often under …


Stem Cell Therapy set to assign knee and hip replacements to the history books | Stem Cell Banking News & Reviews

In the US, Arizona Pain Specialists are offering stem cell therapy to help patients avoid hip and knee replacement.

The outpatient treatments at …


The Woman Who Woke Up in the Future

Naomi Jacobs was a 32-year-old single mother living in Manchester, England, when she went to sleep on April 30, 2008. She lived in a small flat with her ten-year-old son Leo and their cat Sophia. At the time, she was unemployed, but she had gone back to school, where she was pursuing a degree in …

The Future

In the Lab, Maple Syrup Helps Zap Superbugs

Maple syrup is more than just a prime pancake topper. It also helps kill bacterial pathogens, according to a recent paper in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Nathalie Tufenkji and colleagues at Canada’s McGill University found that concentrated maple syrup made such microbial …

Maple Syrup

Get happy in the world's happiest countries

Would a taste of the finest Swiss chocolate make you happy? Or soaking in the warm Icelandic springs? Perhaps the great jazz and rock music scene in Denmark is for you?

It's not just the fun activities that make locals and travelers to those countries happy, according to the third World Happiness …

Europe Travel

Maps reveal the bacteria lurking on skin

You are what you eat, drink, wear and wash in.

The bacteria and chemicals found on human skin have been sampled and mapped across the human body. The result is a series of 3-D images revealing the thousands of microbes and molecules people carry with them -- or on them -- each day.

The maps show the …