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Mary Prokop's Story

Mary Prokop: A Unique Perspective on Nursing

When her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia, Mary never expected to find a new career path. After


Specially trained dogs help out farmers with disabilities

MAYSVILLE, Mo. (AP) — The demanding daily chores of a farmer were always a little different for Alda Owen, who is legally blind, able to see some blurry shapes and very close objects but not much else.

It was like that for years on the 260-acre farm she shares with her husband in northwest Missouri …


Vitamin A linked to alcoholic liver disease development

“We hope this study will lead to a broader understanding and appreciation of the fact that excessive consumption of alcohol has a negative effect on …


Medical actor: 'It's not textbook; it's hands-on.' - The Washington Post

- Inside a mock hospital room at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Va., specially trained instructors act as patients, helping guide future doctors through breast and pelvic screenings. ()


Preventing Bullying and Promoting Rare Awareness This School Year

By Lisa Moreno-Dickinson Are you contributing to the confusion? Making sure rare disease is understood by your child’s classmates can help them …


National Alliance on Mental Illness | Get Involved

Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September 2015 is also known as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month which helps promote resources and …

Mental Health

Why these medical interns did not die in vain

About a year ago, I wrote a piece on my blog called “How to Welcome Incoming Residents.” It was about my struggle with getting the right messaging, …


Women more likely to die following heart attack than men

Researchers find females are less likely to be given medical procedures which could save their lives

Women are more likely than men to die following a heart attack, a major study has found.

Research on more than 11,000 adults found that females were more likely to die after an attack - and less …

Women's Health

Need surgery? Actually, you may not.

Doctors used to routinely remove tonsils — until research found that the pain, risks and costs of the procedure usually outweighed its benefits. While tonsils are more secure now, research suggests that some people may still be getting surgeries they don’t need. Here, four procedures to question if …


Charlie Stanbury is a boy with a disease so rare it has no name

EXCLUSIVE: Little Charlie Stanbury was diagnosed with a condition so rare he is only one of a handful of people in the world with the same illness. …

Burning Man

U of R research goal: prevent first responders from getting PTSD

Thu, Aug 27 – We often hear about ways to treat and support first responders living with post-traumatic stress disorder. But what about preventing it …


US Plague Deaths: Utah Man's Death Fourth So Far This Year

An elderly man in Utah died of plague earlier this month, state health officials said Thursday. This is the first death from the disease in the state …

University of Utah

We need to to confront the ignorance surrounding learning disabilities

If you are among the approximately 1.4m children and adults in the UK born with a learning disability, it’s likely that through no fault of your own you will experience a number of injustices in your life. From feeling largely invisible and isolated to being excluded from many of the activities …


Leading stem cell scientist cleared of misconduct charges

LONDON (AP) — Sweden's Karolinska Institute says a leading stem cell scientist accused of unethical behavior has been cleared of scientific misconduct though he sometimes acted without due care.

In a statement released on Friday, the university said complaints leveled against Dr. Paolo Macchiarini — …

Stem Cells

We Need to Talk About Ana

She or he is a mysterious being. Ana never ages nor dies, and can target all- regardless of their gender, orientation and age.

Anorexia is not just about counting calories and working out at the gym excessively. It is a life threatening illness, whereby a person becomes obsessive over their weight …


Davison defends herself again after gluten-comments furore

Rosanna Davison says her message was miscommunicated when she was reported to have linked gluten to arthritis, schizophrenia and autism in an …

Eli Lilly's Diabetes Drug May Halt Heart Disease

Todd Campbell

Results from a large cardiovascular study show that diabetics using Eli Lilly's (NYSE:LLY) Jardiance had fewer heart attacks and strokes …

Heart Disease

Why Anxiety & Depression Might Be Autoimmune Problems + What To Do

Recently, I spoke with a new patient of mine who was struggling with debilitating anxiety, depression, brain fog and fatigue. She's in her mid-30s …


How to protect yourself from medical identity theft

The theft of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from major retailers, financial institutions and the federal government has impacted large …

Health Care

iOS Photos

Ants self-medicate to fight disease

We humans have been using self-medication to cure the illnesses since the dawn of our species. There is some evidence that also other animals can …


Concussions Can Occur in All Youth Sports

Recent attention to long-term brain damage linked to multiple concussions among professional football players has prompted a much closer look at how children and adolescents who participate in sports can be protected from similar consequences.

And with good reason. The young brain is especially …


Empty Plate: Kids Are Being Bullied to Skip Lunch at School

Anti-bullying curriculum has created a generation of kids who are much more aware of overt, classic bullying. However, bullying and peer pressure …

Eating Disorders

Second cancers are on the rise; 1 in 5 US cases is a repeat

Second cancers are on the rise. Nearly 1 in 5 new cases in the U.S. now involves someone who has had the disease before.

When doctors talk about second cancers, they mean a different tissue type or a different site, not a recurrence or spread of the original tumor.

Judith Bernstein of suburban …


Owen Wilson Opens Up About Father's Battle Against Alzheimer's Disease

Owen Wilson has opened up about his dad's battle with Alzheimer's disease -- hear what he saidThis article originally appeared on …

Owen Wilson

Searching for hope amid medical misery

Bob says the pain sometimes feels like "a rat that's deep inside trying to chew its way out of me." Other times, "I feel like I have a sword stuck in …


MERS Vaccine Shown To Be 100 Percent Effective In Animal Testing

Animals, today. Humans, tomorrow! Researchers successfully developed a vaccine that protected animals against the MERS virus, taking a step closer …


Alanis Morissette says it was hard to ‘sober up’ after suffering from eating disorders

Alanis (Picture: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for ELLE)After singing for years about heartache and scorned lovers, Alanis Morissette is now opening …

Alanis Morissette

8 Essential Truths About People

Doing well in business comes down to understanding people--your employees, coworkers, and customers. Know these truths and you're off to a good start.

Understanding people--yourself, your employees, your coworkers and customers--is the core of all business success. With that in mind, here are eight …

The Brain