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Learning Empathy From the Dead

The first-year dissection is often an experience that teaches medical students to emotionally detach from their patients. By forcing future doctors to learn about the lives of their cadavers, some medical schools are trying to reverse the effect.

On a Thursday afternoon in August 2008, Joe Thurman …


Children's TV pretends disability doesn't exist

Fireman Sam and How to Train Your Dragon feature the only disabled characters currently on long-running children’s television franchises.

Other characters crop up here and there – the Disney Channel introduced double-amputee Aussie explorer, Wildlife Will to its Doc McStuffins show, and it featured …

Entertainment (UK)

Chicagoland Coalition Marks ADA's 25th Anniversary With New Initiatives

In light of the Americans with Disabilities Act's 25th anniversary on Sunday, Progress Illinois profiles new initiatives being spearheaded by "ADA 25 …


ADA marks 25 years of progress

The ADA made a statement about how we treat and value people with disabilities.


After 25 years of Americans with Disabilities Act, still work to be done

The state of the disability community must be improved.


"Rattlesnake selfie" results in a $153K medical bill

A California man's attempt to take a photo with a rattlesnake landed him with a huge hospital bill


'MyHealthShare Chronicle': Multiple Myeloma - Myeloma - M...

'MyHealthShare Chronicle': Multiple Myeloma - Myeloma - Myeloma Cancer - Plasma ... 'MyHealthShare Chronicle': Multiple Myeloma - Myeloma - Myeloma …

Multiple Myeloma

Malpractice recovery caps not the answer

Laraine Kelley has worked in personal injury law since the mid-1980s and occasionally heard claims that a “so-called crisis” in medical malpractice …


Biting back: bringing mosquito-borne disease to heel

In the late 1800s, scientists definitively linked mosquitoes with epidemic diseases like malaria. In the years that followed, popular public health responses included draining wetlands, covering water supply tanks, and spraying petroleum products like kerosene on pools and puddles where mosquitoes …


Runner Olivia Quigley delays breast cancer treatment to compete at Special Olympics

[SB Nation] "I told them no matter what, I'm going to the LA World Games. Even if we have to put off chemotherapy until I get back. I wanted to …


Muhammad Ali Fights Parkinson’s Disease With Help From Caregiving Wife, Lonnie [Video]

Muhammad Ali has been courageously fighting Parkinson’s diseases for 30 years. The story of Muhammad Ali’s caregiving is about a brave, loving, …

Muhammad Ali

Eight diabetes patients a week having limbs amputated

Eight diabetes patients are having a lower limb amputation each week in Ireland.

New rice disease molecule discovery could help in fight against HIV

A new molecule discovered in the common rice disease bacterial leaf blight could help in the battle against HIV, biologists say.


Body mass index 'encourages anorexia'

Too many people with eating disorders feel they are being forced to lose weight so their body mass index is low enough to qualify for treatment, the …


Autopsy planned for Bobbi Kristina Brown

ATLANTA (AP) — An autopsy will be needed to evaluate what led to the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of singer Whitney Houston, authorities said Monday, the day after her death.

In a statement Monday morning, the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office says the time that elapsed from when …

Bobby Brown

Hepatitis C Treatment: What Are My Options?

Hepatitis C is a serious infection that can lead to liver damage. You may not even know that you have the virus that causes hepatitis C because the …



More people die of cancer than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined—and it’s expected that annual cancer cases will rise from fourteen million in …


Putting out the fire, next time - The Washington Post

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The Post’s View: Lessons from the …


Multiple Myeloma - Myeloma - Myeloma Cancer - Plasma Cell Myeloma


Multiple myeloma symptoms vary by patient as well as the stage of the disease. There are often no symptoms in the early stages of myeloma. …

Multiple Myeloma

16 Ways to Encourage your Children to Use Drugs

1. Never eat together as a family.

2. Never have family traditions that children can look forward to.

3. Never listen to your children; talk at them …


Eating Disorders Symptoms and Signs

Would you notice eating disorders symptoms in someone you love? Would you be able to recognize the development of an eating disorder in yourself? …

Healthy Eating

Brain area found that may make humans unique

Experiment compares the way monkey and human brains respond to abstract information.

Neuroscientists have identified an area of the brain that might …

Abi Longfellow betrayed by Cameron and NHS after botched wonder drug review

Sick schoolgirl Abi Longfellow has been cruelly betrayed after a “botched” NHS case review failed to award her a life-saving drug.

The 12-year old …

David Cameron

Celebration In Center City Marks 25th Anniversary Of Americans With Disabilities Act

By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A celebration was held in Center City Philadelphia Saturday afternoon to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Americans …


In Helping Those With Disabilities, ADA Improves Access For All

When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law 25 years ago, "everybody was thinking about the iconic person in a wheelchair," says civil rights lawyer Sid Wolinsky. Or that the ADA — which bans discrimination based on disability — was for someone who is deaf, or blind.

But take a tour of …


Accommodating Educators with Disabilities

Motor/Mobility Impairments

Motor and mobility impairment, as used in this publication, refers to limitations in motor movements such as walking, …


Breakthrough Study Reveals Biological Basis for Sensory Processing Disorders in Kids | UC San Francisco

Sensory processing disorders (SPD) are more prevalent in children than autism and as common as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, yet the …

Evidence-Based Medicine

Good luck to the amazing @MMRFTeam4Cures up at #IRONMAN Lake Placid! Go Team!! #myeloma #cures

Scientists warn that new drugs will require earlier diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

Major improvements must be made in techniques for identifying future Alzheimer’s disease patients if medicine is to take advantage of drugs that could inhibit or halt their mental decline.

This warning was made last week by several senior scientists after the announcement by the pharmaceutical giant …