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Programmed proteins may make malaria vaccine possible

Ahead of World Malaria Day on April 25, ISRAEL21c reports on a new approach that could lead to a non-refrigerated vaccine against parasitic diseases.


Child Physical Abuse Exists in All Corners of the Country

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and I thought it would be worthwhile to review the scope of the problem we are trying to prevent. …

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Marijuana-Derived Medicine Could Dramatically Reduce Seizures

BOSTON, MA — A marijuana-derived medicine called cannabidiol can be used to treat patients with seizures, potentially reducing episodes by 50 percent, according to a new study to be presented at American Academy of Neurology's 69th Annual Meeting in Boston.<p>"Our study found that cannabidiol shows …


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Thank you! CureClick has received your response. If you are a CureClick Ambassador, your account dashboard will reflect that you have completed this …

Disability services transform students' lives – we must protect them

As if cuts threatening crucial services in universities aren’t bad enough, the word ‘disability’ is itself now at risk – despite its key role<p>Back when I was a student, disability services changed my life. They gave me the tools to build on my inquisitive nature and expand my critical thinking …

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Japanese People are 'Forest Bathing’ for Good Health and It's Backed By Science

Share Email Comments<p><b>Forest bathing, or being in the presence of trees, is a Japanese practice scientifically proven to boost the immune system,</b> …


Metro tries to smooth mass transit woes for riders with disabilities


In Diabetes Fight, Lifestyle Changes Prove Hard To Come By In Mexico

Let's say you'd like to go for a run in Mexico City.<p>Dr. Tonatiuh Barrientos, an epidemiologist with Mexico's National Institute of Public Health, thinks that's a good idea — in theory. An expert on diabetes, he'd like to see more people in the Mexican capital get out and exercise to combat the …


UVM Medical Center treats patient with rare disease

A rare disease has surfaced in our region.

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Discovery could aid in development of treatments for fatal brain disease

Huntington's disease is an inherited brain disorder that is always fatal, but researchers at Johns Hopkins believe they have made a big discovery …


Virus linked to celiac disease, new study finds

Could a normally harmless virus cause a sensitivity to gluten?<p>A new study has found that a certain type of virus could trigger a person’s immune system to overreact to gluten, leading to celiac disease. The findings, published Thursday in Science, provide an explanation for why certain people …


‘The leprosy of the 21st century’

IT’S been dubbed the next HIV: an insect borne illness that’s torturing tens of thousands and driving some to take their own lives.<p>Doctors are barred …


Medical bills eat up your tax refund

Even if you don't owe Uncle Sam, tax season might be unhealthy for your finances.<p>"Extraordinary" medical payments are most common in March and April, …


Real-life 'Dr. House' helps solve man's medical mystery

A Montreal man who has lived with an undiagnosed condition for more than 30 years finally has an answer to what is wrong with him, thanks to the …


The Cost of Drugs for Rare Diseases Is Threatening the U.S. Health Care System

No parents should have to watch their child die, yet my former colleague “Will” and his wife “Mary” watched powerless as two of their children succumbed to spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). “Isaac” and “Lizzy” were never able to sit, talk, or eat on their own, and each passed away as toddlers.<p>SMA is …

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Why drugs like these for ‘orphan’ diseases are a booming business with colossal costs for patients

Powerful new pharmaceuticals are promising to change the lives of those who suffer from rare diseases. But with some governments balking at covering the sky-high cost of those drugs, writes <b>Kelly Grant</b>, patients are insisting they shouldn’t be asked to keep suffering – or find a way to pay<p>In many …


Be Safe Than Sorry: Here Is Why Trump's Scientific And Medical Research Budget Cut-Down Is A Bad Idea

President Donald Trump has been a heavily criticized man so far since he has taken over the Oval office at the White House, owing to his policies and …

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Animals in medicine cared for like the heroes they are

The animal research industry has a history of silence that we are beginning to understand must be broken. The public doesn’t have the information …

‘Mowgli girl’ likely abandoned by parents because she was a girl with disabilities

An eight-year-old dubbed ‘Mowgli girl’ after police said they found her with monkeys, is now thought to be an abandoned child with mental and …


Students trained to understand friends with disabilities and special needs



Cheryl Hines on Her Mission to Help Children with Disabilities: “This Is a Civil Rights Movement”

Along with playing quirky roles on screen — best known for <i>Curb Your Enthusiasm</i> — Cheryl Hines is making a difference with her charitable efforts. …


Endometrial cancer: clinical review

Section 1: Epidemiology and aetiology<p>Endometrial cancer is considered to be less aggressive than other gynaecological malignancies. Patients with …


Disabled youngsters visit York landmarks to mark Disability Access Day

A GROUP of disabled youngsters in York celebrated Disability Access Day 2017 by exploring the city’s most famous landmarks.<p>The Ambassador Club, …


Paralympian Deepa Malik calls for ending taboos around disability, equal opportunities for differently-abled

<b>New Delhi:</b> To achieve the dream of an accessible and inclusive India, it is important to provide its women and differently-abled with equal …