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discover<p>Achieve longer, fuller lashes, while preventing against hair loss and breakage. A remarkably light and colorless formula designed to treat …

This Stunning Detroit Wedding May Make You Nostalgic For the Snow

Just before couple Kim and Jacob tied the knot in Detroit around Thanksgiving, a severe snowstorm hit.<p>"It was crazy," photographer E Schmidt said. "But it was also so beautiful."<p>Snow and all, it was a perfect day for the lovebirds. Kim's favorite memory was seeing Jacob for the first time when she …

Murals of Maxo Vanka

Long hidden under grime, the politically radical murals of a little known Yugoslavian master are finally getting their due.<p>Tucked away in the gritty …


The True Story Behind Alice In Wonderland

The man behind <i>Alice In Wonderland</i> is much like the tales he wrote: an enigma that straddles the line between childlike innocence and darkness. Like …

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Buy Experiences, Not Things

Live in anticipation, gathering stories and memories. New research builds on the vogue mantra of behavioral economics.<p>Forty-seven percent of the time, the average mind is wandering. It wanders about a third of the time while a person is reading, talking with other people, or taking care of …

Why broken sleep is a golden time for creativity – Karen Emslie

It is 4.18am. In the fireplace, where logs burned, there are now orange lumps that will soon be ash. Orion the Hunter is above the hill. Taurus, a …

Funny Drawing Series of a Character Battling His Maker

Imagine getting your head punched or getting smooshed to the corner of a page. That's what this character is going through, thanks to artist Alex Solis. For this new series, Alex shows a character going one-on-one with the artist. Watch as the boy fights back as he clamps his teeth down onto the …

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Jeff Nishinaka Paper Sculpture

I spotted the work of paper sculptor, Jeff Nishinaka, on @atelierisabey‘s Twitter (via The Cool Hunter) the other day, and to say that his work is …

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Creative Dad Colors His Kids’ Drawings During His Business Trips

Fred Giovannitti, a self-described artist, dad, inventor, environmentalist and entrepreneur (whom we’ve written about before here) has a wonderful …


These Artists Aren’t Ordinary. They’re Lions

“We Are Lions” isn’t any old website. It’s home for artists—some of them as young as 13—living with disabilities and mental illnesses.<p>Gabriel Antunez …

29 Seriously Cool Snow Sculptures That Will Make You Want Another Storm

~Blizzard wizards.~

DIEGO VALDEZ on Twitter: "Don't wait 4 someone 2 tell U what U deserve #StandUP + #GoGetIT artBy #DiegoValdez http://t.co/pjfZ4d21Ud"

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Alessandro Fornero on Twitter: "Thomas #MORAN, "MOONLIT SEASCAPE" #art #artwit #twitart #iloveart #followart #artist #fineart #painting #night http://t.co/I8392fVygD"

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Dave Grohl: ‘You don’t need a needle hanging out of your arm to be a rock star’

As the Smithsonian Institution’s undersecretary for history, art and culture points out, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington DC seldom plays host to rock music. Nor, one suspects, does it regularly get guest speakers who swear to quite the degree that the gentleman seated beside …

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We are looking to raise $30,000 by selling $70,000 worth of art by celebrity artist Jon Hamilton-Fford. Simply go to …

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Dan Bodan - Soft As Rain

Ballet Dancers in Butterfly Costumes (detail) Edgar Degas (1880) Norton Simon Museum Drawing - pastel posted by Lara

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Jack White, Lazaretto, review: 'laced with menace'

Inventive, intense and unexpectedly fun, Lazaretto is one of the best break-up albums of recent years, says James Hall<p>A lazaretto is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, a hospice for lepers, plague victims and the “diseased poor”. Themes of quarantine, the asylum and ghosts recur …

The Magically Bizarre Photo Manipulations of a Photoshop Wizard Martin De Pasquale

He’s been called a Photoshop wizard by people who have seen his work and the title suits him well. Buenos Aires based digital artist and art director …

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