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Rare shiga toxin-producing E. coli found in recalled Texas beef

Almost 37 tons of Texas beef was recalled Sunday after sampling was positive for the rare E. coli O103.Waco-based H & B Packing Co., Inc. issued the …

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More than 20 tons of veal recalled for rare Shiga toxin E coli

Ohio Farms Packing Co. Ltd. in Creston, OH, has recalled 40,680 pounds of boneless veal products that may be contaminated with<i></i> the rare E. coli O103, …

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Stir fry product recalled for possible Listeria contamination

Fresno-based Versa Marketing Inc. has recalled 4,089 cases of Fusia Szechuan Stir fry because it has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria …

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Cozy Vale Raw Milk Hit with E. coli Again

I guess there is no “two strikes you’re out?”Cozy Vale (Valley) Creamery has announced another recall of its raw milk. The Washington State …


Another 130 cheese products recalled for Listeria; FDA gagged

More than 130 additional cheeses and products containing cheeses are under recall because of Listeria monocytogenes found in cheese produced by …

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Beware of “Visitors” bearing Salmonella

Ewen Callaway recently wrote in Nature: “Collapse of Aztec society linked to catastrophic salmonella outbreak.”One of the worst epidemics in human …


Almost 100 tons of chicken, Vienna sausage recalled for MSG

To see photos of all of the recalled products, please click on any of the images.Almost 200,000 pounds of Vienna sausage and other chicken sausage …

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Frozen turkey dog food recalled for Listeria; people also at risk

Blue Ridge Beef is recalling its frozen, raw turkey pet food from retailers in four states because it a poses a danger to people and their animals …

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Twinkies recalled because of powdered milk Salmonella issue

This week a seasonal version of the iconic American snack cake — Hostess Twinkies — joined dozens of other foods as a victim of a secondary recall …

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Europe experiencing an increasing trend of listeriosis

European experts have noted an increasing trend of listeriosis illnesses since 2008, except for a stabilization of infections from the pathogen from …

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Foxy’s ice cream recalled because of Listeria at Dr. Bob’s plant

Another premium ice cream brand — Foxy’s Thoughtful Ice Cream — is recalling products because they were made at Dr. Bob’s of Upland LLC where …


Two years later, state is still trying to shut down meat processor

A slaughterhouse-meat processing business in Auburn, WA, that lost its license two years ago because of food safety violations is still operating and …


Suspect was charged with felony food poisoning after arrest

The suspect police arrested for a series of incidents involving tampering with self service food bars in South Lake Tahoe remains in custody charged …


Marijuana is smokin' hot on ballots; food safety not so much

Marijuana is a hot topic among state ballot measures for 2016 and its highly likely after the votes are counted a fourth of the U.S. population will …


Publisher’s Platform: Chipotle – Parallels with Jack-in-the-Box and Odwalla

<i>The more things change the more things stay the same.</i>Friday a Chipotle stockholder brought suit against the company, filing a complaint in the US …

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EFSA: Campylobacter and Listeria Cases Rise Again in the European Union

Human cases of listeriosis and campylobacteriosis rose again in 2014 in Europe, continuing an upward trend that began in 2008, reports the European …

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Blue Bell Recalls More Ice Cream Over Listeria Concerns

Blue Bell Creameries is expanding its recall of products that were produced in the Broken Arrow, Okla., plant to include Banana Pudding Ice Cream …

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Salmonella Schwarzengrund Outbreak Strikes at Boise Pho Tam Restaurant


Campylobacter: What is It and What Are We Doing About It?

<i>(This post by Hannah Bolinger, a graduate student in NC State’s Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences, is the third in a series</i> …

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LA Star Seafood Shuttered Over Listeria and Botulism Concerns


La Terra Fina Recalls Organic Spinach Dip Sold in Bay Area Costco Clubs

Recall -- Firm Press Release<p>FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to …


Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak Settled - Finally

Egg-Producing States File Appeal Over California's Proposition 2

States that, until recently, sold a total of 2 billion shell eggs a year in California clearly don’t intend to give up on that lucrative Golden State …


RI Pasta Sauces Not Properly Processed Pose Botulism Risk

The Rhode Island Department of Health is warning the public that five types of pasta sauces sold under the D. Palmieri Bakery brand name were not …


USDA Secretary Vilsack Moves on Food Safety Rules

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6 Campylobacter Cases Linked to Raw Milk from Pennsylvania Dairy

Six people have been infected with Campylobacter in an outbreak linked to raw milk from a farm in Pennsylvania, the Maryland Department of Health and …

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GA company recalls pecan products due to health risk

Tennessee Democrats have voted to support resolutions calling for the legalization of medical marijuana, wider health care coverage and a $15 minimum …