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"Inspiration" I always remember music everytime I watch Straight Outta Compton. I am a huge fan of rap/hiphop and i feel chill everytime i listen to it. The movie is about how Dr. Dre, Ice cube and other rappers started and how they became real artists. The movie also include racism about black people being Rappers, white people have their own stereostypes against black people. It wasn't easy for them but step by step the relationship between black and white people united. Until now their hiphop songs are still alive. The hiphop movement is still on top and it is alive. Hiphop also grew through out the years and rappers always make their songs and beat more creative. They also innovate and change the way on how they produce music. -Joseph Pamintuan

My name came from my dad. His name is joseph ryan, that is why they named me joseph adrian. They changed the second name to make it different. But it still rhymes though. Joseph means in hebrew " To add/give increase". Adrian means "sea" or "water" in latin. - Joseph Adrian Pamintuan

Hi i am joseph pamintuan, 17 years old. I have 3 siblings and I am the only boy. I always keep myself busy with the things i love doing. I usually do alot in a day, and i wont stop until i am contented. I love expressing my feelings and converting it into something useful and truthful.

Electronic Dance Music Music is now evolving and big in this generation. One of the best genre’s that people listen to nowadays is EDM. EDM is an Electronic Dance Music that is usually made by Dj’s. One of the most popular EDM producers right now is The Chainsmokers. The Chainsmokers is an American DJ duo that was formed in 2012 at New York City. One of the top hits by The Chainsmokers is “Roses” which was included in Billboards Top 100. Last July, they produced a new single called “Closer” which was also a great hit and they performed it in MTV Music Awards. And recently they released another single called “All We Know”. EDM is truly evolving, a lot of people listen’s to it while partying, dancing or just chilling. Surely EDM music will make a huge impact in our society. -Francis Kyle Parreno

"I liked it when she sang to me" On the nights that I couldn't fall asleep In times when I need her so close But she couldn't leave the house. I liked it when she sang to me On our trip to our favorite place Near the bay, where the air breezes freely On the same day she kissed my cheek. I liked it when she sang to me About how much she feels That she wanted to be with me And I knew for sure it was real. I liked it when she sang to me While I was sleeping on her shoulder When the world felt complete Because she told me she'd never leave. I liked it when she sang to me On the night when we fought I felt like she actually cared About what I felt, and what I did not. I liked it when she sang to me Her voice was as cool as can be And her melodies were perfect So I sang along with harmony. But as I was singing She suddenly stopped She looked at me awkwardly And decided to take off. I liked the way she sang to me. I liked it when it lasted. She took off and left me hanging. And when I saw her again She was singing I liked it when she sang But not when she sang for another man. She left me unwanted, unloved, without rhythm I never knew that all this time All of the songs she sang was for him. I was just her bestfriend. She never told me she loved me. She liked me that's for sure Like the way I liked it when she sang.. to me. -Hosanna Guerrero

Pentatonix is an American acappella group from Arlington, Texas consisting of five vocalists: Avi Kaplan, Scott Hoying, Kirstin Maldonado, Kevin Olusola, and Mitch Grassi. Their work is mostly in the pop style consists of covers of existing songs sometimes in the form of medleys along with their original material. Their music is defined by their own arrangement style, tight vocal harmonies, extensive vocal riffing, deep and steady vocal basslines, and a diverse range of vocal percussion and beatboxing. Pentatonix formed in 2011 and came to prominence the same year by winning the third season of The Sing-Off on NBC, their victory earning them $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music. After being dropped from Epic after The Sing-Off, the group formed their popular YouTube channel and distributed their music through Madison Gate Records, a small independent label owned by Sony Pictures that mainly distributes movie soundtracks. The group also makes effective use of social media to interact with their fan base. Having now eclipsed 10.5 million subscribers and more than 1.54 billion total views, Pentatonix's official YouTube channel is currently the 13th most subscribed music video channel and the 44th most subscribed channel overall, with their most viewed music video being a tribute to Daft Punk that has accumulated over 200 million views. -Reuben Deuna

"Amore" Variety show of Humss students that told a story on how music and fashion influenced courting in the Philippines through the years

ABC OF THE MIND A sneak peek of the coffee table book about the different psychological diseases and memorable psychologists that you should check out!!!

"My mom and my dad wanted a name that came from the Bible, and a name that starts with a letter “R”. Then we had a task to find out what our name means, my name means “behold a son” and I already got why that was the meaning, it's Jacob's first son out of twelve. I don't really tell this to people, I have a nickname. But I only tell it to the people I'm really close with since I have trust issues." - Reuben Deuna

I’m 16 turning 17 at the 10th of November, and I like to sing and play video games. I go to Marist School I’m in my 5th year of high school, the first batch of Senior High in my school. I’m also a member of the Marist High School Singes, a choir only exclusive for students in Marist and group of all boys. Recently we joined a competition called Voices in Harmony that held last October 2 at the Marian Auditorium in Miriam College. The competition has 2 rounds, the first round is the Elimination Round, there were 18 schools that participated in the competition and only 10 schools can qualify and fight at the finals night, and out of the 18 school that participated we got in the finals. Now we have to rehearse every day after school to get ready for the finals that will happen at the AFP theater in the 2nd of December.

"Elly" is usually associated with the word "noisy". She laughs randomly and like there's no tomorrow. She would sing as loud and as long as she wants. She could chatter for a week and still have something to tell. She inevitably shouts whenever she talks. She's the simplest definition of the word "noisy". But ironically she's the one that holds a lot of secrets most of which are not hers. Yes she is talkative but she knows her limits.

I have been a student of Marist School since grade 1 and now taking my senior high in Marist school also. This school has taught me so much and has given me numerous friends and experiences that shaped who I am today. I plan to finish my senior high here too and study my track related course, Humss. It may be hard but with a little perseverance and determination I can pass, graduate and finally become a lawyer

My name is Hosanna Guerrero. Writing about my feelings rather than voicing them out is one of the things I do a lot. I am now 17 years old and I am taking up HUMSS strand to be able to pursue my ambition in being a psychologist. Other than writing, I express myself through music and rough sketches. I can be creative sometimes, depending on my mood.

As a teenager I would describe myself just a normal teenager with lots of likes and hobbies in life. I am an adventurous person that loves to try things that I haven’t done before in my life. Im just a typical guy that loves to hang out with friends and have fun with them. One of my favorite things to do is dance. I enjoy dancing just how enjoy life, it makes me happy and removes all of my stress. On the bad side of me is that I have vices like drinking but I drink occasionally. I also like to make people laugh and I always smile. And one of the thing that I like about myself is that I have a long temper, for example if a person makes fun of me and crosses the line, I just act normal and pretend that it’s nothing to me because I’m not really an angry type of person that gets in a fight. Instead I just go with the flow and let a person do whatever he likes because I believe in karma. So that’s it.

Okay so "Elly" is far from my real name for my name really is "Khrishelle" so let me first tell a story onto how I got that name then i'll tell you where on earth I got "Elly" for a nickname. Since i'm the first born my parents wanted a name that would represent their love for each other and they thought that the best way for that to happen is to combine their names as one. "Khri" came from "Christopher"; my father's name. They changed the "C" to "k" for they thought that it would look better then "she" is from "Sheba" my mom's name. Of course you'll be wondering about the "lle" well they told me that it stands for "LoLa Elaine", my grandmother. They added it for me to remember to be thankful and look back to not only my parents but also to my grandparents for somehow I owe them my life just as much as I owe it to my parents. As promised the origin of "Elly". Well I hated my name idk why tho and I grew up as the clingy and childish member of the family so they address me as "khrishelly" to add some "cuteness" to it. Then just this summer I had a new mission in life which is to grow in and with God and to serve His church and His people. Come one Sunday our pastor preached about Jesus's disciples on how most of them have "eli" in their names. He said that "eli" means "God". So with my new mission and new school I wanted to have a new life. So I adapted "elly" to remind myself of that mission. 💕

The name I got which is Francis Kyle was thought wisely by my parents. The name Francis means Frenchman & in latin means “franciscus”. While Kyle means narrow, channel, straight in Scottish. At first my dad wants me to be a junior after him , but my mom disagreed so thought of a name from quite a time. Then after that it was the time I got my name. Besides my real name my parents used to call me, Sky when I was a kid. At first I didn't get why “Sky”, then my mom said “Yung S mo sa Francis tsaka KY sa Kyle”. Then after that I was like “Wow, okay.” But I don't like it when they call me Sky, because I feel that it doesn't fit me well. So they just called me Kyle when I got older until now. So that's the story of my name, well besides my family name. But that name is old because it's our family name and I don't know the story about it. That's all.

Kevin- Anglacized form of the Irish name Caoinhim, derived from the older irish Coengiem. Composed of the old irish elements Coem "kind, gentle, handsome" and gein "birth" Adrian- Form of the Latin given name Adriannus or Hadrianus. Its ultimate origin is most likely via the former river Adria from the Venetic and Illyrian word adur, meaning "sea" or "water"

Most people think it's okay for our health to sleep for no more than 5 hours well here's a little eye opener to those who love to keep their eyes open.

Money doesn't easily grow on trees and it's common for teenagers to spend more than what they should so here' a tip on how to save money 💰

My name “Hosanna” means praise, joy, adoration and it can be related to the word “alleluia”. My parents are Born-Again Christians, and so am I. My name came from the bible obviously. I asked my parents before if my name was unique, because I usually felt that I'm the only me in the whole world. Turns out that my mom searched for people who had the same name as mine, and to my relief, I wasn't the only one. Growing up with my name, I'm usually teased when my classmates practice their mass songs because somehow my name's in a song. Anyways, I grew up being used to being teased like that. I have a nickname “Shane” because it should have been my second name. So many people are usually shocked when I say that it isn't actually part of my name, should've been but wasn't. So this is the story of my name.