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@RichardDawkins same with the Muslims. All of them aren't terrorists don't you know. Some are 'moderates'

Space Elevators Are Totally Possible (If Someone Will Just Pay for It)

“This would of course all go a lot faster if we had, you know, money.”<p>"This would of course all go a lot faster if we had, you know, money."<p>That was the defining topic at this year's annual meeting of the International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) in Seattle last week, which saw scientists …

With a dip of the wing, we head out into the weekend.

Hatred is weaponizing Jesus: How violent evangelicals, faith-based con artists & serial abusers are using religion for the purpose of evil

In whatever Christian denomination you choose to look at, you’ll find despicable misdeeds left and right<p>I’ve decided that, at least in the United States, the religiously devout really do have the interests of rationalist nonbelievers at heart, at least as far as providing us with (a sick, unseemly …

Faith-fueled forces of hatred: Obama’s religion speech was troubling — but not for the reasons the right alleges

It’s not that religion gets twisted and misused for evil. The cruelty is embedded in the very texts<p>Every February at the Washington Hilton we witness a seemingly innocuous yet in fact troubling event that furthers hidebound traditions poisonous to our politics and inimical to our progress: the …

The Definitive Guide To Sherlock Holmes' London

Hot on the trail of the series and stories.<p>Explore more Sherlock locations with this guide to the whole UK.

How to Get to Tarragona from Barcelona

Tarragona is a popular day trip from Barcelona, particularly for its Roman ruins. Though there is an airport very close to Tarragona (<b>Reus Airport</b>) …


Travel to Madrid (Spain) HD


Places to Visit in Madrid

This time we come up with three varied and charming places which you are certainly going to enjoy: Principe de Anglona`s Garden, Quinta de Los …

Ten must-see attractions in Madrid

With all the things to do in Madrid, it can be tough trying to plan your itinerary, so we're here to help you narrow down your quest. Want to ooh and …

Charming places in Madrid

Charming places in Madrid. Visitors who come to Madrid always want to visit the city center as few cities have a street, square, palace or park as …

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We’re so lucky to have cars like these at Scottsdale Cars & Coffee

Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 vs. E30 BMW M3

Pay Attention To The Clatter: The Forbidden Mercedes Homologation Special Meets the Legendary BMW it Inadvertently Created.<p>Dense morning air caresses their exquisitely crafted bodies with passing clouds of condensation, a temporary fog on paintwork as reflective as an undisturbed pond. Rear …

BMW by Rupert Procter on Flickr

Z4 sunset by Chris Teagles on Flickr

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