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Harvest Green Smoothie

It is harvest time and we are working on ways to not only preserve the harvest but also to use up nature's bounty while it is nice and fresh. Green …


Green Smoothie Recipe for Babies and Toddlers

If you have a baby or toddler and are ready to introduce them to the lovely world of green smoothies then keep reading. If you are an adult who's …


Clean Eating Peanut Butter Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies are an absolutely fabulous way to get tons of nutrition, even when you’re in a hurry. Plus, smoothies can be healthy AND sinfully delicious!


25 Clean Eating Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

Start your morning off right with one of these delicious smoothies!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s important to pack as many …

Healthy Eating

Clean Eating Blueberry Smoothie Recipe

This delicious smoothie is a nutrient packed way to start your morning! But it can also double as a snack-on-the-go, or even a healthy dessert! Pour …


Clean Eating "Good Morning Sunshine" Smoothie Recipe

Since giving up dairy, I have to say my life has changed considerably. My food cravings have vanished, my skin is clearing up and I no longer have …


Clean Eating Peanut Butter Pomegranate Smoothie Recipe

This recipe came from my mom. We’ve been staying with her a lot lately while I write my next cookbook, and she loves to make healthy smoothies for …


Clean Eating Strawberry Daiquiri Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry Daiquiris are and old time favorite. I avoid them these days unless it’s a very special occasion, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still …


Clean Eating Chocolate Cranberry Smoothie Recipe

Every year, I stock up on fresh cranberries. I keep them in my freezer and enjoy them for as long as possible into the new year. This is a habit I …


Clean Eating Cherry Beet Smoothie Recipe

I think I’ve mentioned, I don’t like beets.

I’ve never liked beets.

I want to like beets.

I continue to cook beets in the hopes that I will learn to like …


Clean Eating Kid's Persimmon Smoothie Recipe

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a recipe specifically for the kiddos. But Mini Chef has been fighting a cold lately and I wanted to get a few …


Clean Eating Cranberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

Did you know that it’s recently been proven that cranberries have the most antioxidants of any fruit? These little goodies are a nutritional …


Clean Eating Fresh Cranberry Green Smoothie Recipe

One of my great joys during the holiday season is stocking up on fresh cranberries.

While most of us are used to getting our cranberries from a can or …


Clean Eating Spicy Sweet Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

Few things in life are as good as biting into a sweet, ripe, plump strawberry.

California benefits from having a long strawberry season that spans 7-9 …


Clean Eating Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal Smoothie Recipe

This is the closest you’ll ever get to drinking pumpkin pie.

And the nice thing is that the oats will keep you full for hours! I promise!

I’ve really …


Clean Eating Green Tea Mango Smoothie Recipe

For those of you joining me in the upcoming No Sugar Challenge, you might already know that you are supposed to drink one, nutrient dense smoothie per …


Clean Eating Lemon Buttermilk Smoothie Recipe

Being a mom is not for sissies. In fact, had anybody told me before I had Mini Chef just how difficult it could be and how much it could try a girl’s …


Clean Eating Green Lemon Pineapple Smoothie Recipe

I swiped this recipe.

True story.

I was shopping at Costco and had gone in for Pull-Ups only. But on my way to the register, I got sidetracked by the …


Clean Eating Triple Berry Watermelon Smoothie Recipe

Some smoothies I do specifically to get some good nutrition into my day. Others, I do just to enjoy something refreshing. This definitely falls into …


My Liquid Gold Smoothie Recipe

Wanted to share my easy but super beautifying Liquid Gold Smoothie with you I’ve been making very often here in Puerto Rico.


Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Shake

A little bit of cinnamon makes this healthy breakfast shake extra delicious.


Raspberry Banana Chia Smoothie Recipe

The day after we got back to Raleigh last week, I woke up with tonsils so swollen, I could barely swallow water, a non-stop hacking cough and I …


Kale-Ginger Detox Smoothie

Photos by Rikki Snyder

Hi there! I’m Julia from The Roasted Root, and this is my very first post on Oh My Veggies! I am thrilled to be joining …



GUEST POST:Minus the occasional Dirty Chai, I am not much of a coffee drinker. It stains my teeth, makes me shaky, & the crash when it fades is never

Healthy Eating

The best ever Nutribullet breakfast smoothie recipes

We've asked the experts - including Deliciously Ella, Madelaine Shaw and the Hemsleys - for smoothies that can be whizzed up in a Nutribullet for a quick and healthy breakfast

The Nutribullet has quickly become one of the nation's favourite kitchen devices: it was a best-seller last Christmas, with


Mighty Mango Acai Bowl

Meet my new favorite smoothie in a bowl- the Mighty Mango Acai Bowl. Packed with acai pulp, mango chunks, banana, avocado, and spinach, you’ll love …


The Smoothie That Will Make You Love Kale

Green smoothies can be intimidating. I never dreamed of drinking any smoothie other than my go-to strawberry-banana, but then I discovered the beauty …


6 Steps to Turn a Basic Bitch Smoothie into a Smoothie Bowl

As the cold winter months and the stress of finals compromise our immune systems, a chorus of sniffles and coughs can be heard almost anywhere on …


Smoothie Bowls: Your New Favorite Breakfast

Until recently, I'd never heard of a smoothie bowl. But then several of the new spring cookbooks that came across my desk had recipes for smoothie …