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Omelette with goat's cheese and soft green herbs

Simple, delicious and on the table in no time, this summer omelette is a good vehicle for goat's cheese, feta or ricotta

This is a great way to use up the last bits of a few bunches of herbs. My favourite combination is basil, mint, dill and tarragon.




• 4 free-range, organic eggs

• 2 …


Spinach and lemon polpette

A healthy vegetarian version of Italian meatballs, made with spinach, lentils, breadcrumbs and a pinch of nutmeg

These are lovely, light “polpette” to serve with spaghetti and a quick tomato sauce. If you want a lighter meal, they are great with quinoa and green salad.




• 250g spinach


Avocado, tahini and olive flatbreads

A delicious twist on avocado toast - throw in black olives, a squeeze of fresh orange, tahini and toasted cumin seeds for a refreshing light snack

This is one of my new favourite lunches. Often I double the recipe and serve the avocado smash in bowls with home-made tortilla chips for a …

Food (UK)

The New Way to Make Caprese Salad - Bon Appétit

July 28, 2015 /

Written by Elyssa Goldberg

Every once in a while, we eat a restaurant dish so sublime that we order another plate seconds after taking the first bite. At St. Anselm in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, ordering two of the Grilled Tomato and Burrata appetizers is the pro move. Hot and cold, …


Eggplant-Mozzarella Melt

Under 30 Minutes

Grill any extra eggplant slices and use them for making dips or spreads (such as baba ghanoush), or add them to salads.

Photography: David Malosh

Source: Martha Stewart Living


4 slices eggplant, each about 1 inch thick, cut crosswise from thickest part of 1 large eggplant
• 1 …


Clean Eating 101: Lessons + Recipes from Chef Candice Kumai

“Clean eating” is one of those phrases that’s thrown around a lot these days, but there isn’t just one diet that really nails it. It’s like saying you want to “eat healthy” — for some people that’s just managing portion control, and for others it’s signing up for a Beyoncé-approved vegan …

Healthy Eating

Salsa Roja Asada

For the best char, preheat your pan for at least five minutes. (And you might want to open a window—it’s going to be smoky.)

Heat a dry medium cast-iron skillet over medium-high heat. Cook tomatoes, onion, and chile, turning occasionally, until tomatoes are softened and all vegetables are blistered …


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Tofu and mushroom stroganoff – vegan recipe

Stroganoff – just the mere mention of it makes you feel warm and cozy. I had been using the same vegan stroganoff recipe for about 20 years and felt it was time for an update! This version is full of creamy and heavenly mushroom flavour, with hints of white wine and thyme. Lightly sautéed strips of …

Vegan Recipes

Tomato Basil Salad with Seasoned Tofu

It’s no secret that I love tofu. In fact, it just might be my number 1 favourite food. It’s so versatile, I just want to use it in everything (and I …


Butter Bean Ragout

Customize it: Use carrot instead of celery root and any other white bean (gigante, cannellini) you like.

Place beans in a large heavy pot and add cold water to cover by 1". Bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover pot, and simmer, occasionally skimming surface, until beans are tender enough to be easily …


Grilled Eggplant and Tomatoes with Ginger-Miso Dressing

A clean, well-oiled grate makes grilling tomatoes a cinch.

ingredient info

White miso, also known as shiro miso, is available at Japanese markets, natural foods stores, and in the refrigerated Asian foods section of some supermarkets.


Blend ginger, miso, vinegar, sesame seeds, 1 Tbsp. oil, …


10 High-Protein Breakfasts Without a Drop of Dairy

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10 High-Protein Breakfasts Without a Drop of Dairy

Eating breakfast — and definitely not …


The Easiest and Most Satisfying Salad You'll Make This Summer


This salad is all about the veggies, more like a salsa-meets-salad without a traditional dressing. But if you prefer your salad dressed, whip up …


Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Quinoa Veggie Burger With Roasted Peppers

• Preheat oven to 400°F. Bake the sweet potato for 45-60 minutes or until soft.
• While the sweet potato is baking, cook the quinoa and barley in separate …


A Salad That's Sweet, Sour & Smoky

Salad shouldn't be an obligation or an afterthought—and it doesn't always have to be kale, either. Every other Thursday, Elizabeth Stark from Brooklyn Supper will help you make salads you actually want to eat.

Today: This isn't your typical charred corn salad.

My impetus behind placing whole citrus …


Eating clean: homemade cauliflower pizza with roasted vegetables and pesto – recipe

In theory pizza shouldn’t be all that unhealthy - it can be topped with plenty of fresh veg and it’s baked in the oven. Where you run into trouble is with a greasy base and lashings of oily cheese. But make your base out of blitzed cauliflower, and replace cheese with pesto, and suddenly your pizza …


Summery soups for a simple packed lunch

Though we’re all for a jacket potato heaving with the holy trinity of butter, beans‘n’cheese, sometimes we want our lunches to be lighter at this time of year; less snooze-inducing. Soup is the perfect answer, and another benefit is there’s no better vessel for cramming in all the amazing veg …


Deliciously Ella's creamy coconut porridge

An energy-boosting breakfast of oats mixed with coconut milk, almond butter and banana, that's ready in 10 minutes




• 1 cup water

• ⅓ cup of oats

• 4 tbsp coconut milk

• 1 banana, sliced

• 1 tbsp almond butter

• 1 tbsp coconut oil

• 1 tbsp maca powder for an extra energy boost …


Herby Black Rice Salad with Radishes and Ricotta Salata

If you're camping, make the rice before you leave and pack the vinaigrette in a little jar on the side. You’ll thank us, Scout’s honor.


Combine oil and vinegar in a small airtight container; cover and shake well. Season with salt and pepper.

Do Ahead: Vinaigrette can be made 3 days ahead; …


Tomato-Peach Salad with Tofu Cream

No one will know this umami-packed creamy dressing is made with tofu; they’ll just think it’s delicious.

Blend tofu, 2 Tbsp. vinegar, 1 Tbsp. oil, and 1 Tbsp. soy sauce in a blender until light and smooth; season tofu cream with salt.

Whisk remaining 3 Tbsp. oil, 2 Tbsp. vinegar, and 1 Tbsp. soy …


HNGN's Daniela Ameruoso Demontrates How to Make A Delicious Vegan Mushroom Burger

Vegan Recipes

Smashed Chickpeas with Pita

This easy salad has all the flavors of a falafel without the deep-frying. Add a little feta if your kid prefers.

Mash about three-quarters of the chickpeas with a fork in a medium bowl. Stir in oil, cilantro, parsley, lemon juice, and cumin. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with pita wedges and …


Easy Greek Yogurt Potato Salad

Tangy, thick Greek yogurt stands in for mayonnaise in this healthy potato salad. Green beans and tomatoes add extra fiber and a nice crunch and …


Savory Breakfast Quinoa Bowl Recipe

There’s something extra satisfying about a savory breakfast, and this quick recipe will give you plenty of energy to start the day. Swap out your …


Spring radish and tomato salad

This fresh, simple radish and tomato salad with yoghurt is a perfect summer recipe

My mum would start making this salad in April–May when the first cucumbers would come out. Prickly, gnarled, filling the air with an intense aroma, the smell of Ukrainian cucumbers freshly picked from our allotment …


Keep Those Resolutions In Check with Our Spaghetti Squash “Pasta”

How are those New Year’s resolutions holding up? Have you been working out more? Eating healthier? Whether you’re on- or off-track with your 2014 goals, we’re here to help… with dinner! Spaghetti squash is in season and it’s a great low-carb, low-calorie, and gluten-free alternative to pasta. We’re …


New Recipe: Acai Almond-Coconut Crunch Snacks

In the summer we tend to always be on the go. Since it is often much warmer during the summer months, we can take advantage of being outdoors more …

Sparrow Tavern's Veggie Burger . $3.75 for 8

Using hands, heavily mix all ingredients except oil until it forms one cohesive mixture. The mixture should not feel “wet” but rather very thick and …