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Here's How Coffee Fans React When Starbucks Takes a Drink Off the Menu

It's important to remember these Frappuccinos and the lives they touched.

There are two types of angry Starbucks fans: The first has had their drink completely discontinued. The second feels mad about a seasonal drink that gets taken away without a warning. For both types of fans, it's personal. …


Booming coffee market moves into consolidation phase

The retail coffee sector is estimated to be worth $3.2 billion a year. Photo: Christopher Pearce

One of the last remaining legal drugs, and a …


Starbucks signs agreement with Chinese Tingyi to expand in China's $6B RTD coffee category.

Starbucks and Chinese leading food and beverage producer Tingyi Holding Corp announced they have entered into an agreement to manufacture and expand …


Sydney overtaking Melbourne as Australia’s coffee king capital

Australia’s fondness for fresh coffee has been growing at the same time that instant coffee has been on the wane.

According to data released by Roy …


Nitro coffee hits the market

A Connecticut business is surprising customers with each pour.

Peaberry's Café in Simsbury, Connecticut, is providing its customers with a nitro brew …


How about a ‘Birthday Cake Frappuccino’ in lieu of your coffee?

AUSTIN (KXAN) — If you love a Starbucks Frappuccino®, then you might want to brace yourself for a new flavor they’re debuting to commemorate …


Baristas ‘throw down’ tonight at Oceana Coffee in Tequesta | Feast Palm Beach

An Oceana latte. (Richard Graulich / The Palm Beach Post)

Baristas take their foam art as seriously as coffee lovers take their java. And this will be …


Would you like some dialog with your coffee?

The slide or avalanche towards truth-as-I see-it continues unabated. We have become an "as if" culture built around a subjective view of reality as …


Caffeine: The Buzz That Keeps Us Coming Back

March is Caffeine Awareness Month, and – depending on what and who you read – it’s either time to up your coffee intake or drop it altogether in favor of fruit smoothies or herbal tea.

Caffeine – though certainly not the most flashy – is possibly the world’s most popular psychoactive drug. People …


11 Starbucks Hacks for Coffee Lovers

What are some favorite Starbucks hacks?: originally appeared on Quora: The best answer to any question. Ask a question, get a great answer. Learn from experts and access insider knowledge. You can follow Quora on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Answer by Josh Whittington, 4-year Barista

I worked in


Vietnamese Iced Coffee

• Pour some sweetened condensed milk into a glass. Personally, I like this drink very sweet. I'd start with 2 tablespoons and see how you like it.
• Boil …

Iced Coffee

cold brewed coffee + the mornings now

My heart seems to belong to coffee. It hasn't always been quite like this. My days used to start so early with a big, cozy mug of tea, some reading, …

Cold Brew

Coffee’s True Effects and Benefits – Ending the Controversy

Coffee, the beloved warm elixir known for it’s life giving properties. Were it not for this humble bean most of us would be walking around like brain …


3 Drinks Give You Liver Cancer, But Coffee Protects

Researchers looking at the causes of liver cancer say they've narrowed down just how much alcohol you have to drink to risk giving yourself the disease: three drinks a day.

But coffee seems clearly to protect people from liver cancer, which killed 746,000 people globally in 2012.

Other risks, …


Trappist Monks Are Trying to Save Venezuela's Dying Coffee Industry

Brother Juan gives me a tour of the coffee farm while he texts his milk guy. He’s ordering 20 liters of black market dairy because even in the isolated, Roman Catholic Trappist monastery in the mountains above Mérida, Venezuela, the ten monks who live here function the same way most Venezuelans do. …


Storing coffee? Step away from the fridge

Coffee beans may look good out on display but they should be stored in a dark, airtight environment. Photo: Sahlan Hayes

Australians might be regulars …

Coffee Beans

Starbucks to Offer Birthday Cake-Flavored Frappuccino for 5 Days; Frozen Drink Turns 20!

Happy 20th birthday to Starbucks' frappucinos.

By Sandra Weyant | Mar 25, 2015 04:57 PM EDT

Starbucks is offering a birthday cake-flavored Frappuccino …


Choosing the Right Grind

In order to make a delicious coffee beverage whole bean coffee must be ground into smaller particles to unlock flavor potential. Choosing the proper …


What is Specialty Coffee? - Encyclopedia Arabica | Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) uses the term "specialty coffee" to define the highest-quality green coffee beans roasted to their …

Coffee Beans

Coffee Evaluation - Encyclopedia Arabica | Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters

Cupping was developed as a means of systematically evaluating a coffee. There are certain charactaristics which distinguish coffee and a “tasting …


Keurig has revealed a new recyclable K-Cup

Keurig has released a recyclable coffee pod after widespread criticism that its K-Cups are bad for the environment.

The company has released a travel-sized pod that works with the Keurig 2.0 system.

The "K-Mug" pods are "made from polypropylene plastic, and can be separated from the lid and filter …


The Right Way to Drink Green Tea

Green tea may boost your weight-loss efforts, but you need to make sure you’re using it right

Peak riding season is right around the corner, and many of us are making last-ditch efforts to reach our ideal weight before our goals start to creep up. Green tea is a popular hydration choice for cyclists …


How to Drink Green Tea

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Three Parts:Drinking Green TeaHaving Green Tea with a MealBrewing and Serving Green Tea

Green tea is more than just a hot, green liquid. …


A Coffee “Bean” is Not Actually a Bean

Today I found out a Coffee bean is not actually a bean, rather it is a seed. Now I know you are saying to yourself right now, “Aren’t beans seeds and …

Coffee Beans

Starbucks Announces End Of Program Encouraging Baristas To Discuss Race

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced Sunday that employees will no longer write “Race Together” on coffee cups. He also said the program had “originally planned” to end Sunday.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz announced Sunday that baristas will stop writing “Race Together” on coffee cups.

Less than a …


5 Predictions About the Future of Coffee | FWx

FWx took the stage at last weekend's South by Southwest Interactive conference to explore the future of coffee technology, with F&W Deputy Digital Editor Lawrence Marcus leading a session featuring Counter Culture's Meister and Invergo inventor Cameron Hughes. The future, as it turns out, is bright …

Coffee Beans

World Barista Championship

2014 World Barista Champion, Hidenori Izaki, Japan

The World Barista Championship (WBC) is the preeminent international coffee competition produced …


Exploring Traditions in Milan’s Café Scene

La Marzocco’s Scott Callender Reflects on His Time Spent Living Within Milan’s Café SceneBY JON SHADEL
World travelers in …


Coffee Grind Time and Caffeine: Is There a Connection?

Coffee Grind Time and Caffeine: Is There a Connection? New Research Says Yes!

Or Alternate Title “42: The secret to life, the universe and a strong …

Coffee Beans