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How to use Canvas with D3 for data visualization

There’s a good chance you stumbled here not even really knowing what Canvas is or D3 stands for, so before we dive in, let’s take a minute to do a …

Data Visualization

Portfolio Optimization Using Excel Solver: Part 2

<i>Portfolio Optimization Using Excel & Solver</i> (Pic Credits: Pixabay)<p><b>RECAP</b><p>In the last article “Portfolio Optimization Using Excel & Solver: Part 1” we …

Data Science

Portfolio Optimization Using Excel Solver: Part 1

<i>In this series named “Portfolio Optimization Using Excel Solver”, we would be covering various aspects of a multi-asset portfolio optimization. Part</i> …

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Dependent DropDown Menus In Excel

This article is about creating <b>dependent or nested dropdown menu in excel</b>. What we are going to do is, creating these:<p>from our raw data as shown below:<p>…

Visual Design

Backtesting a financial strategy - Quick Demo in Python!

Backtesting a financial strategy, once a rare skill has now become relatively easy..thanks to numerous new applications and software advancements in …

Python Programming