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“We need you to go there straight away” : life in the emergency unit in DRC | Doctors without borders

“20,000 people displaced from the east and heading this way . . . We need to investigate this as a priority.’’<p>I’m staring at the laptop screen, …

Doctors Without Borders

Syria: Aleppo Suffers Under Siege and Hospital Attacks

Hospitals are buckling under the pressure from attacks and dwindling supplies in eastern Aleppo, Syria, the international medical humanitarian …


International Activity Report 2015

External restrictions like the blockade were not the only hurdles faced by Yemenis in need of urgent medical assistance this year: within an …


Wading Through Death on the Mediterranean

The Emotional Recovery of 22 Bodies on a Boat<p><i>Dr. Erna Rijnierse is a</i> <i>Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)</i> <i>physician on board the</i> …


Yemen: Dialysis Treatment at a Breaking Point

<b>SANA’A, YEMEN/NEW YORK, JULY 26, 2016—</b>The ongoing war and import restrictions in Yemen are taking a heavy toll on the country’s medical system, …


When a migrant’s desperate journey becomes a deadly journey

Watch Video | Listen to the Audio<b>HARI SREENIVASAN:</b> Finally tonight, our Desperate Journey series continues.They died horrible deaths. The identities …

Doctors Without Borders

Everyone Has Stories | Doctors without borders

It is easy to come here as an international staff member and to make quick judgements, to criticize what we see and to be quick to want to make …

Doctors Without Borders

Central Mediterranean: MSF Physician Recounts Finding Deaths at Sea

<i>Dr. Erna Rijnierse is an MSF physician onboard the search and rescue vessel the MV Aquarius, which is run in partnership between MSF and SOS</i> …


For child migrants, the desperate journey to freedom is especially dangerous

Watch Video | Listen to the Audio<b>JUDY WOODRUFF:</b> But, first: Latest figures from Save the Children show that nearly 13,000 children have been rescued …



“Libya is a very dangerous place. There are a lot of armed people. People are killed and kidnappings are common. Arriving in Tripoli, we were locked …

East Africa

MSF Calls for Medical Evacuation of Syrian War-Wounded into Northern Jordan

<b>AMMAN, JORDAN</b>—War-wounded Syrians must be evacuated through Jordan’s sealed northern border, the international medical humanitarian organization …


Doctors Without Borders to Illustrate Global Refugee Crisis With Interactive Exhibit

<b>“Forced From Home” Will Tour New York, Washington, D.C., Boston, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia</b><p><b>NEW YORK, JULY 18, 2016</b> <i>—</i>The international medical …

Doctors Without Borders

Fighting HIV In Two High-Risk Groups: Sex Workers And Truck Drivers

She's a sex worker. She's clutching a glass of beer. She's drunk and can barely stand up.<p>She triumphantly declares she's going to sleep with 20 men tonight.<p>The woman is one of the many sex workers in the city of Beira in Mozambique — and one of the targets of a new pilot program set up by Doctors …


CAR: Providing Much-Needed HIV/AIDS Treatment in Bangui

<i>Just three months after starting a new project offering treatment for advanced HIV/AIDS in support of the Hôpital Communautaire in Bangui, Central</i> …


A Photographer’s Portrait of the World’s Youngest Country

We talk to photographer Dominic Nahr about his time documenting South Sudan.<p>Six years ago, Dominic Nahr arrived in southern Sudan to document the culmination of a half-century struggle for independence. In 2011, South Sudan, the world’s newest country, was born. Nahr, a Swiss photojournalist based …


An Australian changing and saving lives in Kabul

Long before Dr Katherine Franklin studied medicine in Melbourne, she dreamed of humanitarian work.She even chose her speciality, paediatrics, in the …

Australian News

South Sudan: "Our Patients are Telling Us Terrible Stories"

<i>Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams are responding to medical needs in Juba following recent intense fighting in the city.</i> …


Doctors Without Borders Launches MapSwipe App to Help Crisis Areas

<b>LONDON/NEW YORK, JULY 15, 2016 —</b> The international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) today …


A Life-Saving Drone Takes Off In Rwanda

San Francisco's Zipline International reinvented the drone to distribute medical supplies in rural Africa.<p>The first company to start making drone deliveries at a high volume won’t be Amazon or DHL, but a startup sending medical supplies to hospitals throughout Rwanda.<p>San Francisco–based Zipline …


Big drugmakers are gouging refugee children, group says

Doctors Without Borders says pneumonia vaccine in Greece costs 20 times what it does in other countries

Doctors Without Borders

Telemedicine saves lives in disaster zones


BBC World Service - Click, MSF’s MapSwipe to the Rescue

On Friday 15 July Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) launches its first mobile phone app, ‘MapSwipe’ in which people across the globe can locate communities in remote parts of the world affected by national disasters, disease outbreaks or conflicts. Users choose a crisis affected part of the world they …


Virtual reality: Aid groups play with idea that it could prompt more to care – and give

Virtual reality videos that allow viewers to take an immersive tour of Syrian refugee camps or interact with Burundian refugees in Tanzania is the …

Doctors Without Borders

DRC: Saving Lives With Remote Mapping

<b>For a measles vaccination campaign to be successful, 95 percent of the people within the area need to be vaccinated in order to stop the spread of</b> …


Doctors Without Borders Testing 3D Printing, VR to Deploy and Design Hospitals

Doctors Without Borders

MSF Telemedicine Brings Care to Patients in Remote Areas

<b>Telemedicine helps to bridge gap between remote areas and large hospitals, links patients with specialists across the globe.</b><p>Friday at 9 a.m. Daniel …



More stories by MSF<p>No more medical care in Leer<p>Ndi Mliri Kolera**<p>Central African …

Nelson Mandela

Greece: MSF Denounces High Price of Vaccines for Refugee Children

<b>ATHENS/NEW YORK, JULY 14, 2016 —</b> Pharmaceutical companies are making it exorbitantly expensive to vaccinate vulnerable children, the international …


Dozens have starved to death in besieged Madaya, say NGOs

About 86 people have died in a year-long government siege of the Syrian town of Madaya, including 65 from starvation and malnutrition, two non-governmental organisations said.<p>The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) said the Syrian government’s “stranglehold” …

UN Security Council

Doctors travel a dangerous road to help ease the horrors of war-torn Aleppo, Syria

Along a stretch of two-lane highway outside Syria’s embattled city of Aleppo, government snipers, artillery and airstrikes can target everything that moves.<p>Drivers traverse it at high speed, slowing only to swerve around bomb craters.<p>Parts of the road are protected by earthen berms or heaps of old …