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A century on, why are we forgetting the deaths of 100 million?

This year marks a century since some women got the vote; a century since the end of the first world war; 50 years since the 1968 revolts; 70 since the founding of Israel and the NHS. All have been well marked. So it is striking that the centenary of one of the most devastating events in human …


Police: Shooter at Oklahoma restaurant killed - CNN Video

An armed citizen gunned down a shooter at an Oklahoma City restaurant on Thursday, killing him, police said.

Turner Broadcasting

'It's a f---ing circus': Experts are floored that White House officials attended highly classified briefings about the Russia probe

<i>Sign up for the latest Russia investigation updates here »</i><p>The president's chief of staff and the White House counsel attended a classified briefing Thursday with top Justice Department officials and lawmakers about an investigation into the president and his associates — and the events have floored …

Donald Trump

An old 1930s home gets a modern makeover into a cozy beach cabin

Seattle-based architecture firm Olson Kundig is no stranger to cabin design, having completed many beautiful retreats across the Pacific Northwest. …


'Not your f-ing country': Fremont woman's racist tirade against Asian-American goes viral

In a now-viral Facebook video, a Fremont woman can be seen going on a racist tirade against a Korean-American Air Force veteran during a road rage incident.<p>James Ahn, the target of the woman's rage, videotaped the tail end of the woman's rant and posted it to Facebook on May 21, where it has …

License Plates

The best solo hikes in North America

Solitude with a view<p>Why set off on a hike all by yourself? Some solo trekkers are chasing a sense of meditative quietness, while others seek the …

North America

The latest outbreak of a deadly virus has scientists racing to create a vaccine

The Nipah virus outbreak in southern India this week has prompted the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), a global alliance of governments and non-profits, to step up efforts to find a cure for the deadly disease.<p>The virus has claimed the lives of at least 12 people over the …

Public Health

The strangest (and tastiest) ways people drink coffee around the world

Americans love coffee – and for good reason. It reportedly has a host of health benefits (that is, if it doesn’t cause cancer); in some ways, it …


Woman fights off grizzly bear, then walks to safety

<b>A 28-year-old woman walked away with a fractured skull after managing to fight off a grizzly bear in the US state of Montana.</b><p>Amber Kornak had just started her dream job researching the fearsome animals when she was mauled by one on a remote mountain range this month.<p>She managed to fend off the …


What Are the Seven Wonders of the World?

We've all heard of the Seven Wonders of the World, but what are they exactly and where do they come from? To get to the origins of the original “must-see” list, we need to go back to Ancient Greece. Called <i>themata</i>—Greek for “things to see”—the list came about from writers of guidebooks and …

Ancient History

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Neuroscientists Finally Have Good News for People Who Sleep in on Weekends

The consequences of chronic weekend exhaustion may be reversible.<p>We all suffer from too little sleep. Maybe you stayed up until 3:00 A.M. swiping on …


Researchers shed light on immune response in diseased corals

Researchers at The University of Texas at Arlington have found a correlation between a strong immune response in diseased corals and a lower …


400 million year-old evolutionary arms race helps researchers understand HIV

Understanding the evolution of a 400 million-year-old anti-viral protein that first emerged in marine life, is helping researchers get the upper-hand …


Virus trained to destroy ovarian cancer by Cardiff University

<b>Scientists have "trained" a virus to recognise ovarian cancer cells - and destroy them.</b><p>Reprogrammed viruses are already used in gene therapy to treat diseases.<p>But the research team led by Cardiff University says this one can do its work without affecting healthy cells.<p>They hope treatment could be a …


Stockton Businessman Sentenced to 90 Days House Arrest in Statutory Rape of 5-Year-Old Girl

A longtime Stockton businessman was sentenced Wednesday to just 90 days of house arrest and five years of informal probation after pleading no …


Team makes breakthrough in synthetic genome rearrangement

A synthetic biology team at Tianjin University (TJU) has reported new methods and strategies for genome rearrangement and accelerated the evolution …

York University

The Roman dead: new techniques are revealing just how diverse Roman Britain was

Our knowledge about the people who lived in Roman Britain has undergone a sea change over the past decade. New research has rubbished our perception …


These Lynx Yelling at Each Other Sound Like People, And It's Hilarious

Cats can be so dramatic.<p>A video recently captured in Ontario, Canada shows a truly rare sight: two Canada lynx, yowling their furry little faces off …


Convicted Serial Killer, Former Marine Found Guilty of Murdering 5 Southern California Women

A 53-year-old serial killer was found guilty on Wednesday of murdering five women across Southern California in the late '80s and early '90s, …