Michael Phillips Moskowitz

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Cecily Brown - September 6 - October 12, 2013 - Images

Be Nice to the Big Blue Sea
, 2013
Oil on linen
109 x 171 inches (276.9 x 434.3 cm)

Photo by Robert McKeever

Beverly Hills

Inequality For All Official Trailer 1 (2013) - Robert Reich Documentary HD

On Design, Rationality, and Ethics • Jeremy Philip Galen

For a while I’ve wondered why exactly an experience with good design should be satisfying. You could say that when something is well designed it …


“V Magazibe's bold riposte against the disambiguation of 'punk'”

Timeline Photos

“On hair salons and smoke machines”

Let Us Now Praise Infamous Men

The male hero, once in ample supply, has entered a period of steady decline, and today our most iconic men are more likely to inspire cynicism than reverence.

If you were to take an inventory of prominent men today, you might wonder what’s become of the male icon. Once minted in steady supply from …

Julian Assange

Frances Ha - Official Theatrical Trailer

NASA Confirms: Yes, Voyager Has Exited The Solar System

Boldly going where no probe has gone before, the craft became the first man-made object to leave the Milky Way.

Pushing the frontier of space exploration, Voyager became the first man-made object to leave the solar system. NASA confirmed Thursday that the spacecraft left the solar system more than a …

Black Rubber Beach House

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Beach Houses

20 Years Later, CEO Finds The Sunny Side Of James Franco Egging His House

How Bureau of Trade's Michael Phillips Moskowitz turned a childhood humiliation into a creative marketing opportunity.

More than 20 years ago, the actor James Franco allegedly egged a house in Palo Alto. What appears to be his apology letter for this act resurfaced on Wednesday in a newsletter for a …

"Manga Generator" Uses The Kinect To Put Your Smooth Moves In A Custom Comic

It should be so easy to get in a manga: A Kinect gauges the "mood" of your pose and adds dramatic dashes and energy bolts as it puts you square in your own comic adventure.

Smartphone apps that turn photos into manga-style black and white pics are all the rage in Japan, but they don’t offer much …

Mercedes-Benz at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

Frankfurt Motor Show

“Periodic tailoring @ Gresham Blake”

"Perhaps Culture is Now the Counterculture"

A Defense of the Humanities

On May 19, New Republic literary editor Leon Wieseltier spoke at the commencement ceremony of Brandeis University,


Zealot by Reza Aslan, review

After a ham-fisted Fox News interview sent Reza Aslan's Life of Jesus to the top of the Amazon chart, Nicholas Blincoe asks what we really know about Christianity's founder.

The success of Colm Tóibín’s The Testament of Maryproved that there is a market for literary re-imaginings of Christ’s life. …

See Your Life Story Told In Pop-Hued Charts

The new app Mem:o turns your personal data—expenses, push-ups, rehearsal time—into artful graphics, giving you the digital equivalent of a gold star.

Sometime around 2007, the notion of the quantified self started to solidify its place in tech and popular culture. Now, there’s a veritable buffet of …

“Lyre, lyre, pants on fire #cityofdavid #jerusalem”