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Kale Chips

I bet a lot of people never saw this recipe ever coming from me. I’ve expressed multiple times my dislike for kale in every form that I had tried it. …


Masala Chai Tea

Lets take a moment to talk about the value of a good cup of tea. Just like a good cup of coffee brewed by a fine barista, tea is one of those things …


Thai Jicama Salad

To be more accurate in terms of tradition, this salad would typically use green papaya. Unfortunately it’s a lot more difficult to find than I …


Rooibos Poached Apricots with Thyme

If you’ve never had poached apricots then I feel really sorry for you. You’ve never truly enjoyed an apricot until you’ve poached it. The magic …


Screen Door Breakfast Hush Puppies - The Washington Post

For the hush puppies: Line a plate with paper towels.

Cook the bacon in a large skillet over medium-low heat, allowing the fat to render completely, until crisped and browned. Transfer to the paper-towel-lined plate to drain and cool. Cut into 1/4-inch slices to yield 1/2 packed cup.

Meanwhile, whisk …


Slow Cooker Roast Chicken And Gravy

In the past, I’ve always had crappy results when I’ve tried to cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker. The bird would always be overcooked, stringy, …


34 Alternative Noodle Recipes That Pasta Fanatics Will Love

Noodles make whipping up a quick meal easy and tasty—they require virtually no Iron Chef America skills since it’s just boil water, cook pasta, drain, and add sauce. And they can adapt to any cuisine by simply changing the toppings. But sometimes you want to give your body a break from all of that …


The Offal-Eater’s Handbook: Untangling the Myths of Organ Meats

In Rome it goes by the name of "quinto quarto" — the so-called fifth quarter of the animal, comprising the offal and other variety meats. Concealed …

Milan Expo 2015: Entertainment and (Some) Food for Thought

The first impression is, of course, quite overwhelming: from the start, the crowds waiting in line, the grand main boulevard, and the spectacular pavilions convey that we are witnessing a unique event. Despite the construction delays, lack of organization and, unfortunately, corruption, which …


Banana Nut Porridge

I am in the midst of my first Whole30 challenge as a reset for the year and to overcome my slight addiction to Paleo treats. I actually make more …


Mandarin-Glazed Carrots

Sweet mandarin oranges are a great match for carrots in this flavorful side dish. Consider doubling the recipe for a holiday crowd. It’s terrific at …


Bracing for a Food Fight: High Tech vs. Slow Food

Eat real food. This is the advice of a thousand health advocates at a thousand typewriters in a thousand books. The problem is definitional: What is real food?

A thinking person can weed out the obvious imposters created by corporations who aren’t overwhelmingly concerned about public health or …


Nama Chocolate Recipe

Nutrition Facts

Servings Per Recipe 64

Amount Per Serving

Calories from Fat 19

Calories 39

% Daily Value*


Total Fat 2g


Saturated Fat 1g




Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine and Vanilla Recipe on Food52

Cooking is more fun with friends.

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Author Notes: Anytime there is a bit of red wine left in a glass, I pour it into a jar in the …


Inessential Tools: Meat Grinder

As home cooks, we rely on our instincts, our knowledge, and our curiosities—but we also have to rely on our tools. Some we couldn't cook without (knives, pots, pans). Others we don't necessarily need, but sure are glad we have around. Here, we talk about those trusty, albeit inessential, …


Flourless Tangelo Cake aka "The Fruit Loop Cake"

Flourless Tangelo Cake aka “The Fruit Loop Cake”

Over Easter weekend, my step mother-in-law and I baked this cake as an experiment. We were aiming for …


Our #1 Favorite Chocolate (Flourless) Cake Recipe cettlinger

This is our all-time favorite dessert, which I write about on my blog/site, UNCONFIDENTIALCOOK.COM. This recipe, which originally comes from New York …


Slow Cooker Chicken Mole

We enjoyed it very much even though I managed to burn out my blender in the process. :( When I make it again I will add more chocolate (4.25 to 4.5 …

Chicken Recipes

Slow Cooker Bourbon Ribs

Bourbon Whiskey

Tickets for Restaurants

Ticketing for restaurants has been in the news a lot lately. Here are just a few articles:

It took a while for the media to catch up – and for …


Josh Deri's Gluten-Free Version of Rich and Moist Cornbread

Move step up

Move step down

Step Number







Preferred Position

Delete step


Special Sauce



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The Many Tastes of Coffee Ice Cream: How to Make Just the Right Scoop for You

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik]

Everyone loves coffee ice cream, but no one can agree on what it should taste like.

Do you like it sweet and creamy, with just a hint of coffee? Or do you take it bold and bracing with just a dash of milk and sugar? Or maybe you prefer it as bitter and concentrated as a …

Ice Cream

How to Brûlée Eggs - Bon Appétit

June 9, 2015 /

Written by Christina Chaey

We’ve fried, scrambled, poached, baked, and boiled our way through dozens of eggs. (“Put an egg on it” is our unofficial motto around here.) But never before had we brûléed our eggs—until now. And it’s kind of blowing our minds.

Alvin Cailan of Eggslut in Los …


Paleo Recipes – Easy Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

I’m officially obsessed with Game of Thrones. I’m definitely not getting out enough. This puppy has taken over my life. So I’ve made my life about …

How to Keep Berries Fresh for Longer

From today through EOD next Sunday, Good Eggs, the online market who delivers local groceriest to your door, is giving away free berries! Just add them to your basket and proceed to checkout; tips for how to use them are on us.

Today: Don't let your berries boss you around.

Berries: can't live with …


Probiotics at Work

Your guide to making the most of your body’s beneficial bugs — for gut health, immunity, metabolism and more.

If you track nutrition news the way some …


Panang Beef Curry

Panang Nua

This Southern Thai curry is one of my favorite dishes. It is thicker and more concentrated than most curries. It is not overly spicy, and …


Doro Wat (Spicy Ethiopian Chicken Stew)

There is a reason why Doro Wat is the national dish of Ethiopia and one of the most famous of all African dishes – it’s fabulous!

Doro Wat is one of …

Chicken Recipes

Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chip Streusel Topping

Every once in a while I’ll buy my son a special treat from a certain coffee chain when we’re out shopping. It’s usually to keep him content in his …