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How to Make Any Kind of Kimchi Without a Recipe

Here at Food52, we love recipes—but do we always use them? Of course not. Because once you realize you don't always need a recipe, you'll make your favorite dishes a lot more often.

Today: Kimchi is the solution to an overload of just about any vegetable.

I cannot get the kimchi recipe out of my …


Counterfeit Duck Confit: All Of The Flavor, Without The Labor

This summer, NPR is getting crafty in the kitchen. As part of Weekend Edition's Do Try This At Home series, chefs are sharing their cleverest hacks and tips — taking expensive, exhausting or intimidating recipes and tweaking them to work in any home kitchen.

This week: We learn to make a


How to hire a product manager — by Ken Norton

It's been a while since I was hiring at a startup, and recruiting at a startup is very different from hiring at a big company. At Yahoo! Search, it …


Top 10 Reasons for Weak Product

Posted by marty cagan on August 16, 2010

In my last article I discussed the top reasons for slow product, and here I wanted to highlight the top …

Top 10

54 Articles and Books that will Make you a Great Product Manager

From Horowitz to Christensen to Graham to Spolsky and more, a collection of the best articles and books from the best product leaders.

Must reads

Good …

Product Fail

Posted by marty cagan on June 5, 2015

NOTE: This article is a narrative version of a talk I’ve given for developers at the Craft Conference and for …

Paleo Coconut Flour Brownies - Dense and fudgy!

Coconut flour brownies just got serious

At my house, brownies are taken seriously. We require a dense, fudgy, chocolatey, moist and rich treat to …


Everything You Can Do With a Can of Chipotles in Adobo

[Photograph: Vicky Wasik]

Take away my fancy olive oil, my spices, the peppers I've been air-drying in my fridge. Take my copper-lined sauciers and vintage cast iron. You can have it all, as long as I get to keep my chipotles in adobo.

Because these little buggers can do it all; it's easier to think …


The Serious Eats Guide to Sugar

[Photograph: Assorted sugars from Shutterstock]

Some people get their kicks from an algebraic formula, some like theories of perpetual motion, and others get all jazzed about the periodic table. I am not, nor have I ever been, any of these people. Science and math were filed away in a back cabinet …


We're Into It: Ozuké Umeboshi

July 7, 2015 /

Written by Elyssa Goldberg

Sweet, sour, and supremely salty, umeboshi (fermented plums) are a staple of Japanese diets. Whether eaten whole or ground into paste, the umami-rich umeboshi lend complexity and oomph to rice dishes eaten throughout the day. Enter Ozuké, an American raw, …


Slow-Roasted Shallots in Skins

Whole, unpeeled, and roasted to surreal tenderness, shallots are shedding their ”always the bridesmaid” status once and for all.


Preheat oven to 425°. Rinse shallots and place on a rimmed baking sheet. Roast until skins are deep golden brown and blistered and flesh is very tender …


Vietnamese Shredded Chicken Salad

• 2 heaping cups {265 grams} cooked shredded chicken, from one store-bought rotisserie chicken
• 4 cups {200 grams} shredded napa cabbage
• 4 scallions, …


Gluten-Free Gingersnap Cookies

Are you tired of having gluten-free gingersnap cookies that bend instead of snap? Working with Paleo flours can be tough to create a crispy cookie, …


Thai Red Curry

Alright so I posted a teaser recently on my instagram on fourth of july about some cute little galettes that I made. The recipe for those will have …


The Story of Our Broken Food System

Published on July 1st, 2015 | by Andrea Bertoli


Our food system is broken in so many ways…

One of the quickest ways to engage people in a more …

Sustainable Agriculture

Precision Ag Tech Helps California Farmers Grow More With Less Water

Will Gerry might look the part of a fourth-generation farmer — dirty denim jeans, shirt sleeves rolled up and a gray beard that wraps from brim to brim on his leather hat. But once Gerry whips the smartphone out of his pocket, he starts rattling off tech jargon and analyzing data points across his …

Natural Resources

Garlic Confit Is the Magic Secret to Loving Any Vegetable — The Vegetable Butcher

Garlic confit is my secret ingredient, my special sauce, one of my all-time favorite tricks to give any vegetable a makeover. It's a play on an old …


Wild-Boar Chili with Garam Masala

Esquire invited three of America's best young chefs to devise chili recipes exclusively for us, with no restrictions. We prepared each one in the Esquire kitchen (actually, our apartments) and enlisted a master to be the judge. Contestant #2: Akhtar Nawab from New York's Elettaria.

The chili: …


Kale Chips

I bet a lot of people never saw this recipe ever coming from me. I’ve expressed multiple times my dislike for kale in every form that I had tried it. …


Masala Chai Tea

Lets take a moment to talk about the value of a good cup of tea. Just like a good cup of coffee brewed by a fine barista, tea is one of those things …


Thai Jicama Salad

To be more accurate in terms of tradition, this salad would typically use green papaya. Unfortunately it’s a lot more difficult to find than I …

Thai Food

Rooibos Poached Apricots with Thyme

If you’ve never had poached apricots then I feel really sorry for you. You’ve never truly enjoyed an apricot until you’ve poached it. The magic …


Screen Door Breakfast Hush Puppies - The Washington Post

For the hush puppies: Line a plate with paper towels.

Cook the bacon in a large skillet over medium-low heat, allowing the fat to render completely, until crisped and browned. Transfer to the paper-towel-lined plate to drain and cool. Cut into 1/4-inch slices to yield 1/2 packed cup.

Meanwhile, whisk …


Slow Cooker Roast Chicken And Gravy

In the past, I’ve always had crappy results when I’ve tried to cook a whole chicken in the slow cooker. The bird would always be overcooked, stringy, …


34 Alternative Noodle Recipes That Pasta Fanatics Will Love

Noodles make whipping up a quick meal easy and tasty—they require virtually no Iron Chef America skills since it’s just boil water, cook pasta, drain, and add sauce. And they can adapt to any cuisine by simply changing the toppings. But sometimes you want to give your body a break from all of that …


The Offal-Eater’s Handbook: Untangling the Myths of Organ Meats

In Rome it goes by the name of "quinto quarto" — the so-called fifth quarter of the animal, comprising the offal and other variety meats. Concealed …

Milan Expo 2015: Entertainment and (Some) Food for Thought

The first impression is, of course, quite overwhelming: from the start, the crowds waiting in line, the grand main boulevard, and the spectacular pavilions convey that we are witnessing a unique event. Despite the construction delays, lack of organization and, unfortunately, corruption, which …

Expo 2015

Banana Nut Porridge

I am in the midst of my first Whole30 challenge as a reset for the year and to overcome my slight addiction to Paleo treats. I actually make more …

Mandarin-Glazed Carrots

Sweet mandarin oranges are a great match for carrots in this flavorful side dish. Consider doubling the recipe for a holiday crowd. It’s terrific at …