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What to Pack When Running Outside

Packing Essentials for Running Outside<p>Preparing for a run, a workout or a race is supposed to be the easy part of running. Well, it can be if you …


Into Thin Air: The Science of Altitude Acclimation

The post Into Thin Air: The Science of Altitude Acclimation appeared first on“There’s no air up here!” is an expression I’m all too …

Sea Level

Benefits of a Running Coach

3 Ways a New Runner Can<p>Benefit from a Running Coach<p>After a casual chat turned into a pseudo-counseling session regarding a wall I was hitting with my …

8 Strategies to Hack a Good 5k

Racing a 5k soon? Use these 8 strategies to nail your best time.


Social Benefits of Running in a Group

Running (or racing) in a group can lead to huge improvements in performance. Here are 3 reasons why group running is so beneficial!


How to Stick to Your Training While on Vacation

Whether for work or play, traveling in the middle of a training cycle is not uncommon for many runners, but how you deal with getting your miles in …


The 10 Most Common Marathon Mistakes

Running a marathon can be one of the most rewarding things you do all year. But there are also a lot of things that can go wrong. So I consulted USATF-certified running coach and 2:23 marathoner Blue Benadum about some of the most common marathon mistakes and how we all can avoid them.<p>During …


Think You Haven’t Run Your Best Race Yet? Kellyn Taylor Has Some Advice

At Grandma’s Marathon she became the seventh-fastest American woman in history with a four-minute personal best. It was years in the making.<p>In the past three years, finish lines haven’t typically been places of great joy or satisfaction for Kellyn Taylor. She’s met most of them wondering why she …


6 Reasons to Send Your Child to Running Camp

Cinnaminson Track & Field Academy's 2nd year is approaching. Here are 6 great reasons to send your son or daughter!

Track & Field

What does running do to your brain?

Research from Sweden shows how running can defuse at least one important biological stress pathway<p>It may seem obvious – as you push on through a long run, veering wildly between sensations of agony and elation – that running can have a huge effect on your state of mind. It is an intuitive idea that …

The Brain

When is too soon to come back from a marathon? | TrainWithMarc | Pinterest | Marathons

Reasons to Hire a Running Coach

Get Started With A Coach Let’s be honest: there’s a lot of free or cheap training plans on the internet. They all claim they can get you from your …


Work Out & Wine

Join Carly and Marc as they host a runner's bootcamp, run & wine drinking event.


What's the Optimal Temperature for Marathons?

Why Paris is faster than Chicago despite a hillier course.<p>A few days ago, my "Running the Data" feature on what it will take to run a sub-2-hour marathon went live (it's in the November issue of the print magazine). It's also the culmination of months of work by a team including my editor Christine …


Bridget running a half marathon

Upper Body Running Form

The better your running form, the faster you'll be using less energy.


How to Use a TRAINING LOG - track your running mileage

TrainwithMarc will identify key areas of your running form that can be tweaked to make you a more efficient runner | Running 101 | Pinterest | Running form and…

3 Tips to Stay Patient after a Running Injury

The war against my (most recent) running injury is over. It was a back and forth affair: “test runs” and setbacks aplenty, the calf pain has finally …


What’s the Purpose of Training?

By now, we should all know and believe that the more we run, the fitter and faster we should get. Right? But how? And more importantly, why?<p>I want to …

Five women’s events to watch at USATF Outdoor Championships

As always, there are Olympic champions competing at the USA Track and Field Outdoor Championships this week. There are world-record holders, too. But …


Favorite Running Route: Valley Green

Valley Green is one of my favorite places to run. So much to offer and so close to home!


11 mistakes you're making that are ruining your run

The feeling that you get after a good run is in a league of its own. Whether you're a new runner or have been hitting the pavement for years, every runner knows how accomplishing it is to knock a few miles off of your list. What many runners don't know, however, is that the way what you're doing …

The Importance of Starting Slow

<b>If I could only give one tip</b> to an athlete looking to make their daily run more enjoyable and productive, it’d be simple: start slower.<p>Make your …

USC Runner's Amazing Rally Proves Race Isn't Over Until It's Over

The announcers said Purdue had won before the relay finish. Kendall Ellis proved them wrong to clinch Trojans' NCAA title.<p>Kendall Ellis’ anchor leg on USC’s 4x400 meter women’s relay at the NCAA Track and Field Championships will take your breath away. It certainly did hers.<p>She bobbled the baton …

Elites Discuss Best Practices for Resetting Your Race Goals

Prior to this year’s Boston Marathon, Dathan Ritzenhein had been running more than 100 miles a week in preparation for the annual event.The post …

17-year-old runs 3:52 mile at Pre Classic

<b>Jakob Ingebrigtsen</b>, a 17-year-old Norwegian, clocked 3:52.28 at the Prefontaine Classic on Saturday, faster than <b>Alan Webb</b>‘s U.S. high school record …

Want to Get Rich? Ten 1-Sentence Personal Finance Rules Anyone Can Follow to Become a Self-Made Millionaire

Sometimes the best advice on personal finance comes in 1-sentence bites.<p>Every month I get a number of advance copies of personal finance books.<p>Each includes tens of thousands of words that promise and occasionally deliver something new, even though wealth building, like losing weight, can be summed …

Personal Finance

Galen Rupp Is Hard to Love

When it comes to success in professional sports, the Machiavellian maxim that it’s better to be feared than loved appears to hold true. Many of our best athletes are not loved. Exhibit A would have to be Floyd Mayweather, the planet’s finest (and richest) boxer, whose extracurricular activities …