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Apartment Building SFSM

Bronze Statue Arts District

Gilbert Ortega Gallery

Resturant with Roof Top Dining

SRP Cannel In Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale Sign Post

About Me

Well, I always wanted to do something creative/artistic, something I could create with my own two hands. Problem was, I was all thumbs when it came …

A New Toy (unedited version)

This is an unedited post. I gave my editor a break for this post. So please excuse any grammatical errors or misspellings. That my Disclosure …

September 2017

Things are moving along. The closer I get to actually moving out of my apartment and into my van, the more excited I become. I have decided to post …

Sedona Arizona, USA

Sedona, Arizona USA is said to be a magical place; a place of magnetic energy (vortex) and self-centering. Thousands of people visit Sedona on a …

A Moment In History

In 2008, I had the honor of attending a Barack Obama rally in Philadelphia, Pa. I was a freelance photographer for the City of Philadelphia at the …