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Tampa offers first demo of its connected vehicle technology project, launching with 1,600 cars in 2018

Tampa’s goal to become a smart city were on display on Monday, as the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority hosted the first public demonstration of a connected vehicle technology research project that will launch into pilot testing in 2018. The project involves outfitting a fleet of 1,600 …


Honda’s connected cars will communicate over 5G

When it's not busy making billion-dollar acquisitions to expand its robotics line-up, Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank is pursuing its other hobby: smart cars. Central to this endeavour is its partner, and fellow Japan native, Honda. Last year, the two announced plans to make cars emotive using …


Europe will get 10,000 EV charging points and an ‘electric highway’ to connect Italy to Norway by 2020

Old world, new tricks.

Researchers Hack Car Infotainment System and Find Sensitive User Data Inside

Contacts, call logs, text messages and other information from paired phones was stored unencrypted.<p>People who are worried about their security will use a secure phone, lock down their computer, and use strong passwords for their online accounts. But how many people have considered that their car …

Information Security

Daimler will invest $755 million in China EV, battery production

<b>Reuters</b><p>GUANGZHOU, China -- Daimler plans to invest 5 billion yuan ($755 million) in China for factory capacity to manufacture electric cars and the …

Electric Vehicles

Toyota to re-enter EV sector starting in China from 2020

GUANGZHOU AUTO SHOW<p><b>Kevin Buckland,Yan Zhang, Ma Jie</b><b><br>Bloomberg</b><p>GUANGZHOU, China -- Toyota Motor will introduce electric vehicles in China starting in …

Electric Vehicles

Everyday Life in the Self-Driving City

Autonomous vehicles promise safety and efficiency. But nobody knows what it will feel like to live with them.<p>It’s 6 p.m. in Tempe, Arizona and pitch black outside. I’m standing in the middle of a five-lane thoroughfare, among a group of people too numerous for the narrow median. We got trapped here …


Will Automated Vehicles Make Our Roads Safer?

Technological advances never fail to amaze the world, and automated vehicles are definitely no exception. The concept of having your own personal …


All Autonomous Roads Lead to Pasadena | Pasadena California, Hotels,CA Real Estate,Restaurants,City Guide...

Driverless cars seem to many people to be a blurry, far-off sci-fi idea. In fact, they are right around the corner.<p>Autonomous vehicles, once the …


Wary of riding a shuttle with no driver? Designers say it's actually safer

TAMPA — Ask transit riders what they think about the driverless car that's headed to downtown Tampa in January and you'll usually get the same, wary …


Feds Should Ask Tech Innovators to Seek Forgiveness, Not Permission

A fleet of driverless cars designed by Waymo, a project of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is on the roads of Phoenix, Arizona. Last week, Waymo …


Self-driving cars are mainly in the slow lanes

Bit by bit, the public will become comfortable with self-driving cars


Cheaper batteries will help GM profit off electric vehicles by 2021

CLOSE<p>Chevrolet's new electric car is a milestone in the segment, setting the bar for range, price, features and comfort. The Bolt EV has electric-car …

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Waymo, Uber Squabble Over Ground Rules as Autonomous Vehicle Trade-Secrets Theft Trial Looms

What is a trade secret? That seemingly simple question dominated discussions Nov. 14 during a federal court hearing on Waymo vs. Uber, one of the …

Anthony Levandowski

California may limit liability of self-driving carmakers

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California regulators are embracing a General Motors recommendation that would help makers of self-driving cars avoid paying for …


Taxpayers and Customers Will Pay Dearly for Electric, Driverless Postal Fleet

On January 1, the cost of a first-class stamp will increase by one penny, from 49 cents to 50 cents. The U.S. Postal Service is determined to make …


Baidu autonomous vehicles to be produced in 2018

<b>Shanghai (Gasgoo)-</b> Robin Li, president of Baidu, announced today that the company’s autonomous vehicle, co-developed with King Long will be mass …


Study: Ride-hailing, automation will hurt car sales

Sales of cars to individuals are forecast to drop 20 percent by 2040

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Stephen Hawking Says Autonomous Technology Could Destroy Us

November 14, 2017 — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), automakers and other companies are working together to get fully …

Stephen Hawking

Zero Motorcycles Launches 2018 Lineup — Quicker, Longer, Harder!

Today Zero Motorcycles released their 2018 models. While they don’t look much different from the 2017’s on the outside (except the gorgeous new …

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Competition from Other States Prompts Action on California AV Regulations


Dyson Delays Self Driving Tech So It May Forego Part Suppliers And Build Cars Totally In House


Car of the Future Weekly Roundup for November 15, 2017

The NMA Foundation presents <i>The</i> <i>Car of the Future</i> <i>Weekly Roundup</i>:<p><b>In this week’s Car of the Future Weekly Roundup</b><p>–UK says Uber must give drivers more …


If You Think Electric Cars Will Save the Planet, Think Again

So you think Climate Change will be beaten one Tesla, one Chevy Volt at a time?<p>Time to think again.<p>Even if the ambitious targets of the world’s …


Safety Advocates Cringe as Driverless Cars Hit Phoenix Roads

November 12, 2017 — The Center for Auto Safety (CAS) says the federal government needs to do its job by creating mandatory driverless car policies …


Florida facility seeks to boost transportation technology

TALLAHASSEE — State officials held a ceremonial groundbreaking Monday at a transportation facility in Polk County that could make Florida a leader in …


Could self-driving cars stop terrorist attacks?

Vehicles have become readily available violent weapons, but autonomous tech could "de-weaponize cars."<p>Terrorists have taken to using a weapon that's easy to obtain and can do a lot of damage: ordinary vehicles, driven into crowds. A Department of Homeland Securty-FBI bulletin from 2012 warned that …


How IoT will drive the future connected commute - IoT Agenda

If you’re one of the 128.3 Americans who commutes to work, you understand the time, hassle and frustration it can take to get from point A to point …


Feds Take Hands-Off Approach to Driverless Tech, Worrying Consumer Groups

Most Americans aren’t ready to trust self-driving vehicles. If that’s going to change as automated travel nears, consumer advocates say that federal regulators responsible for protecting the motoring public must set and enforce rigorous safety standards for the fledgling technology. But there are …