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Watch Here’s How Fake News Works (and How the Internet Can Stop It) | WIRED Video | CNE

Here’s How Fake News Works (and How the Internet Can Stop It)<p>Many fake news peddlers didn’t care if Trump won or lost the election. They only wanted …

Fake News

Script work has commenced...PHASE 1

Scene 1: "The Market Place" being directed by the students.

End scene altered a little...

End scene in progress here.

Middle 3 scenes brainstormed.

Beginning 3 scenes brainstormed.

Hard at work

Scene Work

Working on small scenes today.

Our final plot structure we then devised smaller scenes from during rehearsals today (27/05/17).

Stock Music

Ukulele<p>2:26<p>DOWNLOAD<p>Happy and light royalty free ukulele music featuring ukulele, finger...<p><b>X</b><p>FREE Creative Commons License<p>Ukulele<p>You can use the music …

Royalty-Free Music

Fake News: 29/11/2016, Behind the News

KID 1 Did you know that British scientists have cloned a dinosaur?<p>KID 2 No way!! That's really cool! Like Jurassic Park?<p>KID 3 Did you hear NASA says …

Social Media

The Misinformation Ecosystem | Q&A | ABC TV

<b>Share of Discussion</b>:<br>Claire Wardle - 28%<br>Zed Selselja - 22%<br>Wadah Khanfar - 19%<br>Terri Butler - 16%<br>Mark Day - 14%<p>TONY JONES<br>Good evening, and Welcome to …

Emotional Intelligence, Generation Z, and the Next Big Leadership Challenge

For one thing, they're a lot less independent than you might think... which is fine if you're a boss, but does mean you'll have to adjust your leadership style accordingly.<p>Generation Z has been called "millennials on steroids." They've been called "the next big retail disrupter." They're the …

National Theatre and Accenture partner up for VR studio

The National Theatre will be premiering a new VR show at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival<p>When it comes to creating experiences for virtual reality, …