A Galaxy Far Far Away

By Morgan Kidd | All Things Star Wars

Tatooine Art by Sébastien Del Grosso

Empire Selfie Created by Grzegorz Pawlak

How Rogue One Changes The Perception Of Star Wars: A New Hope

One of the undoubted treats of Rogue One is its seamless connection to A New Hope. With its events running so close to the original film, the first …

Carrie Fisher's 'SNL' Episode Re-Airs Tonight

Carrie Fisher‘s 1978 appearance as host of “Saturday Night Live” will re-air tonight at 10 p.m., the show announced on their Twitter account.<p>The …

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Deleted Scene: Chewbacca Violently Dismembers Rey’s Junk Boss

The clip is featured on the 3-D Collector’s Edition Blu-ray.<p>In the original “Star Wars: Episode IV,” C-3PO plays chess with Chewbacca and is warned …

Darth Vader’s Coolest ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Scene Creates A Problem For ‘A New Hope’

By now, you’ve probably seen <i>Rogue One: A Star Wars Story</i>. Based on the film’s box office retuns, perhaps you’ve seen it multiple times. As we move further away from the “stand-alone” <i>Star Wars</i> spin-off, the veil of secrecy is lifted further as fear of spoiling those who’ve yet to make it to the …

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Star Wars will not digitally recreate Carrie Fisher for future movies

Lucasfilm does the right thing<p>Tonight Lucasfilm took to the <i>Star Wars</i> website to make it very clear that the company will not be using digital effects to recreate Carrie Fisher in future entries of the franchise.<p>“We don’t normally respond to fan or press speculation, but there is a rumor circulating …

Star Wars

A Fourth Star Wars-Themed Jet is Coming Soon

Our dream of flying the Millennium Falcon may be pretty far off, but we can still get our sci-fi aeronautical fix thanks to All Nippon Airways (ANA). …

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This behind-the-scenes video may have just spoiled the *original* ending of “Rogue One”

Are we still talking about <i>Rogue One</i>, a solid month later? We sure are. Once again, there’s a lil’ something that’s come to light that is not only a …

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Report: Disney Is Negotiating With Carrie Fisher's Estate for More Leia

According to <i>BBC Newsnight</i>, The Walt Disney Company is negotiating with Carrie Fisher’s estate “over her continued appearance” in the <i>Star Wars</i> …

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Rogue One Comic Features Director's Extra Scenes

Marvel Comics is adapting Rogue One: A Star Wars Story into a six-part miniseries that includes story content that didn't make it into the final …

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Rogue One mystery solved: Did the Hammerhead crew survive?

There is an enduring mystery surrounding <i>Rogue One</i>: What happened to the crew of the Hammerhead starship?<p>They’re the ones <b>(spoiler warning)</b> who crash their vessel into a crippled Star Destroyer, ramming it into another Imperial battleship and using both to shatter the shield gate protecting the …

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What we know about George Lucas' art collection and what we'll see in his museum

After Tuesday’s announcement that L.A.’s Exposition Park would become home to the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “People will visit from around the world to see the original Darth Vader mask and Norman Rockwell paintings.”<p>But what else from filmmaker George Lucas’ …

George Lucas

This Video May Show Alternate Death Scenes for Rogue One Characters

A new video just came online that seems to show several <i>Rogue One</i> characters suffering a fate different than the one they have in the film.<p>These are …

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Woody Harrelson drops new hints about his role in the 'Star Wars' Han Solo spinoff

Woody Harrelson is officially joining the cast of the upcoming <i>Star Wars</i> standalone film centered around a young Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich), and <i>Mashable</i> got a chance to talk to the <i>Hunger Games</i> star soon after the casting news broke on Wednesday.<p>Details about Harrelson's <i>Star Wars</i> role are scarce, …

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George Lucas's LA museum brings new hope to art's storytellers

The Star Wars director reinvigorated cinema with sheer storytelling panache – can he do the same for an art world obsessed with concept and abstraction?<p>A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, George Lucas was a gifted film director. The release of Star Wars in 1977 – long before we had to call …

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Star Wars Episode VIII picks up directly where The Force Awakens left off - literally

Remember Rey and Luke Skywalker on that atmospheric planet?<p>Rather excitingly, <i>Star Wars Episode VIII</i> is going to pick up riiiight where <i>Star Wars: The</i> …

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Star Wars Icons Created by Travis Pietsch

Han and Chewie Created by Bernardo Bulcão

<b>Han and Chewie</b> Created by Bernardo Bulcão

R2-D2Art by Jessica Kim

<b>R2-D2</b>Art by Jessica Kim <b></b>

Luke And Rey’s Relationship Is The Key To ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’

We still know so little about <i>Star Wars: Episode VIII</i>. Does Tom Hardy have a cameo? Will Chewbacca rip some arms off a space Nazi? Will we finally find out who Rey’s parents are? (Almost definitely.) We do know Carrie Fisher already finished her scenes, and we know Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren will be …

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10 Behind-the-Scenes 'Star Wars' Bloopers

Everyone loves a good blooper reel—especially when it includes screw-ups, overlooked gaffes, and embarrassing behind-the-scenes moments from one of …

Tom Hardy addresses those Star Wars 8 stormtrooper cameo rumours – and he’s being shifty

<b>Tom Hardy has addressed those rumours he’s set to make a cameo in Star Wars: Episode 8, and he’s being awfully shifty on the matter.</b><p>The 39-year-old …

3-D Print Your Own Death Star 'Tractor Beam'

A team of physicists has published instructions and created a YouTube video for constructing a device that uses sound waves to move objects.

3D Printing

The force is strong at CES : Star Wars fighting drones!

A short time ago, at a CES stall far, far away… we found the drones we’ve been looking for.<p>They don’t just fly and shoot video. They shoot <i>each …

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12 Star Wars Manicures to Honor Your Inner Princess Leia

With the recent release of <i>Rouge One: A Star Wars Story</i> and the tragic loss of our beloved Princess Leia, Instababes across the globe decided to deck out their digits with lightsabers, Death Stars and Stormtroopers to pay tribute — and we’re in love! Whether you’re a <i>Star Wars</i> fan or not, these …

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Han Solo Film Rumored To Be Pushed Back

The Latest Star Wars Rebels Didn't Skimp on the Rogue One Connections

After a mid-season hiatus so we could all go see a movie, <i>Star Wars Rebels</i> came back Saturday with a two-part episode called “Ghosts of Geonosis.” Not …

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The Rogue One X-Wing Pilot Easter Egg You Definitely Missed

Earlier this week, new photos were released from <i>Rogue One: A Star Wars Story</i> that tease some of the deleted scenes that weren't included in the …

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