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14 Awesome New iPhone Apps For Free Grab it All

This new apps alert includes Goat Simulator MMO, SpinTunes, Beat Bop, Dungeon Boss, Fishy Bits, Sky Whale, Swap Cops, Block it, I am Bread, Byte://, …


5 of the Best and Worst Force Friday Star Wars: The Force Awakens Toys

3. Funko POPs

If you’ve ever bought a Funko POP collectible figure, you’ll know that it’s impossible to not want to immediately start building a …

Star Wars

BBC One - Doctor Who, BBC One Trailer - Sneak Peek of Episode 1, Series 9

BBC One Trailer - Sneak Peek of Episode 1, Series 9

'Where is the Doctor? Doctor Who returns Saturday 19 September.

Release date:

5 September 2015


20 seconds


Tip of the Day: How to Purchase Music in Apple Music

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One of the nice features of Apple's music ecosystem is if you hear something you like, Apple makes it easy to buy. Here's how to purchase music in Apple Music and Beats 1.

If you hear a song you like …

Apple Music

11 Apps That’ll Save You Money on Almost Anything


Save on: Cars

App: Edmunds
Browse nearby dealer inventories on the Edmunds app and lock in offers. Then use the app to compare those offers to …


Hillary Clinton Relying on Southern Primaries to Fend Off Rivals

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign is methodically building a political firewall across the South in hopes of effectively locking up the Democratic nomination in March regardless of any early setbacks in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.

Mrs. Clinton’s advisers, struck by …

Primary Elections

In the Kitchen With: Kristina’s Favorite Chocolate Cake

I have written here on the column before about my family and shared some of our recipes, and even some of my own recipes — and I’m excited to do that …


12 Simple No-Bake Desserts to Whip Up This Weekend

Nothing ties up a delicious dinner party better than a killer dessert. It’s the last thing people will taste, which means it’s the part they will remember the best. That may seem like a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be. No-bake desserts to the rescue! While all the burners on your …


Quit Baking! 50 Fabulous Raw Vegan Desserts You Need to add to Your Life NOW

Maybe you’ve been thinking about eating healthier and lighter raw foods but don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’re just tired of using the oven, …

Vegan Recipes

Snooz "sound conditioner" aims for restful sleep

Some people need total darkness to sleep, others need a little light. In the same way, some people need complete silence, but others need noise. That …


20 Places All Americans Should See Before They Die

North America Travel

The Biggest Changes In iOS 9


The Newest ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character Is A Terrifying Pirate, And He’s Just Been Cast

As fans prepare for the return of Game of Thrones in the near future (what will come first, next season or George R.R. Martin’s next book?), Vanity Fair reports that a new character has just been added to the cast: He’s a ruthless pirate “who’s terrorized the entire world” and he’ll be played by …

George R. R. Martin

Twitter adds follow suggestions to iPhone app’s main timeline

Twitter has announced a new update to its iPhone app that will make it easier for users to track down new people to follow.

Having apparently come to the conclusion that many users are eager to see more content they didn’t ask for in their main timelines, the social network will now present a list …


21 Unforgettable Adventures for Your Labor Day Weekend

Photo: Daniel Brittain, Explorer for The Outbound

When a holiday weekend comes around, you need to take advantage of that extra day off and spend some time outside. We've got 21 unforgettable adventures that are the perfect way to do just that. Whether you're into hiking, camping, biking, climbing …


'Game Of Thrones' Actor Ed Skrein Shoots Down Reports He Walked Away From Show


All men must die drive.

In the upcoming movie "The Transporter Refueled," actor Ed Skrein takes the wheel from Jason Statham for the action-packed role of transporter Frank Martin, and (spoiler alert) he totally delivers. Pun, intended.

If the new transporter looks familiar, that's probably …

Jason Statham

'Doctor Who' season 9 is going to be the most epic yet. Here's why

Warning: This post contains garden-variety spoilers as well as possible extreme spoilers.

As of Saturday, the return of Doctor Who is a mere two weeks away — and there's still so much we don't know about it. Most episodes in the series' forthcoming ninth season don't even have official titles, let …


10 awesome paid iPhone apps on sale for free for a limited time

You made it, dear readers: it’s finally Friday. Back to school week always seems like it takes an eternity to get through, but now you can sit back …

iOS Apps

How Much Should You Have Saved for Retirement by 30? 40? 50?

How much money should you have put aside for retirement when you hit your milestone birthdays?

In a perfect world, financial experts could rattle off …

Retirement Planning

How A Terrible Saver Grew Her Cash Stash

Jaime Smith had drifted into her 40s and realized she had absolutely no savings. The Seattle-based project coordinator for a health insurance company saw that her industry was going through some turbulence and wondered if she should put some money away should she lose her job and fall behind on her …


This Is How Star Wars’ BB-8 Droid Actually Works

We finally get it

A pair of resourceful Star Wars fanatics have put forth a convincing theory on the inner workings of BB-8, the adorable droid set to make its film debut in The Force Awakens this holiday season.

The new droid, which will also be available as a $150 toy for franchise fans, has a head …

Star Wars

iPhone Wallpapers for Spring. Formatted for iPhone 6 plus but will work on lower resolutions as well. 。。。「♡ Zuki」

Orange Cake

Cooking is more fun with friends.

Find your friends who are already on Food52, and invite others who aren't to join.

Join Our Community

Follow amazing home cooks. Collect recipes and articles. Get inspired.

Author Notes: In winter we have our orange trees full but they are a bit sharp. I pick a big …


PetBot uses ‘petificial intelligence’ to let your cat or dog send you selfies

How does it feel to be the center of the universe? Don’t know? If you’re a pet guardian, that’s exactly what you are, at least as far as your precious animal companion is concerned. When you’re away, they pine for your return (even cats).

With the Internet of Things becoming more thoroughly …


Please Don't Touch These 7 Things on a Plane

Forget about snakes. What about germs on a plane? While we all love to travel, the actual flying part of the trip isn't always a pleasant experience. …


Entire 3D Printed Star Wars Episode VII Stormtrooper Suit Shown off at PAX Prime By Barnacules

What’s the most highly anticipated movie the year? Of course it’s Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the first movie in the series after …

Star Wars

The best iphone apps for selling things

So what do you do when you accumulate so many items that you no longer have enough space for them? Full Article...

iOS Apps

How The World's Largest Steel Manufacturer Is Trying To Go Green

The world’s largest steel manufacturer is trying to clean up its act.

Producing steel is a dirty business, yielding in massive quantities of carbon dioxide and monoxide. In fact, over 50 percent of the carbon used in manufacturing steel turns into carbon monoxide. Perhaps that’s why ArcelorMittal, …


Moleskine Unveils New Notebooks Designed for Productivity and Organization

Moleskine’s notebooks are some of your favorites, and today the company is taking the wraps off of “Moleskine Pro,” a reboot of the original with …


Meatless Monday: The Vegetable Lady and the Easy-Going Overachiever -- Kathy Hester and "The Easy Vegan"

Recipe developer, slow cooker guru, pr pro, cooking instructor and five-time cookbook author Kathy Hester owes her success to being an overachiever who's not afraid to fail. "You can't be successful at something unless you're willing to fail brilliantly," she says. "I do some boneheaded things just …

Vegan Recipes