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Three minutes over Syria: How Israel destroyed Assad’s nuclear reactor

After more than a decade of stubborn silence, Israel has finally acknowledged that its Air Force destroyed the Syrian nuclear reactor, on the night …

Middle East

What Causes Young People to Convert? Beautiful Churches and Cathedrals, Says Study

According to a recently released study, visiting beautiful churches and cathedrals are one of the top reasons that influences the youth across the …

بيت لحم - ساحة المهد

جولة كاملة في طريق الالام - القدس, من المرحلة واحد حتى مرحلة ١٤ Jerusalem.A complete tour Via Dolorosa, the Fourteen Stations of the Cross Video …

Stephen Hawking, science's brightest star, dies aged 76

The physicist and author of A Brief History of Time has died at his home in Cambridge. His children said: ‘We will miss him for ever’<p>Stephen Hawking obituary by Roger Penrose<p>Tributes poured in on Wednesday to Stephen Hawking, the brightest star in the firmament of science, whose insights shaped …


Building business through innovation _ Meed.pdf

article<p>Google Docs<p>


A Beautiful Girl playing Hang.<p>The Hang is a musical instrument in the idiophone class created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer in Bern, …

Catholic Physics - Reflections of a Catholic Scientist - Part 68

Last Days and the Resurrection of the Dead I: Quantum Cosmology and Quantum Logic*<p>The Resurrection of Christ - James Tissot (Brooklyn Museum)<p>Now if …

Indian man carves road through hills so children can attend school

Jalandhar Nayak used a chisel, hoe and pickaxe to dig five-mile route, with officials planning to compensate him for his efforts<p>A man in a remote eastern Indian village has single-handedly carved a five-mile (8km) road through hilly terrain to help his children attend school.<p>It had been taking …


Sailing around the world: Meet the Gifford family

The Gifford family (minus Behan) aboard their boat, Totem, their home for nearly 10 years and counting.Gifford family/Facebook<p>In 2008, Jamie and Behan Gifford left their home in Washington and embarked on a boat trip around the world with their three children.<p>Nearly 10 years later, they still …

South-east Asia


World Over - Christmas with Raymond Arroyo - 'Christmastime in New Orleans' featuring the NOLA Players.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Typewriter Symphony Orchestra.<p>The Typewriter for Orchestra was composed by #Leroy_Anderson who completed the work on October 9, 1950. Tthe soloist is …

One Man’s Stand Against Junk Food as Diabetes Climbs Across India

NEW DELHI — Rahul Verma’s son was born gravely ill with digestive problems, but over years of visits to the boy’s endocrinologist, Mr. Verma saw the doctor grow increasingly alarmed about a different problem, one threatening healthy children. Junk food, the doctor warned, was especially dangerous …


David Wolfe

Superfit by Andrea #17: Lunge and plank variations for killer legs, glutes, and abs!

David Wolfe

This Chair Lets You Work While You´re Lying Down

Jeremy Lee’s recipe for a hearty brigade pudding

Apples! So many apples ... What to do with them all? What next can a canny cook do with an overwhelming harvest of as many varieties of this fruit as there are now leaves falling from the trees?<p>Apple tarts and apple pies – apple strudel, too, for sure. But there are also suet puddings – a very good …


David Wolfe

This 10-Year-Old Built An Off-The-Grid Tiny Home For Only $10

Trying to avoid pesticides? Peel your apples, study says

Baking soda is better than bleach for washing them apples, but peeling is best<p>Holding an apple under running water for a few seconds isn’t enough to get rid of the pesticides on its skin, new research says. Your best bet is to soak your fruit in a baking soda solution — for 12 to 15 minutes. And if …

World Health Organization

Hydroponic Farm Investment by Pegasus Farm Futures

Pegasus Food Futures are the largest owners and Operators of Commercial Hydroponic farms in the Middle East. We have 60 hectares of Hydroponic farms …

Classic FM

Prepare to feel totally inadequate - this 12-year-old is seriously talented!<p>(via

Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven´s 5th In Salsa.<p>Mr. Sverre Indris Joner has done the arrangement of the 1. movement of Beethovens 5th symphony in salsa. The recording is …

18 Mind-Blowing Pictures Of Cake Glazing

So shiny.


Power of Positivity

Now you know...

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Then Jesus told his disciples, “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his …


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Indian priest kidnapped in Yemen in 2016 has been freed

An Indian priest, Father Tom Uzhunnalil, kidnapped after gunmen attacked a care home for the elderly in Yemen's southern port city of Aden in March …

After a lifetime of suffering, this woman unites her pain with Jesus', all for Colombia

Nibiru: How the nonsense Planet X Armageddon and Nasa fake news theories spread globally

Nibiru conspiracy theories about the end of the world have been circulating online for more than two decades, with the latest dubious prophecy predicting the apocalypse - September 23, 2017.<p>Planet X, or Nibiru, refers to a mythological planet in our solar system that will supposedly crash into …