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The New Economy

I  started speaking about  the Internet, smart devices, artificial intelligence, population growth, changing demographics, a global economics and the coming 'new economy'  at one of my events in New York in 1994. I have continued to study the effects of these on our society and economy, and use the information I gather to help people develop better human skills to work with technology to adapt and adjust to help and serve others going forward. We aren't living in the same world we grew up in, so I share thoughts, ideas, insights and articles about this full blown transformation to a new socioeconomic system we are now experiencing. The current pandemic is the accelerator to this new economy and I mentioned this would be the case at the same event in 1994, 13 years before the iPhone (smart devices), the IOT and the current events we are dealing with today. Be careful of economic predictions based on old economic models. The new economy won't be like anything our economists have studied. Even the IMF admitted back in 2014 that this economy is beyond their knowledge or experience. If you like this magazine you should also follow my 'Future Vision & Tech Effects' magazine because they really do compliment each other!