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So, what is machine learning anyways? Here's a quick breakdown

If you're keeping up to date on technology news, you're probably seeing references to machine learning everywhere, and for good reason: machine learning is an integral component of the way that computers process information.<p>Machine learning is all around us, informing our day to day lives from the …

Machine Learning

Uber and NASA are bringing us high-speed flying taxis by 2020

Uber’s futuristic flying taxis will cost the same as an UberX today.


Watch: This is How We'll Earn Money in a World Without Jobs

Universal basic income could be our best solution for artificial intelligence takeover of the work force.


Former Navy SEAL Commander Has a Two-Word Piece of Advice to Help Anyone Tackle Their Morning

For some, mornings are a time to rise and shine, but for others, it's a part of the day best reserved for the snooze button. Fortunately, for those …

U.S. Navy

Here's The Science on Why Eating Fat Won't Make You Fat

There are other things in your diet to look out for.<p>"Eat fat, get fat" has been the conventional wisdom guiding American diets for the past two …


High-tech neuroprosthetic ‘Luke’ arm lets amputee touch and feel again

“When I went to grab something, I could feel myself grabbing it. When I thought about moving this or that finger, it would move almost right away,” …


Looking Back on 2017: 21 Trends

Here's what has been gaining momentum in the last 11 months.<p>Want to know what to expect next year? Take some cues from the hot trends gaining momentum in the last 11 months. Here's what nearly two dozen executives saw happening in 2017.<p>1. People held businesses accountable through social …


How to prepare for the cryptocurrency revolution

Blockchain is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated technologies of our time. Much like the early internet, experienced technologists foresee blockchain as a vehicle to drive society forward. Implementations of secure, decentralized systems can empower us to conquer organizational issues of …


Are You a Toxic Boss? If Your Team Won't Tell You, Neuroscience Will

How to confidently lead without intimidating your employees and poisoning your workplace.<p>Quick, answer these 4 questions:<p><b>1. Do you speak confidently?</b><p><b>2. Are you comfortable being in control?</b><p><b>3. Do do you prefer to lead, rather than stand back?</b><p><b>4. When you speak, does your team listen, and take …


Iconic brands, exceptional experiences

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, September 7, 2017 – Leading control, audio, and power solutions provider Core Brands today introduced the <b>ELAN New Home Program</b> …


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3 Questions That Will Solve Any Problem Creatively

It was once said that the solution to any problem lies in asking the right question. Here are three.<p>As a culture, we became so polarized that we tend to offer extreme solutions, entrench in them, and not give up an inch from our positions. This is apparent in the way Congress creates laws, these …

Eric Ries

Inside the First Church of Artificial Intelligence | Backchannel

<b>Anthony Levandowski</b> makes an unlikely prophet. Dressed Silicon Valley-casual in jeans and flanked by a PR rep rather than cloaked acolytes, the …

Artificial Intelligence

How AI Can Deliver the 'Magical Difference’ in Customer Experience: An AI Discussion with Peter Norvig

Peter Norvig is Director of Research for Google, and an expert in both artificial intelligence (AI) and online search. Prior to his work at Google, …

Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready for bots to read your face?

Would you turn on your webcam so that a customer service robot can get to know you better?<p>Soul Machines, a New Zealand startup, thinks so. It builds a customer service bot with an amazingly human face and a simulated nervous system that interprets how customers feel and reacts accordingly—in part …


How Blockchain Is Creating a New Future for Digital Marketing

The transparent nature of blockchain data will allow companies and customers alike to feel more secure.<p>Advertising today is a multi-billion-dollar industry. And, according to market research company Forrester, digital marketing expenditures in the United States are on pace to reach levels near $120 …

Digital Marketing

Feng Shui Birth Element and Kua Number: What You Should Know

<b>Question:</b> <i>I am totally confused, my birth feng shui Ba Gua is Earth and my Kua Number is 1 so I have different elements and lucky directions. Could</i> …

Home Decorating

Your Personal Feng Shui Birth Element Chart

Use your personal feng shui birth element for best home decor<p>Is red colour good for your energy? Should you use blue in your home office? How about …

Home Decorating

7 Steps to Good Feng Shui in Your Home

01 of 09<p>7 Feng Shui Steps to a Harmonious Home<p>Getting started with feng shui for your house and home can be easy when you start with the house basics …

Home Decorating

Interior design: The 8 most important principles

Less really is often more<p>According to designer Joelle Nesen, "there are no rules" when it comes to interior design, but everyone can use a few tips and tricks. We spoke with Nesen, founder of the Portland-based firm Maison, and Jenny Guggenheim, of Guggenheim Architecture and Design Studio, to get …

Interior Design

The 1 Company Culture Rule 99% Of People Are Afraid To Follow, But Should

Company culture is created by following this 1 simple rule.<p>I believe we are experiencing a massive shift in how companies think about company culture.<p>Go back a few years, and it was all about novelties to draw top talent: big screen televisions, open work spaces, Ping-pong tables and baristas on …


30 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Said 1 Thing Is More Powerful Than Technology. It's Even More True Today

For a guy like Steve Jobs, it was a remarkable statement... and it's something we can all put to use in our own lives.<p>Steve Jobs helped create wildly popular products that changed entire industries. (Hello, mobile devices. Howdy, music business.)<p>But while he definitely believed in his own ideas, …


Bill Gates buys big chunk of land in Arizona to build 'smart city'

PHOENIX - One of Bill Gates' investment firms has spent $80 million to kickstart the development of a brand-new community in the far West Valley.<p>The …

Bill Gates

A retired Navy SEAL commander does two things every night before bed so he can attack the next day the minute he wakes up

With discipline comes freedom, says retired US Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink. Twitter/Jocko Willink<p><b>Jocko Willink is a retired Navy SEAL commander, best-selling author, and popular podcast host.</b>• <b><br>His new book is a "field manual" for instilling discipline in your life.</b>• <b><br>He has a simple nightly ritual</b> …


China is building a police station powered by AI, not humans

China this week announced an AI-powered unmanned police station will open in one of its capitol cities, proving once again that no other country quite embraces artificial intelligence like it does.<p>The station appears to be designed with driver and vehicle related matters in mind, making it more …


I was on the self-driving bus that crashed in Vegas. Here’s what really happened

This was going to be a pretty ordinary story about the technology that allows the Las Vegas self-driving shuttle bus to cruise around the old Fremont …

Las Vegas

The rise of crypto-funds

The role of crypto-funds in dealing with challenges<p>These collective challenges have given rise to funds focused on managing portfolios of cryptocurrencies and tokens. An adaptation of traditional funds, crypto-funds make it easy for investors to navigate this enticing new asset class. Basically, …

Venture Capital

Las Vegas' self driving bus only needed 2 hours to prove human drivers suck

It’s been a mixed week for self-driving vehicles, after an autonomous bus in Las Vegas collided with a truck just two hours after it hit the streets.<p>The vehicle didn’t crash due to a software error. Rather, it was rear-ended by a human-driven truck. Fortunately the damage wasn’t too severe, with a …

Las Vegas

This Is Why You Always Get Interrupted At Work

Your posture, tone of voice, and even your diet may play a part in getting your message across.<p>Do you find yourself being interrupted frequently at work? Do you find it difficult to finish a sentence in meetings without someone else jumping in, cutting you off, or speaking over you?<p>You may be …

Why Tim Ferriss is Happy Revealing All His Success Secrets to You

It's difficult, if not impossible to focus on your competitors and on your vision simultanously. Tim Ferriss shows why you need not fear others<p>Fear and growth cannot live in the same space. Listen to the most ambitious entrepreneurs, from Walt Disney to Thomas Edison, and the need to fulfill their …