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Keynote Speaker, Author of Build Trust, Leadership, Sales & Peak Performance Coach! I'm recognized by Builder & Developer Magazine's in their Who's Who in Homebuilding. I develop leaders who coach managers who mentor and people who pursue excellence. I developed Moore's Law of Achievement and Moore's Path to Peak Performance as tools to help these people get on, and stay on, the right track to reach their peak! I also created the Moore Leadership & Peak Performance and Making Customers Series which include my ABCs of Leadership, New Home Retailing and Finished Home Design courses.  I began speaking about the 'new economy', technology and the internet in 1994 and I've been clipping and saving articles to notebooks for four decades to help me learn, grow and improve. Today I use Flipboard and share my magazines to help others do the same! By sharing these articles and information I am in no way endorsing the authors, information or ideas in the articles. In fact, I often share articles I don't agree with to cha