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Standing under the shadow of the Moon: Thoughts on totality

On August 21, 2017, I experienced something I have never in my life seen before: a total eclipse of the Sun.<p>I haven’t had much chance to write about …


Pearl Jam's 'Jeremy': The Untold Story of Video Star Trevor Wilson's Fascinating Life & Tragic Death

Trevor Wilson was the most iconic face of grunge who wasn't actually in a band. Not even Spencer Elden -- the naked baby on the cover of Nirvana's -- …

A solar eclipse is coming to America. Here’s what you’ll see where you live.

Today, a solar eclipse will cut across the entire United States. And wherever you are, you <i>will</i> be able to see it. Even though the “totality” — the area where the sun is completely blocked out by the moon — is only 70 miles wide, the whole country (even Alaska and Hawaii) will experience a partial …


Watch Dave Grohl’s daughter make her drumming debut covering Queen with the Foo Fighters - News - Alternative Press

During their recent set at Secret Solstice Festival in Reykjavic, Iceland, the Foo Fighters brought out a special guest drummer: Dave Grohl’s eight …

Foo Fighters

State Word Map


How obsessive artists colorize old photos

The best way to learn HTML is by watching this death metal video

Here's how to make web page with cute dog photos, taught by Satan!


Organic Farming is Bad for the Environment

Marketing sometimes involves the science of making you believe something that is not true, with the specific goal of selling you something (a …


Can fidget spinners actually relieve symptoms of ADHD and autism?

Video<p>T<p>he popular toys known as fidget spinners are incredibly simple — a few small blades that whirl around a center core — but some manufacturers …

Amanda Knox: How Prisons Use Cult Tactics to Brainwash Inmates Into Religion

When I was falsely imprisoned for murder, I experienced firsthand how vulnerable prisoners can become religious. And I'm not alone—across the US, prisons use religion to coerce and control their captive populations.<p>Katie McKibben and the Orange County Superior Court both agree on one thing: In July …


The evolution of American protest music

The myth of ‘liberal’ ESPN

To quote SportsCenter host Michael Smith, “‘Don’t hit women’ isn’t politics.”<p>Yesterday was a horrible day at ESPN, and for sports journalism as a …

Jemele Hill

Why cats can’t resist (even a phony) box

Twitter has been blowing up with posts on cats’ attraction to taped squares on the ground. An animal behavior expert explains what draws Fluffy to …


As Cassini Makes 1st 'Grand Finale' Dive, More Saturn Mysteries Remain

Running low on fuel, NASA's Cassini spacecraft has begun the final — and most daring — phase of its epic mission to Saturn.<p>After using a final flyby …

Space Exploration

Being Socially Awkward Is Actually Awesome, According to Science

When I think back to the Bumper Boat Debacle of 1984, I can see the trappings of an awkward moment: I was in middle school; there were unknown …


An artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next

The lambs spent four weeks in the external wombs and seemed to develop normally<p>Inside what look like oversized ziplock bags strewn with tubes of blood and fluid, eight fetal lambs continued to develop — much like they would have inside their mothers. Over four weeks, their lungs and brains grew, …


In Its Rush to Kill, Arkansas May Have Executed an Innocent Man

The entire criminal justice system in Arkansas failed Ledell Lee, whose execution was part of the state's execution spree.Ledell Lee’s first …


Wikipedia founder to fight fake news with new Wikitribune site

Crowdfunded online publication from Jimmy Wales will pair paid journalists with army of volunteer contributors<p>Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia, is launching a new online publication which will aim to fight fake news by pairing professional journalists with an army of volunteer community …


Scientists Think We Could Reach The Brightest Star in The Sky in 69 Years

Sirius, we are coming for you.<p>If you're going to send a nano-spacecraft powered by photons across the galaxy – travelling at a fraction of the speed …


Fairytale Prisoner by Choice: The Photographic Eye of Melania Trump

Why won’t the first lady show up for her job? <i>Why?</i> I became obsessed with this question and eventually looked to Melania’s Twitter history for …

Melania Trump

One family's life in the wilderness

<b>In the US state of Alaska, the Atchley family are the only people who live anywhere along the 250-mile (400km) length of the Nowitna River.</b><p>Over the past 18 years, only a handful of people have ever visited them in their remote location, 100 miles from the nearest town, Ruby.<p>Photographer Ed Gold …

Iceberg tourists flock to Newfoundland town

<b>A small town in Newfoundland, Canada, has become a sudden tourist spot thanks to a new visitor - one of the first icebergs of the season.</b><p>Canada's CBC News said that over the Easter weekend, the Southern Shore highway near the town of Ferryland was blocked with traffic as photographers - …


Who Cares if Trump Is Religious?

Trump might be the least God-fearing president to occupy the White House in centuries. That's a great thing for America.<p>This Sunday, tens of millions of American Christians will celebrate Easter, and thousands of children and their families will descend on the White House to take part in the annual …


Why Americans Vote ‘Against Their Interest’: Partisanship

Working-class Americans who voted for Donald J. Trump continue to approve of him as president, even though he supported a health care bill that would disproportionately hurt them.<p>Highly educated professionals tend to lean Democratic, even though Republican tax policies would probably leave more …

Democratic Party

Who Are You Calling Anti-Science?

In a couple of weeks, crowds will march nationwide in the March for Science. It’s part of a recent trend pushing back against “anti-science” …


The war in Syria, explained

How Syria’s civil war became America’s problem.<p>On the face of it, President Trump’s decision to attack Syria doesn’t make a lot of sense. Launching 59 missiles at a single airbase, as Trump did, is not going to seriously change the outcome of a years-long civil war. So what’s the point of doing it …


Watch Pearl Jam's Humble Rock Hall Induction Speech

"We knew we were better together than apart," says Eddie Vedder<p><i>A quarter of a century after they released their 13-times platinum debut,</i> Ten<i>, Pearl</i> …

Eddie Vedder

Too Many of Trump’s Liberal Critics Are Praising His Strike on Syria

It shouldn’t be surprising, but it is to me nonetheless: Plenty of liberals who’ve long criticized Donald Trump as unfit to be president are praising …

Syrian survivor to Trump: Thank you

Kassem Eid, who survived a 2013 chemical gas attack in Syria, expresses his gratitude to President Trump for his missile strike of a Syrian airbase.