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#Nonlinearcircuits #4u #sergeformat #modularsynth

Modular On The Spot Sunday afternoon session #moogfest2017 #modularsynth #synthesizer #eurorack

A clip from our performace tonight! #modularsynth #eurorack

This is going to go so nicely with my voltage block and BIA! I couldn't leave it alone at #moogfest, even with all the noise on the market floor, the sounds I was getting out of it were something special! Amazingly physically modeled sounding drums, super glitchy IDM autechre sounding drums that would suddenly morph into amazing basslines with the turn of a knob, this is going to be fun!!! #busycircuits #akemiestaiko

William Hart & Eric Hold : Live at Volt Divers, Lovecraft Bar, Portland, Oregon 13 May 2017

VSL Modular Composition 2016-11-13 AWM VCF74 BASS

Above the Water Level | Omnichord, Field Kit, Tape Loops

Suzanne Ciani Live in Berkeley 2017

Today's setting.Buchla Music Easel #buchla #modularsynth #modular

The incredible and amazing ua726 @bucketbd @kuro303909 @tograw #buchla #easel #modular #synth

ER301 and Octal Switch idea

Force Ghost (Synth Cat Excerpt)

Farads Fade

MP Interview #05 - Modularism

Cursus Shimmer

20170301 ua726 Live At Cafe Deluxe 2

Cray- Ross Healy @ Resonant May 2017

Rosaline Yuen & Jess Ramsey @ Bar Open (May 2017)

Maletín picnic_ dio3stu_ Galicia Maker Faire

Making sounds with Suzanne Ciani, America's first female synth hero

She was one of the few women working in sound design during the 1970s and here she talks about a long career, from appearing on Letterman to how she ended up making the famous Coke noise<p>It might not seem so much of a stretch any more, but imagine spending your entire life in a tempestuous …


Industrial legend Drew McDowall on Coil and confronting global crisis

<i>Drew McDowall is legendary for his contributions to experimental greats Coil and Psychic TV, but over the past few years he’s forged his own path,</i> …


Buchla CVT Thirteen

Metropolis Firmware Update v1.30

Reviving the Ghostly Sounds of Maryanne Amacher

“It had texture,” the composer George Lewis said recently, recalling the very loud yet very subtle electronic music of Maryanne Amacher. “It had ghost things inside. I think she actually said, ‘You have to listen for the ghosts.’ And then once you started hearing them, they were always …


The coming of the @wintermodular Eloquencer warrants a serious reorganization of my modular... Can't wait to dive in! - - - - - #eurorack #synthesizer #modular #sequencer

Shiro the modular Guinea Pig is excited to fire this up and get to testing. #zetaohm #modularsynth #flxs1


Flame Chord Machine 2 chord progression

the PlumbRolzer instrument