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BBoyTech Modular Journal - Evolution Filter

Modular Synth - Cyclebox II + Fluctuations Magnetiques + Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Buchla Easel Reverb Installation

Ladik logic modules B-010, B-011, B-020

Deerhorn Organ w/ Count to 5 and Particle

VLOG7 - Modular Meets *COME WIN SOME STUFF!*

98% ready. im satisfied with this look. final version will have matte black front panels

Sébastien Léger - "Morodesque"

Retro Mechanical Labs Electron Fuzz Custom CV Euro Pedal for Eurorack Modular Review

ER-301 Fiddles

WMD - TRSHMSTR *first patch*

TEMPI v31 new firmware features and functionality

8 Ways To Spice Up Your Modular Beats with Malekko Varigate 8+

Cursus Iteritas with Numeric Repetitor modulation

Circles by Hoan Kiem Chess Team

Brittle Bones (excerpt) by Hoan Kiem Chess Team

2 x Vi vca - zlob modular (6 ota vcas in a small package) #euroracksynthesizers #diy #zlobmodular #eurorack #sdiy

Jomox T-Rackonizer Filter Matrix Module

E9 Easel Wrongdoings

Make Noise Telharmonic


Now you can sync Ableton Link to your Eurorack with this open gizmo

Ableton Link has become the de facto, configuration-free, seamless sync and jamming protocol for software – with or without Ableton Live itself. …


Open Source Project Brings Ableton Link To Modular Synths

Developer <b>Vincenzo Pacella</b> has shared an open-source project to bring <b>Ableton Link</b> to modular synthesizers.<p>The project, pink-0, is a hardware shield …

Open Source


Winter Tracks | 4-Track Cassette & Eurorack Ambient

Art + Music + Technology : Podcast 164: Bana Haffar

Bana Haffar's profile in the modular world is growing by the day. She really hit people's attention with her demo video for the Moog Mother32: Liquid …


Modular Monthly: Creative sequencing with the DU-SEQ