Sex in the Sea

By Marah J Hardt |  A collection of the science, pop culture, and innovation that is shaping the sex lives of marine life in the deep. Based on my book, Sex in the Sea with St. Martin's Press 2016. 

Coral Reef Readies To Reproduce: Want To Watch?

Every year in the late summer, the dive and tourism industries in the Florida Keys encourage people to come to the island chain and watch the …


The Rhythms Of Elephant Seals

A new study of elephant seals suggests that alpha males are recognized by unique rhythms in their calls during mating season. Researcher Colleen Reichmuth talks with NPR's Don Gonyea.<p>Transcript<p>DON GONYEA, HOST:<p>Imagine you're an elephant seal on the prowl for a harem of mates. You blurt out this …


To Save This Tasty Sea Snail, We Must First Figure Out What Turns It On

At the Bodega Marine Laboratory north of San Francisco, Kristin Aquilino is busy trying to romance a bucket of white abalone spawn. Her recipe for …

Biological Species

Sharks of Summer (with Marah Hardt of ‘Sex in the Sea’)

If you watch enough “Jaws” and Shark Week, you’re bound to see sharks as ravenous death machines. But is it really more appropriate to think of these …


How Many Countries Does it Take to Save a Fish?


7 animal dads that go above and beyond

This Father's Day, we take a look at eight dads in the animal kingdom that go above and beyond.

Biological Species

Spying on fish love calls could help protect them from overfishing

About a third of the world's fish stocks are being overfished, meaning they're being harvested faster than they can reproduce, and species that spawn …


How do Animals Have Sex Underwater?

Speed, angle, and agility combat the difficulties of aquatic mating.<p>Snicker if you will, but sex presents special challenges for aquatic animals.<p>After all, it’s tough to stay on an inflatable raft, and that’s not trying to swim away. (Related: Intimate Details of Dolphin Sex Revealed.)<p>Recently …

New Information on How Long some Rockfish Live and How Often they Spawn | Alaska Native News

Christine Baier | NOAA May 22, 2017.<p>Shortraker rockfish Photo: Rebecca Reuter, NOAA Fisheries<p>Some things just get better with age. Like rockfish …

Rough sex & more recent discoveries in sawtooth reproduction

Randy technicolour crabs invade Cuba’s Bay of Pigs to take part in mating sessions

MILLIONS of randy technicolor crabs have invaded Cuba’s Bay of Pigs to take part in a mating session on the beach.<p>Each year, after the first spring …


Fierce mating battle between wild cuttlefish is captured on video for first time

WOODS HOLE, Mass. -- It sounds like Shakespearean drama: A male fights to protect his mate after a rival steals her away, using all his cunning and …


Spring is the Season of Love! Penguin Nesting and Pairing Begins

In honor of World Penguin Day, Shedd Aquarium is sharing a special look inside the penguin habitat during nesting season!<p>Spring is here and love is in the air. For Shedd Aquarium’s rockhopper and Magellanic penguins, the arrival of spring marks the arrival of another season; nesting season. During …

An intimate look at the mechanics of dolphin sex

Earth's creatures outwardly display an astonishing diversity of genitalia and mating behavior, but the intricate details of how genitalia interact …


Some animals kill each other after sex because their distinction between hungry and flirty is blurred

Sorry, cephalopod enthusiasts. For a second year in a row, there will be no Octo-Sex event at the Seattle Aquarium.<p>In honor of past years’ Valentine’s Day, the aquarium has organized a viewing party as they introduce two octopuses that will hopefully mate. This year, the event was cancelled because …


Faking it: Lampreys sometimes simulate sex, engage in 'sham mating'

Brooks Hays<br>Feb. 6 (UPI) -- New research suggests much of the sex at lamprey gatherings is simulated. Scientists call the act 'sham mating.'


Drone captures rare footage of whales mating off Newport Beach coastline

Never mind that a drone was hovering above, capturing the intimate act later shared on social media. Or the 100 or so spectators watching the …


Crab Teases Anemone, Anemone Splits In Two, Crab And Anemone Live On

Researchers have identified the first known example of one animal, a boxer crab, stimulating another animal, a sea anemone, to reproduce asexually.<p>From the outside, it's a bit of an abusive situation.<p>The crabs and anemones have a symbiotic relationship. The anemones live on the delicate front claws …

Scuba Diving

Deadline approaching as reef fish ban takes hold

Coral reef fin fish will be off limits from today, as the first of two annual closures that protect these fish during spawning season …


Animal Sex: How Nautiluses Do It

Nautiluses are physically distinct among cephalopods — the family of marine mollusks that also includes octopuses, squid and cuttlefish — in that …

Biological Species

5 Gross and Amazing Ways Animals Deliver Sperm

One worm lives inside the female and ejaculates through the top of her head.<p>Men, be glad you're not an anglerfish.<p>In some deep-sea anglerfish species, like the needlebeard seadevil, the tiny male bites into the female, who is often 10 times his size, and soon begins to disintegrate, melting and …

Sex in the Sea - labroides

Mating of Mandarin Fish


Male Crabs Claw Their Way to Successful Seductions

A supersize claw gives a sand fiddler crab advantages in waving down prospective mates, and beating the heat on the beach.<p>This story appears in the August 2016 issue of <i>National Geographic</i> magazine.<p>All around her, guys wave seductively, beckoning her to their beach homes. How will the female fiddler …

8 Facts That Will Make You Realise How Strange Animal Sex Really Is

Two words: disposable penis.<p>It's a fact of human nature that we are all titillated on some level by the mere notion of sex, and chances are many of …

Right whale sex involves one-tonne testicles and a 4-metre penis (NSFW?)

The birds and the bees may have their own tune, but when it comes to sex in the animal kingdom, whales put on quite a show. We've witnessed an …


First Ever Great White Birthing Site Discovered 40 Miles South Of Rhode Island Coast

Ocearch said its team of fishermen and scientists has found the first known birthing site for great white sharks on the North Atlantic Coast. After …


First-ever hybrid shark discovered off Australia

Scientists have identified the first-ever hybrid shark off the coast of Australia, a discovery that suggests some shark species may respond to changing ocean conditions by interbreeding with one another.<p>A team of 10 Australian researchers identified multiple generations of sharks that arose from …