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Be nice! Airlines aim for more 'mindful' fliers

It's stressful in the air nowadays, but some airlines are making new efforts to ease the pain.

Air Travel

26 Tools Every Virtual Assistant Should Be Using

Here is the answer which I will give to President Roosevelt...Give us the tools, and we will finish the job. - Sir Winston Churchill

Tools empower. …

Virtual Assistants

Please wave wildly at the Administrative Professionals of the DE-MD-DC division of the @Iaap. Happy APW ladies!

PA panel ... now these guys are rock stars! @BonnieLowKramen @redcapeco

BTUA Class #20, and a beautiful day in NYC! #BTUA #SPEAKUPPLEDGE #redcapeco

Take us to the future! We won't have downloadable food at #AdminBash2015 but we WILL have a Paella Buffet! #NinjaLife

We just got a closer look at Microsoft Office 2016, and here are the features we like

Microsoft just announced that it’s bringing its new version of Office that’s optimized for tablets and phones to the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Windows Phone.

This means you’ll be able to see exactly how Office 2016 will work on Microsoft’s mobile devices by the end of the month.

And, at the …

Microsoft Windows

Last Minute Admin Gifts that are Still Thoughtful

Office ninjas wear lots of hats, but please don’t ask them to buy their own appreciation gift.

If Administrative Professionals Day (April 22, 2015) …


“#mortgage #loanofficer #success #wisdom #millennials #realestate”

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Help us #CelebrateAdmins with @Staples on 4/22 at 1-2 p.m. ET. #iaapAPW #iaap

Admin Week of Giveaways

A week-long celebration of office ninjas. Each day we’ll feature a different, extraordinary ninja on In addition to showering them …

Admin Bash 2015: 14 Reasons Why You Need to be There

As you know, Administrative Professionals Day® is just around the corner. We’ve kept most of the details of our Admin Bash under wraps…until …

Mario Kart

Shutterfly - Executive Assistant to the CFO and CHRO

Executive Assistant to the CFO and CHRO - Executive Assistant to Chief Financial Officer and Chief Human...

Members of our Greenville, SC team prepping some "extra" special Administrative Professionals Week gifts #AdminsRock

Still Not a Fan of Telecommuting? Here's Why You Need to Get On the Bandwagon


Telecommuting is on the rise, and for good reason: it increases morale and decreases costs. If you're still making your employees be in the office from 9-5, here's how to make a change.

Telecommuting employees are becoming more and more common. In 2010, 13.4 million U.S. workers worked …

Tax Credits

You Know You’re an Appreciated Admin When …

Click on the image to view & download the full size graphic.Happy Administrative Professionals Week! To celebrate this special occasion, and Admin …

Lifelong Learning

College to offer class for administrative assistants


• Leader & Times

At schools, government offices and many businesses, they are the first person to greet people coming through the …


Here Are 11 Influential Women You Should Know

From the champion of #BringBackOurGirls to those leading the fight against Ebola

When we think of “influential women,” there’s a familiar rotation that comes to mind: Taylor Swift, Malala Yousafzai, Hillary Clinton. This year’s TIME 100 is filled with bold-face names like those, and for good reason. …

New Orleans

The Administrative Professionals Week festivities have already commenced in our Menlo Park, CA office! #AdminsRock

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The Administrative Professionals Week festivities have already commenced in our Menlo Park, CA office! #AdminsRock

GEARS Administrative Professionals Conference

GEARS Inc. presents the 2015 GEARS Administrative Professionals Conference. A day dedicated to empowering and strengthening all Administrative …

10 Speaking and Writing Errors That Erode Your Credibility


Want people to perceive you as intelligent and well educated? Don't get caught using these improper expressions.

Words are powerful things. Wield them skillfully and people are more likely to perceive you in a positive light. Speak or write poorly, however, and people may judge you in an …


Jumpstart Earth Day With These 8 Go Green Tips

Since next week is Admin Week, we’re getting a bit of a jump start on Earth Day!

How’s your workplace’s carbon footprint? Is it ninja-like: light and …


FLASH RAFFLE! 15 Brag-Worthy Prizes During Admin Week (April 20-24)

How are your reflexes these days, ninjas? We’ve got an incredible week of giveaways coming up – but you’ve got to be quick to win!

For each day of …

Gift Cards

Behind the scenes with Michelle Obama’s former chief of stuff

She was Michelle Obama’s intermediary, her message-passer, her play-date arranger, her mentee, her purse, her occasional workout buddy, her escort, …

Michelle Obama

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Learn how to make infographics fast in PowerPoint with our free templates -

7 Tips To Help You Speak Up About Bad Behaviour

Have you ever been in the situation, where someone in work has said or done something that has irritated, hurt, or upset you?

I’m sure that like me, you have. It could be that they don’t listen to your views, or the views of others, or dismiss other people’s ideas. It could be that they sit on your …