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The 4 Types of Introvert: Which Are You?


Not all introverts are alike. Take this quiz to find out which type you are.

Ask a bunch of people on the street what the term "introverted" means and you'll probably get a bunch of different answers. One person might mention social anxiety, another a dreamy personality, a third a preference …


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Excel: Focus on Formulas

Excel: Focus on Formulas

You know that Microsoft® Excel® crunches numbers extremely well.

But did you know that more than half of Excel users never …

Get the jump on new job jitters - Hays | The Viewpoint

No matter how confident you are in your own abilities or how much professional experience you have, starting a new job is always going to be …

Votes of Confidence

Your Administrative Role in Disaster Recovery Planning

This article originally appeared in Executive Secretary Magazine and is reprinted here with permission.

A hurricane is bearing down and your office has …

Disaster Recovery

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“Went off FB again because people just don't know how to play nice.”

Two Spaces After a Period

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If you learned to type on a typewriter, you’re going to hate what I say next: Do not put two spaces after a period. Don’t do it. Just use …

Coaching and mentoring you to create a happy life

It can be a bit scary to actually stop. To give yourself the time to reflect on where you have got to in your life and where you might like your next …


Introducing the The PA Hub Yorkshire PA Awards 2015 - The PA Hub

The PA Hub are proud to announce they will be holding Yorkshire PA of the Year 2015 at The Pavilion, Leeds United Football Ground, Leeds on the …


Identifying & Correcting Inefficiencies in Your Office

Is there something that’s driving you crazy because it’s so inefficient? Do you have a solution for fixing it? If not, what’s stopping you?

As an …


Job descriptions for Personal Assistants - Merited or inherited?

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Once upon a time you spotted or were presented with a Job Spec which caught your attention. You applied …

Human Resources

How to Enjoy Summer Even Though You Have to Work

For most of us, gone are the days of a summer-long vacation spent in flip-flops and t-shirts. Did we even appreciate how carefree those days truly …


Getting That New Job Takes Shine

by Cathy Cassata
Previously published in the May/June 2015 Issue of OfficePro Magazine.

Whether you're looking to expand your networking pool or ready …


Do Staff Celebrations Come at a Cost to Workers?

Staff celebrations are one way to engage employees and create a sense of camaraderie. And since they’re obviously too expensive for one or two …


Meet Jennifer: Career Insights from the UK

Do you ever look at admin. professionals you admire, and wonder how they pull and keep it all together? Or how the professional life of a North

United Kingdom

6 Tips for Maximizing Work From Home Days

When done right, a work-from-home day can be both wildly productive and personally restorative. Eliminate the minutes it takes you to commute to and …


IAAP Summit 2015

IAAP Summit 2015: Louisville

July 25-29, 2015

Saddle up and get ready to attend IAAP Summit 2015: Connect, Learn, Lead, and Excel. IAAP’s signature …


Office Procedures: Make Them Love You While You’re Gone

This article was originally published in OfficePro and is reprinted here with permission.

If something happened and you missed work for a week, two …


Take your boss's business trip virtually

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According to a recent survey conducted by PA Life assistants spend at least 20% of their time organising …


What To Do When You’re Stuck in a Painfully Boring Meeting

We recently solicited readers to submit their most pressing career-related questions.

With the help of Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and …

Job Satisfaction

V is for Voice : Executive PA,Secretarial,office and administrative assistant

V is for Voice

Consider your position as a PA as highly privileged. The very nature of your role means you are privy to lots of company information, …

Body Language

Are You a Traditional or Collaborative Leader? (Infographic)


Identify and shape your leadership style with this infographic.

The workplace landscape is changing. As businesses compete to stay relevant, they're constantly in search of innovative solutions to increase productivity and engage workers. The traditional leadership style is changing and the …


Ep 9: Build the Ultimate Partnership - A CEO's Perspective with guest Jeff Hoffman


What happens when women discriminate against other women

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Women's Agenda

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When I told my manager I was pregnant I expected the conversation to go like this:

"Mary* I'm 13 weeks pregnant

Gender Equality

6 Important Career Lessons from 'Friends'

Build Your Career Get Ahead 6 Important Career Lessons from 'Friends'

Credit: NBC/Netflix

It's been more than a decade since Rachel got off the plane …