Inked Beauty

By Mr. Rorroh Apex | #InkedBeauty #Guns #Bandanas & #Smoke

devil's charm

Tough Love

Mind Space Apocalypse


A nice mix of pics, gifs, and vids

⏫Tech N9ne ft. Slipknot⏫<p>(With Dark Art Video I made for it cause I couldn't find a good video, song's too new)<p>⏫Keep your eye on the water to the …

Shadows: The Dark Side of Beauty

Toy box<p><b></b> - The #Dark Side Of #Beauty on Flipboard<p>DirtyMind: seniXXXeS<p>View my Flipboard Magazine<p>Gothic/Fantasy Art by: …

Model Spotlight: Suicide Girl, Mewes Suicide

<b>Mewes Suicide</b><p><b>@Mewes_Suicide</b><br>***<p><b>To see the unrated pics, click here:</b> <br>Model Spotlight: Suicide Girl, Mewes …