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Two Atlanta-Based Designers Create An Architecturally Inspired Dog House

Atlanta-based design firm, Pyramd Design Co., have created their first offering, The Puphaus.

The designer’s description

Emerging from the musings of …

House Design

11 Ways to Stay Cool On Summer Nights

Though there are many things we can do to cool off during hot summer days, nights can be tricky because, well, we're asleep and can't do much! But …


6 Smart Tips for a Summer of Better Grilling — Tips from The Kitchn

Pin itSummer means grilling season — everything from fruit and veggies to meat and dessert. We're deep in the heart of it and it's just going to get …


Smashed Asian Cucumber Salad

This Smashed Asian cucumber salad recipe is light, refreshing and perfect for the summer, but packed with flavor from a zingy dressing, garlic, and …


Spicy Meatball Banh Mi

Spicy Meatball Banh Mi - juicy pork meatballs spiked with garlic, herbs, Sriracha, and fish sauce.


Cold Noodles with Shredded Chicken

Cold noodles with shredded chicken, or 鸡丝凉面, is a Sichuan dish, but it’s extremely popular across China as a tasty and cooling street food during hot …

Chicken Recipes

BBQ Char Siu on the Grill

Now that it’s officially summer, you’re probably hunting for something good to slap on the grill. If you’re looking for something a little bit …

Barbecue Recipes

This Summer, Feast on Korean BBQ and Sides

Header image: CHOW

When you hear “BBQ,” you probably think juicy ribs and Texan brisket. If your tastes run more towards the spicy and garlicky, …


A hungry traveller's guide to Korean street food

In South Korea you are never far from delicious street eats to satisfy a kimchi craving. Skewers of tangy chargrilled chicken, seafood pancakes with kimchi pizzazz, and golden fish-shaped waffles with a sweet surprise filling can even make for a full meal.

Eat Korean style, not walking but rubbing …


How to make Korean Chicken Salad, Dak-Nangchae (닭냉채)

There are many types of chicken salads around the world. Koreans have a chicken salad called Dak-nangchae (닭 냉채).

This salad is eaten during the hot …

Korean Food

A wood lattice filters the sun, but not the views from this house in Brazil

Candida Tabet Architecture designed a house that has stunning views of Bragança Paulista, Brazil.

The architect’s description

Characterized by huge …


Add this to the “To Grill” list summer.Turkey Banh Mi Burgers via i am a food blog

Add this to the “To Grill” list summer.

Turkey Banh Mi Burgers via i am a food blog

If you didn’t like The New York Times’ pea guacamole, these may not be for you.Warning: These 16 Recipes Might Offend You via Food52

If you didn’t like The New York Times’ pea guacamole, these may not be for you.

Warning: These 16 Recipes Might Offend You via Food52

Believe It or Not, We Found a Replacement for Grilled Cheese

Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the Cronut, gave us the recipe to his favorite sandwich. We'll never look at grilled cheese the same way again.

Here's an important question that's always stumped me: What is better than a grilled cheese sandwich? Good news, it took me 30 years—a testament to Kraft …


German-Style Chicken Sandwich with Beer

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Author Notes: The grilled chicken sandwich gets kicked to a new level with beer-braised …

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The only potato salad recipe you'll ever need

When we make a statement as grand as the one in our headline, we mean it.

Potato salad should be taken seriously. And if you're getting ready for the Fourth of July weekend, you should probably pay attention.

Sure, any good picnic table should be stocked with plenty of BBQ, beer and chips. But what …


Seafood Paella

This dish requires organization and slicing and dicing in advance. But once the paella gets going, the process is pretty seamless—and the rewards are huge.


Purée chile, parsley, and 6 Tbsp. oil in a food processor until smooth; season chile-parsley oil with salt and set aside.

Heat 1 …


Lu Rou Fan (Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Bowl)

I don’t think there’s any debate on this issue. Lu rou fan (滷肉饭) is one of THE most beloved Taiwanese comfort foods. Second only perhaps to a piping …


The Ultimate Guide to Grilling Corn - Bon Appétit

July 2, 2015 /

Written by Elyssa Goldberg

Corn is a summer staple because it’s the best there is. But you know what makes corn better than the best? Throwing it on a grill and getting some char on those kernels. The technique’s easy, convenient, and loads up sweet corn with smoky depth. From selection …


Quick Grilled Squid Salad

If you can’t find squid readily at your grocer, this fresh seafood salad would be equally appealing made with shrimp. Purchase 1 lb. (16 oz./500 g) medium-sized shrimp; peel and devein them, then thread 4 to 6 on a skewer and grill or broil them until they turn pink and curl slightly. Quick Grilled

Olive Oil

Bibim Guksu (Korean Spicy Cold Noodles)

Last weekend, my family and I went to Flushing, NY., one of the largest Korea towns in the U.S., to watch the World Cup Round of 16 game between …

Boiled Egg

9 Last-Minute 4th Of July Barbecue Recipes

We've rounded up a few of our favorite last-minute barbecue recipes.

Prepping a menu for any party can be exhausting and sometimes last-minute. But luckily, the 4th of July has a few standard items, like barbecued kabobs and grilled chicken, that you can whip up in a hurry. There are plenty of other …


6 Ice Cream Cakes You Need to Try This Summer

An ice cream cake is an almost unbelievable thing, the best of cake and the best of ice cream, combined as one cool, whipped cream–topped slab on a …

Ice Cream


Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)

Where did the summer go? I can’t believe it’s nearing the end. While it’s still here, here’s a recipe I’ve been wanting to share with you all summer …


How to Cook Hot Dogs the Right Way - Bon Appétit

July 1, 2015 /

Written by Rochelle Bilow

Cooking up a proper hot dog isn’t rocket science, but it’s not a fool-proof endeavor, either. From burst casings to the wrong condiments, these are the most common hot dog crimes. Avoid them, and your backyard cookout will surpass any ballpark’s finest fare.

1. …

Hot Dogs

Simple Grilled Potato Salad With Grilled Lemon Vinaigrette

This grilled potato salad offers a range of textures—crispy, crunchy, and creamy—with a nice smokiness from the grill balanced by a tart grilled lemon vinaigrette flavored with scallions and shallots. The key is par-cooking the potatoes and roughing them up a bit for extra crunch.

Forget about …


Grilled Scallion Pancakes

Scallion pancake dough grills up as marvelously as it fries, getting crisp, bubbly, and nicely charred.

Take your scallion pancakes to the grill for extra crispness and flavor.

Why This Recipe Works

Rolling and re-rolling the scallion pancakes twice produces four to five times as many flaky layers as …


The Best Tabbouleh Salad

There are lots of tabbouleh recipes in the world, but many don't give instructions that can lead to a sopping wet salad with bulgur that's too hard to eat. This one uses pre-salting steps to remove excess moisture from the tomatoes and parsley, then uses the water drained from the tomatoes to soak …


67 great recipes for Fourth of July

Forget the fireworks — have you planned your Fourth of July menu yet? If you're still getting caught up on "True Detective," here are 67 great recipe ideas. From fried chicken to potato salad to brownies, grilled tri-tip, easy beer ice cream and more, we're here to help. Now all you've got to do …