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Korean Short Rib Tacos with Crunchy Asian Slaw

Don’t be intimidated by the long list of ingredients for these colorful tacos. Once you marinate the short ribs overnight, the slaw comes together quickly in this savory mash-up of Asian and Latin American cuisines. Korean Short Rib Tacos with Crunchy Asian Slaw For the short ribs:1/2 cup (4 fl. …


Korean-Style Curry Rice (Ka-re rice: 카레라이스)English & Korean Captions

Our Best Nachos Recipes for Game Day and Anytime

From game day to weekend snacking to, um, weeknight dinners, we support any excuse to eat nachos. But pre-shredded cheese and a jar of watery tomato salsa? You can do better than that.

That’s why we’ve come up with three brand-new recipes for alterna-nachos. That’s right: alterna-nachos. From …


Shannon's Soothing Mix of Styles — House Tour

Name: Shannon Schelbert of mac+cam photography, along with husband Michael, sons Mac (10) and Cam (8) and dog Tottenham (named after Tottenham …

Lionel Messi

Paris apartment via The Everygirl

7 simple rules for mobile typography

You’ve probably heard that good typography is invisible, but it’s more accurate to say that good typography makes the act of reading effortless.When …


Strategy Versus Tactics

“I wanted to document a handful of key UX concepts … [and] hit upon the idea of using 3 x 5-inch note cards and simple, hand-drawn visualizations as …

Sun Tzu

Why You Should Avoid Using Modal Windows on Mobile

One of the most frustrating things users experience on mobile sites is a modal window. On desktop, modal windows display without issue because of the …

Microsoft Windows

Citizen Science Association Data Viz Talk

Sharing results with participants in CS programs has been shown to be an overlooked part of a virtuous citizen science cycle. Today we’ve brought …

Data Visualization

Analytics Dashboard UI Kit - Create a modern dashboard

Analytics Dashboard UI Kit is a freebie provided by the Balkan Brothers. It is a very powerful backend design that is a must-have in any web …


Designing Data-Driven Interfaces

Telling the story of your data

“Dashboard”, “Big Data”, “Data visualization”, “Analytics” — there’s been an explosion of people and companies looking …

Data Visualization

Salesforce revamps user interface with new Lightning experience and design system

Despite its market penetration, many users of Salesforce.com's cloud-based CRM software have found the system's user interface to be a bit antiquated.


Unidirectional User Interface Architectures

This post is a non-exhaustive quick overview of the so-called “unidirectional data flow” architectures. Not meant to be taken as an beginner …


Emotional Intelligence in Design

How Design Grows Up

We’re on a journey together, you and me. We’ve come a long way, but design for the web is still in its adolescence. In the early …


The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence

In some jobs, being in touch with emotions is essential. In others, it seems to be a detriment. And like any skill, being able to read people can be used for good or evil.

Some of the greatest moments in human history were fueled by emotional intelligence. When Martin Luther King, Jr. presented his …


NYC's Best Old-School Chinese-American Eats

Best of Cuisine

These restaurants take the flavors of old-school Chinese-American dishes and give them a new spin, often in an updated, modernized …


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Six simple recipes from a Korean kitchen

Mixed rice with vegetables and beef (bibimbap)

It is hard not to fall in love with bibimbap. The bed of pearly white rice adorned with a ring of colourful vegetables and beef, and a bright yellow egg, the shining star in the centre. It is almost hypnotic. Like a lot of Korean dishes, individual …


Modern High-Rise Town House in Tel Aviv

Six stories high, crowned with a pool, and with a direct lineage back to the Bauhaus, a new town house in Tel Aviv manages to both embrace and provide refuge from the teeming Israeli city.

Project: Tel Aviv Town HouseArchitect: Pitsou Kedem Architects

Downtown Tel Aviv won’t come as a surprise to …

Urban Design

Swede Success: 14 of Acne Studios’s Biggest Street Style Hits

Acne Studios could scarcely be more suited to street style. Maybe it’s because the Swedish favorite consistently turns out pieces that are pragmatic and versatile, yet distinctive enough to be spotted from a block away. Jonny Johansson’s cultishly adored styles range from the classic (the …

Japanese Street Fashion

Focaccia, Three Ways

While in Italy, we were introduced to the two- or three-ingredient simplicity of an Italian sandwich.

In Tuscany, we ended up in a medieval town …


Spicy Meatball Banh Mi

This meatball banh mi with pickled carrot and daikon, Sriracha mayo, cilantro, and jalapeno, is the most surprisingly delicious thing I’ve made in a …


Why Gochujang Is in Every Korean Pantry (and Belongs in Yours Too)

Header image: Pork Bulgogi from CHOWThere are plenty of food cultures out there that embrace the spicy, but it’s hard to think of one that uses a …

Korean Food

Source: VT Wonen

Spaghetti pie is a fun way to make dinner with leftovers for later

I was first introduced to a variation of this recipe by a fraternity brother from Emory University named Matt Sacks. Later on, while in graduate school, my stepmother—a pretty great cook in her own right—gave me her version of the recipe, which comes in handy not only as a great lunch or dinner, …


You’ll Want to Save This Crazy Grilled Cheese Recipe for Brunch

Sunday is the day we dream about. Yeah, Friday and Saturday are cool, but Sunday is the type of friend we can chill with without speaking a word, in our pajamas, grubbing hard on snacks while binge-watching Netflix (everyone does it, it’s okay).

Speaking of grubbing hard, we have something you can …


NikeCourt Tennis Classic AC "Gum" Pack

Coming just in time for the U.S. Open is the latest NikeCourt release: a pack of gum rubber-equipped takes on the Tennis Classic AC. Available in both white and black, this version of the '70s tennis low-top comes equipped with a gum rubber version of Nike Sportswear's Autoclave sole and pairs the …


Beef Pancakes (Soegogi-jeon: 쇠고기전) English & Korean Captions