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Three Dishes: French Dip

<i>This comes from our “Los Angeles” issue, on newsstands now. For more stories like this, subscribe to the magazine.</i><p>The dishes that strike us as the …

Los Angeles

Kalguksu (Korean Knife Cut Noodle Soup)

<i>Kalguksu (Korean knife-cut noodle soup) is a light, refreshing and comforting noodle soup. It will warm your heart, mind and soul!</i><p>Kalguksu (Korean …

Cooking (Australia)

Oven Baked Korean BBQ Beef Ribs

<i>Try these supremely tender and delicious oven baked Korean BBQ beef ribs! They are a crowd pleaser and great to serve on special dinner …


Korean Enoki Mushroom Pancakes

<i>Korean enoki mushroom pancakes (Paeng-ee beoseot jeon, 팽이버섯전) are a perfect side dish for a mushroom lover! They are loaded with savoury flavour and</i> …


Orecchiette with Sausage and Broccoli

5 stars based on 46 votes<p>Sometimes it seems impossible to make a meal the whole family loves: what one child happily eats, the other one is “not in …


Spaghetti alla Gricia (Spaghetti with Guanciale and Cheese)

Rome-based food writer Katie Parla, co-author of the new book <i>Tasting Rome</i> ($30), explains that spaghetti alla gricia is a Roman classic that's kind …


The Four Dishes That Define Korean-Chinese Food

How To Eat Korean Barbecue At Home The Right Way

Watch: Korean Barbecue Never Looked So Glamorous - Eater

Eater's deep dive into Korean cuisine has made for all kinds of incredible meals, from fusion to home cooking to the ubiquitous barbecue. Today, Eater LA editor and host Matthew Kang continues the tour in this week's segment at Kristalbelli, a high-end New York Korean barbecue establishment known …


Korean Spicy Stir-Fried Pork Belly (Jeyuk Bokkeum) Recipe

In a large bowl, add the onion, gochujang, gochugaru, honey powder, mirin, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and 1 tablespoon water; stir to combine. Add the pork, stirring to coat, and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight.<p>Let the pork sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. In a …


Bulgogi stew in an earthenware pot (Ttukbaegi-bulgogi: 뚝배기불고기)

Secret Seoul: the South Korean capital’s hidden gems that only locals know

Walk down the main streets of popular areas in Seoul and you are likely to acquire a feeling of claustrophobia (well, unless you live or have lived …


Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef)

Literally meaning "fire meat," <i>bulgogi</i> is a Korean dish of grilled marinated beef. The version Chris Oh, the chef of L.A.'s Hanjip, sent us uses rib …


Deulkkae Soondubu Jjigae (Soft Tofu Stew with Perilla Seeds)

Soondubu jjigae (순두부 찌개) is a stew made with smooth tofu curds, soondubu (also spelled sundubu), also known as silken or extra soft tofu. This is the …


Simple potato pancake (Gamjajeon: 감자전)

Bossam (Korean Boiled Pork)

If you made a large batch of cabbage kimchi from scratch, you should follow the tradition of simmering Korean pork belly to enjoy with. The dish is …


A Daybed That Has Us Dreaming of Summer - Design Milk

The cold hard fact that winter is pretty much here is quite hard to swallow because as the temperatures drop, we dream of sunny days even more. The …


Everyone Needs a Raincoat

So why don’t I own one?<p>Yesterday was apparently one of the wettest days of the year in New York City. It was a day that, had I not worked from home, I would have needed a raincoat. But you know what? I don’t own one.<p>A publicist — people who are paid to pay attention to things like the weather and …

Pacific Northwest

Cheesy, Breezy, Beautiful

Science wants you to eat more grilled cheese.<p>We're not kidding: A 2015 study in the U.S. National Library of Medicine took an in-depth look at why …


Montana home

Leica TL Camera

With a 16 megapixel APS-C sensor at its core, the Leica TL Camera offers a compact body without compromising on image quality. AF performance is …


1982 Toyota FJ43 Aspen Edition

Commissioned by FJ Company president Juan Diego Calle, the 1982 Toyota FJ43 Aspen Edition was designed to be family-friendly yet still capable of …


Leica Red Summicron 50mm Lens

The Leica APO-Summicron-M 50 mm f/2 ASPH lens is widely regarded as one of the sharpest lenses in production. Now you can get one as colorful as the …


Almond, Dill and Sardine Bucatini

Fabio Trabocchi of Washington, D.C.'s Fiola proves that fish from a tin has much more potential than a tuna fish sandwich in this salty, savory …


Prosciutto-Mozzarella Panini with Fig Jam

The classic combination of ham and cheese never gets old, especially when the ham is prosciutto and the cheese is fresh mozzarella.<p>King's Hawaiian …


Golden Boy

Whatever you call it—one-eyed Jack, fireman's egg, chicken in a basket—an egg in a hole is a tidy way to get your fried egg on or, rather, <i>in</i>. It's a …


Fried Eggs with Chorizo and Fried Potatoes

A dry-cured sausage made of pork and smoked paprika, chorizo is an essential ingredient in Basque cuisine. Its smokiness perfumes this dish of fried …


Crispy Pork Schnitzel Sandwiches

While I was in New Orleans producing a story on gumbo, chef Donald Link gave me a copy of his cookbook, <i>Down South.</i> I’ve been combing through it and cooking from its pages ever since. His pork schnitzel is a recent favorite of mine; when I saw that he was coating the pork in mustard as opposed to …


10 Of Our Favorite Fall Sandwiches

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How-To: Make a Beef Flank with Smoked Beef Fat Vinaigrette with Luke Powell