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Must-Have: Light Blue Maxi Shirtdress

Photos via: Rodebjer<p>A shirtdress is always a must-have, but now I have my eyes set on this light blue maxi version. It goes perfectly with leather …

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Samgyupsal Gui (Grilled Pork Belly) and Grilling Roundup

The warm weather is definitely here to stay! That means it’s grilling season. So, my friends at World on a Plate are sharing grilling recipes this …

How to Make Soondae (Korean Blood Sausage)

From the experts at Insa.<p><b>Insa is a</b> massive Korean restaurant in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Gowanus with meticulously appointed karaoke rooms and …

New York City

Asian at Home | Gimbap (Kimbap)

Shrimp & Asian chive dumplings (Saeu buchu mandu: 새우 부추 만두)

The Laissez-Faire Way to Work a Gallery Wall: Layer Your Artwork, Literally

Pin itYou see it more often with artwork that's leaning – either on the floor or on a picture ledge. But this post serves as permission to get a …

The Arts

A Night Out in Seoul with Tuk Tuk Noodle Thai

This Korean Sushi Is Stuffed with Surf 'n' Turf | MUNCHIES

Is there anybody out there who <i>doesn’t</i> love sushi?<p>Maybe. But those people are fools, anyway.<p>Sushi has become such a food phenomena outside its home of Japan that its become interwoven with other styles of cuisine. The Korean version of sushi is known as <i>gimbap</i>, and it’s as amazing as you’d imagine. …

Korean Food

Apartment with amazing floor tiles

Dutch home filled with plants and artwork

Home in Philadelphia via Design*Sponge

Tiny Nashville Cottage via Lonny

Six Paint Colors Worthy of Ditching White Walls - Wit & Delight

While I love the look of clean and crisp white interiors, a white wall will <i>always</i> be an opportunity. I’m so excited to see muted colors make a …

Interior Design

21 Recipes for Mouthwatering Memorial Day Burgers

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and, obviously, that means grilling burgers. Believe us, we'll throw just about <i>anything</i> that's edible over the flames, but the joy of biting into the rosy, juicy insides of a well-charred hunk of beef jammed between bread has established the burger in its deserved …


The Ultimate Delicious Hero Is All In The Assembly | Bon Appetit


It's All in the Details: Beautiful Flooring Transitions We Can't Get Enough Of

"God," German architect Mies van der Rohe once famously said, "is in the details." It's hard to imagine more beautiful details than these eight …


(via How To Decorate Your Garden For A Nice Summer Party)

(via How To Decorate Your Garden For A Nice Summer Party)

Moodboard by Trendenser

Beautiful Amsterdam bedroom make-over and tips for a great night sleep

Photography / design - Holly Marder / Avenue Lifestyle shared with kind permission.<p>Oh so lovely! The star of the show has to be the kitty cat - he's …


How to Clean and Season a Cast-Iron Skillet - Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

The Easiest Cast Iron Skillet Recipes On The Planet

Cast iron or bust.<p>Cast iron skillet recipes are irresistible and impressive. The good news is, they can be super easy to make, too. Anything from chicken to nachos and even dessert can be easily whipped up in a skillet -- even for those who are new to cooking.<p>With a cast iron skillet, amateur cooks …


Cast Iron Chicken Recipes That'll Make You Want To Kiss Your Skillet

No task is too great for a cast iron skillet.<p>Chicken is an easy dish to get bored of. It can be dry, bland and a chore to eat. If you feel the same way we feel, we have good news. There's a simple solution: a cast iron skillet. It's the fastest and simplest way to make chicken exciting again.<p>With a …

Chicken Recipes

13 Recipes Starring Your Cast Iron Skillet

In the pantheon of kitchen greats, brightly colored KitchenAid mixers and stately Le Creusets -- the kind of gifts you might receive for a wedding (or get married so that someone gives them to you) -- might first come to mind. Or your attention may dart to the gleaming knife that fits perfectly in …

Cast Iron

This Trick for Cleaning a Cast Iron Pan Will Save Your Sanity

And all the necessary​ tools are in your pantry.<p>If we had to name our all-time favorite piece of kitchen equipment, the title would probably go to the cast-iron skillet. The trusty pan is a heavy-duty, versatile workhorse that we find ourselves using almost daily for everything from skillet chicken …


How My Cast Iron Skillet Obsession Has Fueled My Life | MUNCHIES

I have metal running through my blood.<p>Four years ago, I founded Finex, a cast iron cookware company in Portland, Oregon. The day we launched, we were the second-largest in America because there was only one other in the country. We make around 100 to 200 skillets a day if we get up early enough in …

American West

17 One-Pot Meals You Can Make in Your Cast-Iron Skillet

Move over, sheet pan dinner recipes — the cast-iron skillet is the O.G. of the cookware world, and it’s here to stay. Perhaps yours was gifted to you by your grandma, or you picked it up at the local flea market. Either way, it’s more than likely your cast-iron skillet has been well-loved for a …

15 Mind-Blowing Ways To Use Your Cast Iron Skillet

Life is too short to eat boring food.<p>1. Cherry Sauce Pork Chops<p>Recipe here.<p>2. Perfect Cast Iron Ribeye With Chimichurri Sauce<p>Recipe here.<p>3. Hot Strawberry Cake With Ice Cream<p>Recipe here.<p>4. Bacon Corn & Sweet Peas Frittata<p>Recipe here.<p>5. Garlic Scallops<p>Recipe here.<p>6. Chicken With 40 Cloves Of …

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