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Rare pictures of the last 10 years of Gandhi's life

<b>Here's an anxious-looking Mahatma Gandhi making a telephone call from his office in Sevagram village in the western state of Maharashtra in 1938.</b><p>India's greatest leader had moved to a village called Segaon two years earlier. He had renamed it Sevagram or a village of service. He built an ashram, a …


'The wickedest road in Britain': the photos that told the truth about red light Birmingham

Varna Road caused moral panic in 1960s Britain. But Janet Mendelsohn set out to tell the truth about the red light district’s pimps, prostitutes, streetkids and slums<p>At the tail end of the 1960s, as many as 200 sex workers would come to ply their trade on Varna Road, in the heart of Birmingham’s …

Local photographer captures magical Milky Way photos of Bay Area

You might think that local light pollution would be prohibitive to star photography, but photographer Michael Shainblum's work shows the Bay Area's potential for lovely, starry skies.<p>Shainblum, who is based in San Francisco, takes photos of beautiful spots all over the Bay Area, none more striking …


These Photos Show The Beautiful, Disturbing World Of The 1%

On opposite pages in the book, called <i>1%: Privilege in a Time of Global Inequality</i>, extreme wealth is shown next to the destruction it creates, though …

UC Berkeley

london whitecross street party : I PAINT everyday 526

Mary Bamber: A Revolutionary Woman

Carrie Reichardt, Nick Reynolds and Joe Rush in Liverpool


Carrie Reichardt rechnet mit den Royals ab

Carrie Reichardt a witness to her friends state execution 2

ART POOP! Carrie Reichardt


Urban in Ibiza #6 - Tailored Anarchy 2014

Mutate Britain support The Robin Hood Tax

Carrie Reichardt V&A BAMM 2012

Carrie Reichardt Angola3 Zulu prison 1/2

BAMM 2014 at King's- Carrie Reichardt:Disobedient Objects Show & Step Installation at the V&A.

The Treatmentrooms Collective - Herman Wallace Tile Argentina 2013

Shrine For Luis

Transglobal Underground

Jeremy Corbyn, the boy to the manor born

Welcome to the seven-bedroom home where the Labour leadership candidate set out on his radical path<p>He is the darling of the hard Left; the Socialist candidate heavily backed to become the next leader of the Labour Party. But what most of his comrades may not realise is that Jeremy Corbyn was, quite …

Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn wins economists’ backing for anti-austerity policies

Former adviser to Bank of England among signatories to letter dismissing criticism of economic plans, saying they are ‘not extreme’<p>More than 40 leading economists, including a former adviser to the Bank of England, have made public their support for Jeremy Corbyn’s policies, dismissing claims that …

Bank of England

Labour leadership contest: Behind the times? No, Jeremy Corbyn may be ahead of the game

When the surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn first became evident a month ago, the immediate reaction in Conservative circles was a mixture of …

Expert Who Predicted General Election Result Says Jeremy Corbyn Is 'Home And Dry' Unless Poll 'Horrendously Wrong'

The next Labour leader will be handed a party with a "serious ideological divide" between MPs and activists, Britain's leading polling expert has …

As a young Labour voter passionate about Corbyn, please don't patronise me

The frontrunner has a vision for a transformed country, markedly different from his leadership rivals<p>Nothing makes you left wing like a long illness. Austerity is hitting young people, the ill and women the hardest, and, unfortunately for me, I have scored that cursed hat-trick. Long-term poor …

Great Britain

Jeremy Corbyn backers plunge Labour into new 'entryism' row

An official from Unite encourages union members - and backers of a rival political party - to join Labour and vote for Jeremy Corbyn in a declaration of war against the “Blairite elite”<p>Jeremy Corbyn has become embroiled in a fresh row over radical socialists infiltrating the Labour leadership …

Jeremy Corbyn has reminded Labour at last why austerity must be opposed

The unlikely leadership frontrunner looks vulnerable to criticism over some policies and pledges. But someone in opposition had to come out fighting<p>The seeds for the phenomenon of the rise and rise of Jeremy Corbyn were sown when Labour either voiced acceptance of George Osborne’s welfare cuts or …

Great Britain

Jeremy Corbyn would renationalise public companies sold for knock-off prices by the Tories

Public assets sold off by the Conservative government face being renationalised with "no compensation" by Jeremy Corbyn if they go for a knockdown …

Jeremy Corbyn will leave Labour on 'scrapheap of history', Baroness Boothroyd warns

Baroness Boothroyd, the former Commons Speaker, says she is watching the Labour leadership battle with 'dismay' as she warns that the party is 'galloping towards the precipice'<p>Baroness Boothroyd, the former Speaker of the Commons, has warned that Jeremy Corbyn could leave Labour on the "scrapheap …

Jeremy Corbyn's opposition to austerity is actually mainstream economics | Letters

Jeremy Corbyn,Politics,UK news,Labour party leadership,Labour,Economic policy,Economics,Business,Bank of England<p>It is the current government’s policy and its objectives that are extreme, not the Labour leadership candidate’s<p>The accusation is widely made that Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters have …