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Bashful - Daniel Del Orfano

Non uso la disperazione, non è cosa mia me l’hanno solo affidata in custodia Wislawa Szymborska #UniversoVersi

©Christian Schloe

Art by Rafal Olbinski ...

la bonne fée☆★☆★🦋 on Twitter: ""

... Paris 1900: Bal Blanc by Joseph-Marius Avy ...

These Coffee Cup Drawings Of Real Life Are Better Than Real Life

Just be sure to finish some of the coffee first.

iPad Art: Rain Woman

‘Ameonna’ – or Rain Woman in English – is the title of today’s featured iPad painting.<p>It was painted on the iPad using the Paper by FiftyThree app, by another old favorite of ours – Michael Acosta. Michael is a member of our iPad Art Google+ community and I haven’t seen him around in a while – so …

All The Ills Of The World, In Beautiful, Biting Illustrations

It’s visual whiplash. The soft lines and gentle colors lure you in, then–<i>pow!</i>–the subject matter hits you with unexpected force.


APNEA - sped up painting

Illustrations Reveal "Sad Facts" About Animals with Charming Wit

Did you know that houseflies can only hum in the key of F? Or that blobfish have no muscles? These are just a couple of illustrator Brooke Barker's <i>Sad Animal Facts</i>. It's an ongoing series that highlights some of the surprising things we probably didn't know about pigs, giraffes, hippos, goats, and …


Delicately Hand-Cut Designs Emerge From A Single Sheet of Paper

Artist Suzy Taylor is able to create one-of-a-kind works of art from a single piece of paper. The paper artist meticulously cuts original designs by hand that primarily revolve around her love of folk art and floral themes. During her cutting process, she utilizes only a single sheet of paper and a …


Adorable Illustrations of Dogs Interact with Real-World Objects

Using things like balloons, lollipops, and eyeglasses, Valerie Susik brings charming dog illustrations to life. The Russian artist first renders realistic portraits of smiling canines in her wire-bound sketchbook with watercolor paint and colored pencils. Once that's complete, she poses different …

Digital Art

Stunning Interior Perfectly Divided into a Half-Graffitied Room

At a quick glance, this single room looks as though it's two separate places. But look again, and you'll see that it's actually the same space! Kiev-based designer Pavel Vetrov created this stunning interior scene where he split minimalist and maximalist aesthetics down the middle of a room. On one …

Interior Design

Amusingly Mischievous Murals Cleverly Interact with the Streets

Italian street artist Caiffa Cosimo, also known as Cheone, creates eye-catching street art featuring optical illusions. The larger-than-life paintings cleverly interact with their surrounding environment in an amusing and mischievous way. Cheone's characters are seen dumping out a can of paint, …



Blind Artist Relies on Touch and Texture to Create Stunningly Vivid Paintings

While art has always been a major part of John Bramblitt's life, it wasn't until he completely lost his sight that he tried to paint for the first time. From the age of 11, Bramblitt's vision was gradually stolen from him by epilepsy. By the time he was 30, seizures had rendered him completely …

Modern Art