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Leila Rose pink ombre rosette cake

One of our cupcakes for this weekend..

We had a big week this week. Just finished set up 1 of the wedding at the Deckhouse. The venue was beautiful and we always love to see our cake in the jar to be used as their bonboniers as well as their place name card. It was such a good idea..

Simple cake and frosting layered in a jar, gifted/served with a spoon... such a pretty idea! :) cake and frosting layered in a jar, gifted/served with a spoon... such a pretty idea! :)

Cakes by Sharon

Gorgeous cake

Love these Train themed cookies by Love Every Detail

How pretty is this! Chocolate covered pretzels and lace! by Sweet Indulgence

Stunning Snow White Themed Dessert Table by Zuckermonarchie

Love this gorgeous Butterfly Garden themed dessert table,all the way from Portugal !!!!

Stunning Unicorn cookie by Bubble and Sweet

Tata's 21st "A Vintage Candy Store" by Styled By Coco

I am loving this Candy Store Themed party by Styled By Coco.Just love all the soft pastel colours and that gorgeous cake is just so cute!!! Enjoy …

Gotta try this!! What a great way to decorate oreos to match a theme

This Teddy Bear cake pop is just ADORABLE!!! by Sweet Indulgence

Posh puppy cookies for a special birthday!

DJ "Trance" 21st Birthday Cake This cake is what you call a love job, or a cake made for family! :) Love to do these, as most decorator's passion started with cakes made for family! Tass is a DJ and he is also the boyfriend of my lovely niece. Gilda came to see me about a cake for Tass and she wanted something that was not a traditional style DJ cake (aka turntable, or little dude on top), but something that screams DJ! I think we found a happy medium! The bottom square tier is a black covered in a moonstone lustre and then brushed panels were put together to make the front look similar to an equilizer (are they still called that??). The top tier was finished in a steel grey/silver and Tass's DJ name is handcut across the front. The stand up logo is the Trance Religion logo. Then for the more traditional DJ touch I included a set of headphones on top and I wanted them to stand up! It took a few different ways, but I got it right!! Everything is handmade by Blissfully Sweet and the headphones have some styro support and wires, but all else is modelled from fondant. The bottom tier is chocolate/vanilla marble cake and the top tier is lemon/poppyseed cake. Happy 21st Tass!!! We will see you soon! x

Ruffled Kitchen Tea Cake This ruffled cake was made to sit as centre piece for a Kitchen Tea dessert table styled by Events By Nat. The colours chosen by the client were burgundy, lilac and teal. For the cake we decided to have the 2 tiers in different but coordinated tones. The bottom extended tier was finished in a burgundy lustre. I was quite nervous doing this, as it was a hard colour to match with the printables, but it was a perfect match in the end. The top tier was covered in diagonally placed upwards ruffles that gave the cake a soft touch. The cake was finished with a lilac ribbon at the base by Nat to ensure that the colours all matched. The cake is white chocolate raspberry mud cake.

The desserts made by Blissfully Sweet. Upside down pavlovas Cheesecake pots Lemon mascarpone tarts Pannacotta cups with balsamic strawberries Chocolate ganache tarts with fresh raspberries Photography & styling by Events By Nat To see the entire event album:

Ruffles, Monkeys & Bananas Birthday Cake Really never thought that I would incorporate all of those words into a cake name! Yet I have and OMG I am in love! My lovely client Suzi came to me a while ago to organise Sophie's 2nd birthday. All she knew is that it would be focussed around monkeys and the colours would be pink, yellow and white AND she loved my previous ruffles and booties cake. So the trick would be to make it all work together. Weirdly enough, the design popped into my head almost immediately and thank God for a trusting Suzi, she loved the idea! I wanted to keep the bottom tier like my previous cake as she had loved it, but changed the colours to include more yellow. When thinking of the top tier, the first thing I thought of with monkeys and yellow is bananas! Then how about a big giant banana on top and a monkey happily sitting on it! The topper included the handmade fondant banana with the happy monkey and a birthday balloon and party sign. I wanted more though and I thought of vine leaves as monkeys swing on them. But green vines just would not do with these very pretty colours. So these hanging and twirled fondant ribbons are my ode to the monkeys vines. Everything on this cake is completely edible (except some floral wires and support skewers) and handmade by Blissfully Sweet. The bottom tier is white chocolate coconut mud cake and the top tier is, of course, banana cake! Upon pick up of the cake, Suzi was over the moon and I did not take offence at all, that she could not even look at me when we were talking, as she could not take her eyes off the cake! Gotta love that! Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie!

Electric guitars have very clean looking bodies. Their shape is fantastic though and I particularly loved the woodgrain colour of this guitar/cake! All handmade by Blissfully Sweet.

Electric Guitar 50th Birthday Cake I had the pleasure a little while back to make Rita's 50th birthday cake and now it was time for her hubby Alan's 50th. Alan is a die hard musician and loves his guitars. When it came time to organise a party, all he wanted was something fun, dress up and somewhere where his band could rock! Rita sent me an image of one of his favourite electric guitars, a Paul Reed Smith. A basic outline was given and I could do the rest. I wanted to make something different for this cake. In the end I decided with a clean and simple design, but something where the representation of his guitar could shine. Free flowing music symbols where handpainted across both the tiers. The electric guitar was left as 2D, as I wanted it to stand front and centre. To go across the 2 tiers, the guitar was made in 2 pieces to seamlessly work as one piece. The guitar is made from sugar paste and the guitar has given a cherry red wood grain paint finish and the neck was a mahogany brown. The bridge and the neck held in the guitar strings (dental floss). Alan looked fantastic when I delivered this cake, dressed up as David Bowie and he and Rita LOVED the cake. The cake is chocolate mud cake and all is edible and handmade by Blissfully Sweet,except the dental floss! Although that could be then used to clean your teeth after eating the delicious cake!!! hahahaha Happy 50th Alan.

I love this image of the cake set up to shine at the magnificent La Montage. The candles, the room, the florals and the cake were stunning and waited for the bride and groom. Original cake design is by Yummy Cupcakes and Cakes.

Hootabelle 1st Birthday Cake While I have made so many Hoot cakes, this is my first ever Hootabelle cake and I was a bit excited to play! One of my loveliest clients ever, Jennifer ordered and was just so overjoyed that I could make her cake, that she told me just to "create". Gotta love a little faith! Jennifer's brother had designed the party invitation and Nicole from Pretty and Print then organised some coordinating party printables. I got my cake inspiration from the printables. The invitation background was a pink gingham look with some interwoven hearts. There was also obviously all the usual Hootabelle things with buttons and stitching. I decided to wrap the extended tier so that the lid could be a baby pink and then I handpainted the gingham stripes with a pink lustre. Hootabelle had a little ruffled party hat and a 4 tiered chocolate cake sitting on a teal lace cloth! Some buttons and stitched details and the cake was made. I do not usually go for a lot of "girly" or a lot of "busy", but when this came together it felt right and I kind of didnt want to let it go. Jennifer LOVED it and said it was even better than she imagined!!! The cake is chocolate/vanilla marble cake. Jhoanee from Its A Cake Thing (by Jhoanee) also made the coordinated macarons. Perfect as usual from the mac queen! x