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甜點控必看 2016東京十大甜點名店



The Twinlock, then Triplock, winding crowns, invented by Rolex, reinforced the Submariner’s waterproofness by screwing down against the case, providing watertight security akin to a submarine’s hatch.<p>As the winding crown is gently pressed in and turned, the thread engages. After just another few …


【台南.中西區】小璋碳烤輕食 炭烤豬排土司@女子的休假計劃@女子的休假計劃-iPeen 愛評網

看海放空好愜意 沖繩五大濱海咖啡館

2016-07-14 19:00:00 國外美食 | 沖繩縣<p>0<p>男子的日常生活 精彩分享<p>青鳥 Bleu&Book獨立書店咖啡館<p>這一次,尋找的不是咖啡甜點,而是人生<p>最新景點<p>1高跟鞋教堂<br>• 2Kiko`s Diner<br>• 3鎮海軍港祭 (櫻花季)<br>• 4阿倍野HARUKAS<br>• 5白熊咖啡廳<br>• 6台中市第四信用合作社<br>• 7Laduré …

台南北區 『冰仔角ICE-TOP』隱藏版秘店?巷弄內的日式小店沁涼味-蕃茄蜜餞冰。|台南冰品|水果|果汁

收到印度客戶的mail寫"Kindly do the needful",這是什麼意思?

我們的專欄寫過幾篇聽懂印度腔,很多讀者都說實用。但有時聽不懂印度人的英文,問題不在於腔調,而在印度人獨樹一格的英語用字,可能連英國人也不見得懂。 曾有個學生問,和印度同事溝通,他不斷地說"Do on ...詳全文

不想後悔 提出分手前 先冷靜問問自己這5個問題吧

【Google試算表實用技巧】如何在儲存格選定日期、輸入電話、貨幣格式? | T客邦


The innovative Oysterflex bracelet, developed and patented by Rolex, combines in a singular way the robustness and reliability of a metal bracelet with the flexibility, comfort and aesthetics of an elastomer strap. At its core lies a superelastic metal blade overmoulded with high-performance black …


Designed for the launch of the Day-Date in 1956, the President bracelet is a core component of the watch’s iconic status.<p>Maybe you haven’t had the opportunity yet, but one day you will cast your eyes on a bracelet and recognize it at a glance as a President. Its subtle lines will win you over. As …

“1930s, the "amphibious" Rolex Oyster was already destined for the modern woman. #Rolex #TBT”

“1926, the first waterproof and dustproof wristwatch, the "Oyster", created by Rolex exactly 90 years ago. #Rolex #TBT”


The bezel is one of the parts of a watch most exposed to shocks, scratches, corrosion and other environmental factors. Rolex developed and patented the Cerachrom bezel for specific Professional models in the Oyster collection, which retain all of their beauty and functionality even in the most …

ROLEX - Known as the “presidents’ watch”, the #Rolex...

Known as the “presidents’ watch”, the #Rolex Day-Date is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2016. To mark this special occasion, it has been given a …


The juxtaposition of gold and stainless steel with their contrasting colours and radiance: this is Rolesor, an auspicious meeting of two metals on a single Rolex watch. One, noble and precious, is coveted for its lustre and stability; the other, renowned for its resistance, brings strength and …


Faced with a shortage of skilled watchmakers in the United States, Rolex built a school in 2001 to train a new generation of young specialists to service high-quality mechanical wristwatches.<p>With its gentle rolling hills, farms, small clumps of forest and tranquil atmosphere, the countryside around …

拿去當鋪,最高竟還能拿回8成現金!解密全世界最保值的錶王「勞力士」 (當鋪勞力士,勞力士 當鋪,當鋪 勞力士,當鋪賣錶,勞力士當鋪,澳門當鋪買rolex,保值勞力士,...) - 下班後 - 藝術時尚 - 品味好好玩 - 商業周刊

有了這個就可以每天在現煮咖啡的濃純香中甦醒 - 癮科技

一個實驗告訴你:上班時間上網閒逛,有效提升工作效率! (實驗,上班時間,上網,工作,...) - 職場力 - 職場修練 - 暖心讀冊 - 商業周刊

新北賞螢懶人包! 48處賞螢秘境美不勝收

宅配美食 夯!網路秒殺超人氣玻璃罐裝蛋糕,療癒系甜點。『罐罐』|宅配|團購|下午茶點心

「附件請看...」還用"Attached please find"?7個過時email用字,一次告訴你 - 商業周刊

Jane的部門來了新同事,這同事的英文看似專業,寫的email既長又多,Jane以為她的美國老闆以後一定會更願意和新同事溝通,因為其他人英文沒那麼好。<p>但事實相反,老闆很少寫email給這位新同事,Jane後來才聽說,原來老闆說這樣的溝通太"long-winded"、"old-fashioned"。意 …

手机设置好这些,遇险时就不再只有绝望的叫喊 | 有用功

提起前阵子发生在北京和颐酒店的女性遇袭事件,大多数朋友都感到不寒而栗。<p>事发经过大致如下:到北京出差的弯弯被误认为是小姐,在酒店内遭到犯罪分子强行拖曳,多次大声呼救无果,时间长达 6 分钟,最后幸得一女房客出手相助才得以脱险。<p>在这件事上,我们必须承认女事主已经做得很好,需要指责的是酒店的不作为及围观群众的冷漠。<p>发声能改善我们的大环境,但改善之前,我们都要靠自己来防范和警惕。<p><b>为此,AppSo(微信号:appsolution)特意制作了这份危机防范指南,教你防患于未然,最大程度地利用手机保护你的安全。</b><p>一、请一定要在手机设定好这些<p><b>1. 启用「查找朋友」功能</b><p>「查找朋友」是 iPhone 原生的免费定位 …

路痴可別說成road idiot!6個最容易把「英文當中文講」的口說錯誤 - 商業周刊

中英文思考邏輯大不同,如果直接用中文思考英文,往往會鬧出笑話。快來看看下面6個易犯口說錯誤,你中槍幾個呢?<p>1.<b>「住旅館」</b><b>≠ live in a hotel</b><p>(一位台灣人在國外旅遊,在跟一位外國人聊天)<p>外:So do you live around here?(所以你家在這附近嗎?)<br>台:No, I li …

別再叫服務生waiter!去國外餐廳不用怕,從訂位到結帳英文用語懶人包 - 商業周刊

服務生,我要打包!牛排三分熟!我要荷包蛋!<p>到國外餐聽吃飯總是皮皮挫,不知道該怎麼表達嗎?VT準備了實用的餐廳英文用語,讓你以後用英文流利的點餐!到國外餐廳吃飯會遇到的情況百百款,你知道怎麼訂位、點餐、給小費嗎?VT 利用情境對話模式讓你學習更有畫面喔!<p>reserve 訂位<p>訂位的時候,可以用動詞res …

平常不感冒,一放假就生病...都是因為壓力太大了!醫學博士教你從心開始「排毒」 - 商業周刊

【台南】Chun純薏仁。甜點│隱身國華街大菜市場秘密甜點,一保堂抹茶白玉與明治冰淇淋薏仁 @單眼皮der吃貨日記-iPeen 愛評網