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Baby crying while mom sings - Minion Quotes

Baby crying while mom sings. All babies cry. A lot. But a 10-month-old baby has gone viral for shedding truly emotional tears while listening to her …


Think positively cartoon - Minion Quotes

6 Funny Marriage Quotes - Minion Quotes

6 Funny Marriage Quotes- Married life and the awkward moments that can happen to any couple. Here is a collection of some funny marriage quotes that …


Movie vs Reality - Funny Minions Clip

Movie vs Reality – Funny Minions Clip. A video that shows how minions should behave when in work. Well what fun would that be if they don’t mess up …

Don't Steal My Ice cream - Funny Minions Movie

Don’t Steal My Ice cream – Funny Minions Movie. Ice Cream is right motivation for Agnes to revenge. That thief is in real trouble.


Minion Quotes and Memes

The truth about being single. People stay single for the most ridiculous reasons! What is your reason? Read More<p>4 months ago<p>Winter is coming. But how …


9 Childhood quotes - Minion Quotes

Cheers to Childhood. The best time we ever had. Read 9 childhood Quotes that will make you laugh and think a lot. Enjoy.<p>Childhood is like being …


9 Funny Friendship Quotes - Minion Quotes

In this post collection Minion Quotes is sharing 9 Funny Friendship Quotes. Well not the regular friendships, only the very best ones.<p>A good friend …

6 Funny Friday Quotes - Minion Quotes

Minion Quotes collects 6 Funny Friday Quotes that will make your Friday even better. Minions epic face expressions will multiply the fun. …

8 Hilarious Diet Quotes - Minion Quotes serving you 8 Funny Diet Quotes that perfectly describe how dieting really feels.<p>I’m not hungry. I’m bored. Therefore i shall eat.

8 Funny Friendzone Quotes - Minion Quotes