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Viewpoint: CRISPR technology poses genuine risks but that doesn't justify crushing regulations


Keep CRISPR Safe

The possibility of rewriting the genome of an organism, or even of an entire species, has long been the stuff of science fiction.


MilliporeSigma Receives Patent for CRISPR Technology in China

<b>- Patent in China covers integration of an external DNA sequence into the chromosome of eukaryotic cells</b><p><b>- Company to license CRISPR-related patents</b> …

Hebrew U. Scientists Use Stem Cells to Generate Atlas of Human Genome

Human gene atlas opens up new avenues for studying cancer and genetic disorders.


This Gene-Editing Breakthrough Could Provide Hyper-Specific Cancer Diagnoses

Ever since researchers first discovered that bacterial immune systems could be hijacked to selectively change DNA in living creatures, CRISPR …


Gene Therapy For Beta-Thalassemia Could Eliminate Need for Transfusions

<b>bluebird bio has obtained results from two clinical studies showing its new gene therapy could eliminate the need for red blood cell transfusions in</b> …


Rounds Report: Crispr Rallied While FDA Developments Could Benefit Gene-Based Innovators

Shares of Crispr continued to trade further North. The management is gearing up the next growth phase by streamlining its team.<p>CRISPR/Cas9 is most …


Researchers use CRISPR to edit DNA outside of the cell for the first time

Scientists at Christiana Care Health System's Gene Editing Institute have developed a potentially breakthrough CRISPR gene-editing tool. It could …


Bluebird's gene therapy eliminates blood transfusions for some beta-thalassemia patients

Bluebird Bio published interim data from a pair of two-year studies showing that its lentiviral-based gene therapy eliminated or reduced the need for …

Researchers Use CRISPR to Edit DNA Outside of the Cell for the First Time

NewsDelaware's Gene Editing Institute discovery could rapidly advance personalized cancer care.Contributed Author: BurnessTopics: Genomic/Proteomics


The first "cell-free" CRISPR tech is here to personalize cancer treatment

A single technology can help kill superbugs, slow cancer’s growth, and potentially help us end world hunger. No, it’s not magic. It’s science — …


Tmunity dials series A round up to $135M to fuel progress of T-cell immunotherapy pipeline

Tmunity has added $35 million to its series A round, bringing its total haul up to $135 million. The cash sets ex-Novartis executive Usman “Oz” Azam …

Researchers at Several Top Universities Unveil CRISPR-Based Diagnostics That Show Great Promise for Clinical Laboratories

<b>Three innovative technologies utilizing CRISPR-Cas13, Cas12a, and Cas9 demonstrate how CRISPR might be used for more than gene editing, while</b> …


CRISPR Regulation

Viewpoint: Rampage movie offers twisted take on CRISPR gene editing


The Ultimate Life Hacker

At the age of 12, Jennifer Doudna read James Watson’s <i>The Double Helix</i> and got hooked on science in general and genetics in particular. Four decades …


CRISPR-Cas9 Improved 10,000-Fold by Synthetic Nucleotides

Scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada have developed a technology that can dramatically improve the specificity of CRISPR-Cas9 gene …


Inventor, chemist, and CRISPR craftsman: Inside David Liu’s evolution workshop

David R. Liu is an inventor on a winning streak. As a young chemist, he quickly mastered techniques for studying life’s most complex molecules and …


Europe to see first genetically engineered patients using gene-splicing therapy

Europe will see its first genetically engineered patients using a groundbreaking gene-splicing therapy this year after regulators approved trials.<p>The biotech company Crispr Therapeutics is hoping to cure the disease beta thalassaemia, a devastating blood disorder which reduces the production of …

Genetic Engineering

When Gene Editing is Okay

A few days ago, I read an article that stated that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) categorically said that it does not intend to …


China Will Always Be Bad at Bioethics

This April, potential sperm donors at one of Beijing’s top hospitals found themselves facing a set of tough new standards. Listed as the first …


True CRISPR: A Genetic Genre with Novel Twists | GEN

CRISPR truth is stranger than CRISPR fiction, where the revolutionary gene-editing technology is being exploited as a fairly conventional plot …


CRISPR Combines with Gene Delivery System to Create Brain Tumor Model

In animal models, disease recapitulation is the guiding principle. Scientists spend considerable time and effort trying to reproduce—as closely as …


Can CAR-T and gene therapy cures really sustain biopharma? Not for all, analyst says

Ever since Novartis invested in personalized CAR-T cancer treatments more than five years ago, analysts have pondered a difficult question: How can …


Discoverer of CRISPR visits Yale

Jennifer Doudna, a professor of chemistry and of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley known for …


Improved memory devices for synthetic cells

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As gene editing explodes, a new report from Goldman says Chinese groups are seizing the lead on CRISPR and CAR-T studies

Contrary to what you might believe, biopharma companies in the US are not the leaders in clinical trials using gene editing tech. While a slate of …


Rewritable multi-event analog recording in bacterial and mammalian cells

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A controversial technology could save us from starvation — if we let it

“You wouldn’t do a gene drive in a cow because you choose who mates with who,” Alison Van Eenennaam said. Van Eenennaam is a professor of animal genomics at the University of California at Davis, where she is working on using gene editing to modify cattle in a way that might protect them from …


Horizon, Pirbright partner to support vaccine yield research

Horizon Discovery Group PLC, a global leader in the application of gene editing and gene modulation to deliver inspired cell solutions, announced …