Mike McBride Photography

By Mike McBride | I travel quite often, for work and pleasure. I take photos, I share them. I hope you find them interesting!

Seaside Beach

All The Colors

Pacific Shores Before a Shower

Marine Fog

Lovely, But Dangerous

St. Paul's Church

Looking for Someone to Pinch

Entrance to Devil's Churn

Waiting on the Tube

Morning Surf

Penguin in For a Swim

Romerplatz in Frankfurt

Iron Hull Shipwreck

Beach at Low Tide


Angela Navigating the Rocks

I'm going in!

City Reflections

Old Fort Stevens

Surf From Otter Rock

How Much Does an Australian Pelican's Mouth Expand?

This is How You Get Wet

When the surf splashes against the rocks, the photo can be pretty cool, but it’s also a good way to get wet.

Close Family

Coastal Cliffs

Civil War Reenactment at Fort Stevens, OR

The fort dates back to the Civil War, though I’m not sure what battle these folks were supposed to be reenacting. 😉<p>We made a top at the fort over …

Bridge Over the Limmat

Bright Flamingo

What are you looking at?

Where the Limmat and the Sihl come together