Mike McBride Photography

By Mike McBride | I travel quite often, for work and pleasure. I take photos, I share them. I hope you find them interesting!

Side Eye

Surf Coming into the Devil's Churn

Walking Path

Sunset Colors

Otter Lunch Time

Yaquina Head Rainbow

White Surf on the Rocks

Sumatran Tiger on the Prowl

Em on Cobble Beach

Low Hanging Branches

Large Spider Web

Since this was taken in Australia, and my wife and I like to joke about how “everything” in Australia can kill you, I’m pretty sure this spider could …

Cape Creek Bridge from Below

Elephant Snacking

Old Town Zurich

River Bank at Sunset


Surf Hitting Rocks at Yaquina Head

Carrying the Baby

Sun is Trying to Burn Through

Rhino With a Mouthful of Hay

Grossmunster Church

Astoria - Sea Birds and River Ports

Butterfly on the Hiking Path

Rocky Coastline

Link - Mental Health Treatment Associated With Fewer Depressive Symptoms for Teens

I’ve said it a few times in the last couple of weeks, but here’s a study that proves it. Getting people help early makes a huge difference in helping …


Alert and Watching People

Riverside Architecture

Tanker Anchored in the Columbia River

Blue Mountains Hiking Trail