Mike McBride Photography

By Mike McBride | I travel quite often, for work and pleasure. I take photos, I share them. I hope you find them interesting!

Canal Crossings

Japanese Fishing Boat

After the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, this boat was washed away and thought lost. It washed up in Washington State, near the Columbia River …

Blue Waters in the Blue Mountains

Boats at Rest in Newport

Ever Alert

Yosemite Valley Rock Face


Zurich Canal


Bark Bark

From the Valley Floor

The folks walking in the meadow provide a nice comparison for the height of the mountains in Yosemite.

Mostly White Landscaping

The Swan Whisperer?

As I walked around Zurich, I came upon these swans who felt totally safe waddling right up to the fence line. My assumption is that they were used to …

Buttenshaw Bridge

Early Morning in Newport's Bayfront

Keeping an eye out for his pride

Seeing the Rainbow from Tunnel View

With kudos to our tour guide, who got us to Tunnel View just in time to see the light hitting the waterfall at just the right angle, and to my wife …

Couple of Zebras

Interesting fact overheard from presentation at Taronga Zoo. Zebra mothers and babies memorize the unique stripe patterns on each other almost …

Viewing the Cityscape from Lake Zurich

Nice Viewpoint of Blue Mountains

Surf at Cobble Beach

Cute Little Fox

Rainbow in the Waterfall

Mountain Goat

Happy Holidays and Hoping for a Great 2017


Old Parliament House

Reindeer need cooling off

What happens when you bring in the reindeer for the winter lights display but it’s still in the 60s in November in Ohio? They need to be cooled off.

Zurich and Christmas Markets

I was lucky enough to be in Zurich for work in early December, just in time to see the Christmas markets, enjoy some Swiss/German traditions like …