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We've Lived In Shame Long Enough

This article first appeared as a guest post on the amazing Nicole Lyons’ The Lithium Chronicles and is reprinted here with attribution and her

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It's time we opened up the conversation about mental health

Have you ever broken a bone? If not, does that mean your bones are unbelievably strong, perhaps unbreakable - or is it just that you’re lucky, you …

Mental Health

Responding to Children and Young People When They Disclose Abuse - Survivors News and Reviews

The Australian government has a webpage that is all about how to deal with a child or young adult disclosing abuse to you. Now, obviously the rules …

Australian Government

The Stranger You Know: How to Spot a Child Molester’s Tricks

Do you think you would be able to tell if a sexual predator was using deceptive “grooming techniques” to gain access to your child?

In many instances, …


Recovery Takes Patience

Depression Has No Straight Lines, Only Lies

Sitting alone in my college dorm room on a crisp winter night, I cried on the phone to one of my high school friends about the things that were …


What It's Like to Have a Suicidal Best Friend

I don't remember many details about the first time my best friend told me she wanted to kill herself. She told me as we were sitting in my car, parked in her driveway, staring out my windshield at the dull white of her garage door. She said that she had almost done it a week earlier. After she told …


13 Things To Remember When You Love A Person Who Has Depression

1. Depression is not a choice.

Depression is one of the most helpless and frustrating experiences a person can have. It’s sometimes feeling sad, …


I’m a Partner of Survivor of Sexual Abuse

Although it didn’t occur to me until after we produced Boys and Men Healing, I realized that both my sisters were involved in relationships with

Guest Commentary: Reducing the risk of abuse in youth sports

For the past five years, USA Swimming has worked to increase awareness to reduce the risk for abuse in the sport through the Safe Sport Program. …

Thoughts on Mother's and Father's Days

As a survivor, the question of how to appropriately mark Mother’s and Father’s day is always a bit tricky. We tend to see all the folks who have …


When Talking About Mental Illness, Words Matter

I was helping out at an event recently for a program called “I Still Matter.” We were raising money to provide art programs around the city for those …

Mental Disorders

Therapists Spill: What I Wish Clients Knew About Therapy and Mental Illness

There are many myths and misunderstandings about both therapy and mental illness. That’s why when we interview clinicians in our monthly series, we …

Mental Disorders

asking for help with your mental health problems

sometimes i think it would be easier to get help for mental health problems if they were physically visible. when you can see broken bones or a …

Mental Health

Applying Technology to Defeat Child Abuse Webinar for Law Enforcement

First off, let me just clarify, that yes, I do work for one of the companies that is putting on this webinar, Nuix. Obviously, I have an interest is …

Child Abuse

Sad Reality of Social Media Mixed With Depression

I read this ESPN piece about the suicide of Penn Track athlete Madison Holleran and I thought there were a few pieces of the article that resonated …


Male sexual abuse by a woman is not a rite of passage

I am saddened that in today’s world, with all the knowledge we have gained around child sexual assault, that we are still in a place where society …

Child Abuse

If Not Now When, Indeed

The recent news about the passing of SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg caught my attention not just because he was in the tech industry, like I am, or …

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Guest Post: Author Rachel Thompson on Why Writing Your Survival Story Isn't Self-Indulegent

Note: Hi folks, Dane here. Rachel Thompson is the author of Broken Places, an advocate for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, a keen (and well


End The Shame Game: 3 Ways To Help Your Child Heal From Sexual Abuse

Shame is a difficult emotion to deal with any time, but nowhere is it more debilitating than in the context of child sexual abuse.

It is not uncommon …

Child Psychology

‘Depression is an illness. If we are to be angry at anything, then we can be angry at that.”

Tragically I, like many, have had to attend funerals of friends who have taken their own life.Trigger warning: This post deals with mental illness …


Myths and Facts About Mental Health - Survivors News and Reviews

Saw an interesting list of 5 myths about mental health that I wanted to share.


Mental Health

Survivors News and Reviews

Saw an interesting list of 5 myths about mental health that I wanted to share.


Why We Don’t Keep Secrets In Our House {Child Abuse Prevention}

By onApril 23, 2015 in Abuse Prevention & Awareness, Parenting

About a month ago, our family was having dinner with some friends at their house. I …

Child Abuse

Gambling on the Future

Many survivors like to think they know what their future holds, and many of them end up being correct, because they spend so much time trying to …


Guys Who've Arrived on the Other Side

You can deal with what happened, and live a happy life.

Below are selected words of wisdom and encouragement that were sent to Mike Lew and published …

Nova Scotia

Survivors and Money Management by guest @itsamyrobles

Many survivors of childhood abuse find themselves struggling with money management in their adulthood, for a variety of reasons. We likely didn’t get …

Book tells of boy’s trauma in sex trade

But this past week, “Faraway: A Suburban Boy’s Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking,” was released by Minneapolis-based Two Harbors Press. It will …

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Treatment for Mental Illness Is as Necessary, and Normal, as Chemo | Sandra Charron

I have had it! I know that it's going to take years before the devastation of mental illness is as well-known and as acknowledged as the damages and …

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