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Reading - Child advocate talks about how to spot the warning signs of sexual child abuse

This news story is based around accusations at a local gymnastics school in Indianapolis, but some of the information shared about the warning signs …

Child Abuse

10 Years After Hurricane Katrina: Depression, Anxiety, and Schizophrenia

The first time my older brother Pat told me about something that wasn’t real was less than two months after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A large number …

New Orleans

Reading - Abused Children Show “Encouraging” Ability to Regulate Emotions

“There’s a common assumption that children subjected to abuse or trauma will have problematic emotions across the board, McLaughlin said, such as …


Reading - Bonded to the Abuser: How Victims Make Sense of Childhood Abuse

Great book review by Amy and Mel! The review itself makes for some interesting reading about how survivors are bonded to their abuser, and how it can …

Book Reviews

Reading - Sacrificing our Children: Sexual Abuse Myths in Fame Culture

I think Bobbi misses one of the reasons society continues to believe these myths. I’ve written about it elsewhere; our natural instinct to find a …


Reading - Hollywood’s Child Sex Abuse Coverup

Like youth sports, boarding schools, or youth religious groups, anywhere you have the combination of adults with power and control over children, …

Child Abuse

Abused Children Show “Encouraging” Ability to Regulate Emotions

Children who have been abused or exposed to other types of trauma typically experience more intense emotions than their peers.

But a new study has …

The Brain

Reading - 7 Dangerous Myths about Depression in Men

Some of them apply to women as well, but I think it is vital to understand that men get depression, and that asking for help is not a sign of …

Reading - 4 Myths That Make Healing Nearly Impossible

Are any of these myths holding you back from healing? I know I’ve seen comments here, and on other sites, that make me think there are still too many …

Molestation Scandal: Hollywood’s Child Sex Abuse Coverup – Child Stars Like Cory Haim Victimized By Mentors

Children rely on adults for guidance and protection, but as has learned exclusively, Hollywood is hiding a dark underbelly in which …

Child Abuse

Abusers and the Halo Effect - Jared Fogle Seemed Like Such a Good Guy

As we know now, Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle is going to plead guilty to a plethora of charges involving child pornography and sexual crimes …

Jared Fogle

Reading - 6 Reasons To Reveal Childhood Sexual Abuse

The choice to share your story or not, and who to share it with, is an intensely personal one. This article points out some of the benefits of doing …


Reading - ‘It’s No Longer Dark': Suicide Attempt Survivors Share Messages Of Hope

“Both Rohman and Miller share the message that most depression is treatable. Though hard to see when in the throes, there is hope.”

This is such an …


Reading - Excerpt - Within The Heart of PTSD

A book excerpt, and a powerful story of overcoming PTSD, which is something which many survivors know all too well.


Overcoming Incest: 7 Steps for Healing the Scars of Abuse

Portraits of Incest

Sam always looked up to Uncle Joe. And when Uncle Joe invited him camping to celebrate his 11th birthday, Sam felt very grown up. …

Child Abuse

10 Ways to Teach Your Child the Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse

This article first appeared on Natasha Daniels' website, Anxious Toddlers.

By Natasha Daniels

We teach our young children all sorts of ways to keep …


What No One Tells You About Depression (But I Will)

Back in 2009, I had my first stay in a psychiatric ward; I was there for a week. At that point in my battle with major depression, my hourly thoughts revolved around various ways to end my life. Since then, my biggest fear has been to ultimately lose.

It’s 3 a.m. and I’m alone with nothing more than …


Reading - To Be a Friend to a Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse - Survivors News and Reviews

I would actually add one more to the list:

Don’t be so serious all the time. Nothing makes me feel like more of a freak than having the people closest …

Child Abuse

Reading - Suicide Remains a Leading Cause of Death, Yet It's Mostly Preventable - Survivors News and Reviews

Interesting information, especially the statistics about white middle aged males and the likelihood of seeking help.



PTSD Support Group Advocates Coloring As Therapy

TOWN OF TONAWANDA, N.Y. -- It appears cartoonist Hugh MacLeod was on to something when he said, “They're only crayons. You didn't fear them in …


Reading - 10 tips to protect your child from a pedophile - Survivors News and Reviews

Found via @dyanndaleymd

The topic you don’t want to read, but should

I don’t know that I agree with everything in this article, but there is a lot of …


13 Graphs Anyone Who’s Ever Been Depressed Will Understand

I don’t think “depressed” means what you think it means.

1. Depression can be so boring, tbh:

2. Your productivity levels:

3. When you need those mental health days:

4. When people minimize what you’re going through:

5. Dealing with those highs and lows:

6. Because sometimes, you relapse:

7. The people …

Mental Health

You're a Survivor and More

In my reading this week, I came across an article that talked about the danger in telling ourselves only one story about ourselves. The article …

Child Abuse

Top 3 Signs That a Person You Know is Suffering from Depression and Needs to See a Professional

Before I jump into listing the signs, I want to emphasize that often people, who struggle with severe depression, may not find the willpower or …


Healing from Sexual Abuse: 26 Things that Work for Me

I seem to be one of those weird people who finds metaphors in my outfits. On this hot day, my outfit was a great metaphor for what's it's like to …

Extremism in Pursuit of Good is Still Extremism

Case in point.

The state of Tennessee has gone one step further than sexual offender registries, now making public a list of anyone who’s been …


The Most Important Thing I’d Tell Every Person With Depression

The Most Important Thing I’d Tell Every Person With Depression

There are all types of people, of all ages, in all walks of life, facing depression and …


9 Things To Do Or Say When A Loved One Talks About Taking Their Life

Caring is key to your response. This is what you should do if someone you know talks about taking their life.

Take people seriously and let them know you care.

When someone tells you he's thought of suicide, it's scary. Or when a friend confides she's an attempt survivor, you may not know how to …

Mental Health

Teen With Cancer Uses Make-A-Wish To Share Story Of Sexual Abuse

Considering the pain Lena Strickling has endured throughout her life, it would be understandable if she used her one Make-A-Wish to lounge on a remote, sandy beach far, far away.

But Strickling, who has Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was sexually abused by her father, isn’t one for idling.

Instead, the …