The Human side of being outside

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This Is Your Brain on Nature

When we get closer to nature—be it untouched wilderness or a backyard tree—we do our overstressed brains a favor.<p><b>When you head out</b> to the desert, David Strayer is the kind of man you want behind the wheel. He never texts or talks on the phone while driving. He doesn’t even approve of eating in the …


How the Outdoors Boosts Our Mental Health

Tourists, friends, college students, artists, and free spirits immerse themselves in Washington Square Park on a random fall afternoon. I begin to …

Mental Health

Stanford researchers find mental health prescription: Nature

Study finds that walking in nature yields measurable mental benefits and may reduce risk of depression.

Stanford University

Benefits Of Ecotherapy: Being In Nature Fights Depression, Improves Mental Health

"Green therapy," also known as ecotherapy, is gaining the attention of researchers, nature enthusiasts, and people in search of alleviating symptoms …

Why Getting Outside is So Good for You

John Keats once wrote, "The poetry of the earth is never dead."<p>Poet or not, almost all of us have been awestruck by nature at one time or another. …


Here's Proof Going Outside Makes You Healthier

Summer is here, and we're all for burgers, ocean breezes and an ice cream cone or two. But getting outside is about more than beaches and barbecues. Science shows that spending time in the great outdoors can actually make you healthier. Escaping to the woods, mountains or even your neighborhood …