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Labor Economics

France's Macron against UK finance 'passports' post-Brexit: report

French politician Emmanuel Macron has said Britain's financial firms should only retain "passporting" rights to do business in Europe after Brexit if London keeps contributing to the European Union budget, according to the Guardian newspaper.<p>Macron, who resigned as France's economy minister on Aug. …


Three simple steps to better employee engagement

With nearly a quarter of UK employees feeling as though they are ‘coasting’ at work, how do managers create a workplace where staff actually want to work?<p>A recent study from Aon Hewitt revealed that among 250 international organizations, those that reported the highest levels of employee engagement …

Employee Engagement

The times are changing… are you ready?

<i>Blaire Palmer is CEO of That People Thing, a consultancy dedicated to inspiring leaders in fast-paced, ambitious businesses to drive change in their</i> …

7 Ways to Help Your Employees with Their Work-Life Balance

Your employees are the people who are making your business possible, and should be treated with respect. They are eagerly seeking for a fair …

Managing across generations will deliver more productive workplaces

Generation Y workers are “more demanding”. Generation Z workers want “more flexibility, autonomy and recognition”. And both groups want to be …

7 Hacks to Kill Useless Meetings

shared by fuzebox on Sep 23, 2015 in Business<p>7 Hacks to Kill Useless Meetings<p>shared by fuzebox on Sep 23, 2015 in Business<p>1,589 views<p>17 faves<p>1 comment<p>…

Examining the CIPD’s six-study Megatrends research series | Ruth Holmes

HR has a crucial role in equipping organisations for the future. The CIPD’s Megatrends series therefore set out to explore and set the scene for …

Employee Engagement

What do we mean when we talk about talent?

HR Magazine Talent means different things to different people. But how you define it can have a major impact on your organisation's approach to HR.

Human Resources

HR’s Role in the Digital Workplace: It's Time for Reinvention

26<p>33<p>129<p><b>Editor’s Note:</b> <i>This is the first of 12 essays from the new book,</i> The Rise of HR; Wisdom From 73 Thoughts Leaders<i>. It’s compiled by Dave Ulrich,</i> …